The '80s are Back! How to Use '80s Decor Trends in 2023

April 20, 2023 3 min read

1980s decor comeback in 2023 - how to decorate with top '80s trends

This year, don't be surprised if you see the most stylish homes suddenly (re-)using chintz and glass blocks, which we all thought we've left behind in our childhood. Love it or hate it, a designer survey has made it official: 1980s decor is back in 2023!

Here are the top '80s interior trends that are seeing a revival this year, and how you can use them in your home with a modern take. Our first advice? Apply moderately!


1. Curves and irregular shapes

Chunky curvy couches, rounded waterfall tables, and arched doorways are noticeably favored by designers in 2023. Take note also of the groovy, blob-shaped ceramics, candles, and tchotchkes that have dominated tablescapes in recent seasons.

Modern '80s decor tip: If you love wavy decor but don't want to overload on the '80s aesthetic, pick neutral-colored pieces to incorporate seamlessly into your modern home.

white room with stylish couch - 80's living room - white room with wall art - living room with sun roof


geometric wall art - pastel color wall decor


Wall art pictured above: "Gold Framed Art Deco Sky" Premium Canvas


2. Chintz

Remember those heavy Laura Ashley drapes and dainty floral upholstery that used to wrap everything in mom's house? These chintz and chintz-inspired fabrics have been having a resurgence in the past few years. With Gen Z's love for "grandma-core" style, you'll notice more and more skirted sofas and delicately patterned beds this season.

Modern '80s decor tip: Instead of overwhelming your home with floral fabrics all over, pick just one big focal point to showcase your dainty pattern, then keep all else simple. How about a set of flowery curtains or some chintzy pillows on your bed?


cozy bedroom - minimalist design - customized wall art - couples names


Wall art pictured above: Personalized "When We Have Each Other" Premium Canvas



blue bedroom - cozy - matching wall art - floral pillow


Wall art pictured above: "You And Me, We Got This" Premium Panoramic Canvas


3. Brights and pastels

If there's one word to describe the 1980s aesthetic, it must be "colorful." Alongside neon brights, contrasting pastel colors were huge in that decade, and they're growing popular again today. Think baby-pink walls with purple couches, candy-colored tile in bathrooms and kitchens, and rugs with green and purple patterns.

Modern '80s decor tip: When in doubt, rely on colorful accessories against a clean, neutral dominant color. For example, accessorize a plain gray sofa with lots of throw pillows or blankets, or jazz up a beige wall with a colorful art piece.

lavender chairs - big indoor plants - stylish chandelier - trendy living room
pastel colored living room - colorful furniture - abstract wall art - minimalist bookshelf - colorful rug


4. Memphis design

Perhaps the most recognizable visual style of the 1980s, Memphis style is characterized by eclectic patterns of brightly colored geometric shapes, thick black outlines, and squiggly lines. Think back to those retro windbreakers with purple and teal triangle designs, and you've got the idea. Here's an example:

girl with telephones - 80's vibe

In interior design, Memphis style translates to bold, color-blocked sofas, geometric tables, and colorful, architectural lamps that almost look like they belong in a fun playground.

Modern '80s decor tip: Memphis style is bold, bright, and cheery, but if you want a tame, more polished version, situate your colorful elements in a room with a muted wall color. Try a pale pastel, a deep dark shade, or an unobtrusive neutral for your dominant wall paint.


80's living room - blue leather couch - bless this mess wall art - shaggy rug - 80's bookshelf


Wall art pictured above: "Bless This Mess" Premium Canvas


orange couch - gallery wall - personalized wall decor - couples name

Center wall art pictured above: Personalized "Love - Names On Heart" Premium Canvas


5. Glass blocks

It seems that after the funky decade that was the '80s, we all sobered up and realized glass bricks are weird as a home feature. But surprise, surprise, these transparent blocks are now back with a vengeance. Designers now use them as room dividers, faux windows, backsplashes, and full walls.

Modern '80s decor tip: Love glass blocks but don't want your room to look old and dated? Steer clear of other '80s materials such as wood paneling, granite countertops, and honey onyx stone. Instead, surround your transparent bricks with a light and fresh color palette. We love this sage green-and-white kitchen found on Trib Live:

green kitchen - organized chaos - apples center piece - pottery


What do you think of these revived '80s decor trends? Which ones would you use in your own home? Tell us in a comment!

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