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UPDATED December 21 2022

Orders placed now will arrive after Christmas Day.

Unfortunately due to current circumstances, this year we were unable to give any guarantees that any orders will definitely arrive in time for Christmas.

There are also some occasional delays with couriers. If you are affected by this, we are truly sorry.

You can read more on courier delays at point 3 below. 

Many thanks for your continued understanding and support.


If you have any further questions please continue reading this page. 



1. With the pandemic, can I still place an order? Will Gearden deliver my parcel?

Yes, we continue to operate and serve customers!


2. Are production times affected?

Yes, we have had to increase social distancing at our printing facilities and this has resulted in decreased output. 

We are doing everything humanly possible to get our prints out as fast as we can, while maintaining the safely of all employees. 

Current canvas print production times are still slightly longer than at normal times, at 3-9 working days. 


3. Are delivery times affected?

Delivery times, the time taken from our printing facilities to get to your door have increased in many areas. We are seeing some cities and regions affected more so than others. 

Some facilities have hundreds of semi trailers in their parking lot waiting to be sorted. So if you call the courier and ask if they have it, they say they don't, because technically they don't as it was dropped off in the parking lot and is still waiting to be processed. Even if we made a replacement with the processing delays it would not get to your customer any faster.

Here are some news articles on the issues > One. Two

We will however replace any orders that show no movement by couriers tracking by more than 14 days. 

There are also some issues with tracking pages being slow to update with some couriers. 

We thank you for your patience and understanding with this. 

If your shipment is unduly delayed (i.e. tracking hasn't moved for 14 days) - reach out to us here


4. Is it safe to receive orders?

Yes, we are adhering to strict infection control at our printers and in line with advice from the WHO (external link), “The likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low and the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 from a package that has been moved, travelled, and exposed to different conditions and temperature is also low.” 


The safety of our team is paramount at all times, and we thank our customers for their co-operation in these challenging times.


If you still have any queries after reading all the above, please contact us here. 


Thanks again for being with us and stay safe!

The GearDen team.