Why Buy From Us

First up, check out this video review from Sophie!
Below we've outlined some of what we feel are the most important reasons why you should choose Gearden.com as a trusted and valuable online retailer!
We could go on boasting all day, but we kept it brief (-ish)..

  • Unique designs You won't find our product designs anywhere else! Our designs are unique to our store, crafted by our design team from around the world! Some of our wall art, shirt and necklace designs have sold in the thousands with rave reviews - That's a LOT of happy campers!
  • Wall artthat is Made in the USA and comes ready to hang! We also have printers in Canada and the UK, so if you order from one of those countries, that is where we ship from!
  • Leggings made in the USA! If you order any of our leggings from the within USA, these will be handmade to order in California! Our shirts and hoodie designs are also printed to order in the USA
  • Low, Low Prices - Of course, like all online shoppers you are looking for great deals! Gearden.com prides itself on keeping prices as low as we can for you the customer (While still being able to pay our designers - they deserve it!). While you won't find any of our fabulous home decor or apparel designs elsewhere, if you find any jewelry or accessories for cheaper on a US site, let us know and we will gladly price match!

secure shopping

  • Safe and Secure - You are right to ALWAYS question any site that you are considering buying from. We at Gearden.com take security very seriously. We operate under strict safe online payment guidelines and use ONLY safe and secure payment pathways and systems to ensure your safety and privacy while shopping from us. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us!
    • PRIVACY - We will never show your data or information to any other company. We hate spam emails as much as you. Your data's security is considered by us to be of the utmost importance. We have actualized systems intended to shield your data and security in our approaches. Read more on our Privacy policy
    • Credit Card and other Fraud Protection- Gearden.com utilizes strict credit card fraud prevention services, as provided by our online merchant processor. This ensures that orders made from our store are not fraudulent. When you enter credit card information to purchase from our store, your data such as a card number is always sent in an encrypted format (SSL). Please see the bottom of every web page on our site for official logos of our trusted providers.
  • Customer Service Comes FIRST - Our customer service team is at the ready to deal with any concerns, queries or problems you may encounter. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to, and see for yourself! .
  • Volume Discounts- if you are looking to buy a large quantity of any of our items, please contact us. We are usually able to accommodate special pricing for larger volume purchases.
  • Payment Options- If you don’t want to use your credit card online, we also offer the extra option of checking out via paypal. Just click the big yellow paypal button on the checkout page log onto Paypal to safely complete any transactions
If you have any other questions or concerns that we haven't quite covered above, do not hesitate to contact us!