Attention Pet Owners: Get Your Custom Pet Art At Gear Den!

March 30, 2019 2 min read

Order custom pet portrait at Gear Den.

Are you a proud pet-lover or pet parent? We have exciting news to share with you! You can now order your very own, one-of-a-kind pet portrait, drawn by the professional artists at Gear Den!

You can get your pet portrait as an adorable wall art or as a super-comfy fleece blanket. Either way, you'll have a great image of your furry baby to look at (or cuddle in) every day.


Easy, Affordable Pet Portrait -- No Studio Needed!

We're thrilled to offer this service as we ourselves are fans of dogs, cats, and other cute creatures. And we know how challenging it can be to capture their cuteness in a decent portrait. You either pay an expensive pet studio to take their photos, or make do with amateur snaps that don't do your pet justice.

We have a much better option for you. Simply send us your favorite photo of your pet -- even one that you took yourself -- and we'll turn it into a cuter, better-quality digital portrait. You can send a photo of them sitting still or doing their favorite activities, or even one featuring their animal pals. You can choose among our fun background colors as well.


High-Quality Art

With our professional digital artists, you can be sure that your pet portrait is no slapdash work -- it's detailed and faithful to your pet's physical features.

The wall art is printed on wood-backed canvas using fade-resistant ink. It's something you can hang in your home and proudly show off to guests for a long time.

The blanket is also high-quality, made of pill-free microfiber fleece -- a soft, lightweight, and warm material printed with the furry or feathery glory of your pet. Perfect for snuggling in!

Check out these adorable samples:

What's more, you can purchase this fully customized portrait at an affordable price! Catch our promo to get your custom pet art for as low as $69.95.


Order Your Pet Portrait

To start personalizing your pet wall art, head on over to the custom order page here.

Or to get your own pet art blanket, click to the custom order page here.

Happy customizing, and enjoy your affordable, high-quality pet portrait from Gear Den!

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