4th of July Decor: Your Room-by-Room Guide 2022

June 29, 2022 5 min read

4th of July decor ideas 2022

Independence Day is coming up, and we're excited to party! Whether you're doing an all-American outdoor barbecue or a nice sit-down meal with family, you're probably looking for decorating ideas now. Look no further because we have these fantastic July 4th decor ideas for every area in your home! Read on to find decorating tips for each room.


Porch and Entryway July 4th Decor

1. Bandana wreath

First, let's create a good first impression on your guests via a unique Americana decor at your doorway. This July 4th wreath is not only pretty, it's super easy to make, too! Just tie some red, white, and blue bandanas all around a small hoop. Fluff them up and hang on your door! We found this idea on HGTV.


2. Customized family American flag

The USA flag is an obvious choice for displaying on July 4. But if you want your home to stand out, take it one step further by customizing an American flag artwork! Our rustic flag art above can be personalized to feature your family name. Perfect for your entry or hallway decor.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized American Flag Family Name Premium Canvas


3. Americana pinwheels

Lucky for us, July 4th is a summer holiday, so we can incorporate lots of bright, summery details into our home decor. Pinwheels are number 1 on this list, as they're easy to make and add pops of color anywhere you put them. Make some with your kids and place them on your lawn, windows, and even centerpiece arrangements.


Living Room July 4th Decor

1. Stars and stripes bunting

It isn't a party without buntings! Brighten your living room with festive garlands and streamers in red, white, and blue. You can easily DIY these with paper that's printed with stars and stripes. While these decorations can be hung anywhere, our favorite place to put them is across the mantel or any wall that's a focal point in the room.


2. Wood design family art

Amid all the festive decor, it's good to display something quiet and dignified, yet still high-impact. We highly recommend a fresh family artwork in your living room, which can impress your guests and spark conversations. Above, our customizable family artwork has gotten great reviews because of its elegant design and realistic wood backdrop.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Rustic Family Name Premium Canvas


3. Blooming wildflowers

Another perk of being in the summer? Gorgeous flowers everywhere! An arrangement of beautiful blooms is all you need for your console and end tables. But you don't need to spend a lot on flower-shop bouquets -- just forage some wildflowers! If you want to be really on-theme, these are some red, white, and blue wildflowers you may find in July:

  • Red wildflowers: Red poppy, Turk's cap lily, zinnia
  • White wildflowers: Chamomile, oxeye daisy, shasta daisy, yarrow
  • Blue wildflowers: Cornflower, cranesbill, scabious (pincushion flower).


4. Fabulous throws

Your guests will be lounging on your living room couches, so liven up these seats with some happy new throw pillows! Our top picks are pillows with themes of family and togetherness, like our examples above and below. These aren't just for July 4th but can be used for any special gathering, any time of the year! Now that's bang for your buck.

Pillow pictured above: Personalized Photo Pillow "Family... Love"


Pillow pictured above: "It's Always Better When We're Together" Floral Design Pillow 


Dining Room and Kitchen July 4th Decor

1. Dining room wall art

A quick way to set the ambiance in your dining room is to hang an artwork. For your 4th of July party, choose a wall piece with a fun vibe that's still wholesome for the family. Above, our customizable dining room wall blessing is perfect for a nice brunch with loved ones. And below, our fun "Y'all Come Eat" sign instantly lightens the atmosphere of the dining room!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Food, Family, Love" Premium Canvas


Wall art pictured above: "Y'all Come Eat" Premium Canvas


2. Striped table runner

Now let's tackle the main element in the room: the dining table. One of our favorite tricks is to start with a fabulous 'foundation' for your table setting, and that means choosing a table cloth or table runner with a pretty print. The best print for July 4th? Stripes! They're clean yet colorful, elegant yet vibrant. Just look at the lovely example above from Romantic Homes.


3. Easy table-toppers

If you're out of ideas for tabletop decor, or if your centerpiece needs a bit more jazz, try some cute paper medallions on sticks, which you can buy or DIY. They look whimsical when bunched together in little burlap sacks, like the example above from creative mom Jen Hadfield. Or you can add these "lollies" into flower arrangements for an added pop of color.


Deck and Yard July 4th Decor

1. Gingham table cloth

Lay down a dainty checkered table cloth and you're pretty much halfway done with your outdoor decor! Gingham and checks instantly spell summer, home coziness, and the good old days. Plus, they're bright and colorful, so they're the perfect print for a fuss-free outdoor barbecue table.


2. Fun throw blankets

Transform your outdoor furniture from plain to picnic-ready by topping them with some throws. Above, our lightweight "crazy family" blanket captures the fun atmosphere of your family barbecues. Drape it on your deck chairs, benches, and loungers. If you want more color, our customizable teal blanket below will contrast nicely against white- or wood-colored patio furniture.

Blanket pictured above: "Family... Love" Premium Fleece Blanket



Blanket pictured above: Personalized Family Name Premium Teal Fleece Blanket


3. Party pillows

Like icing on your July 4th cake, top off your picnic furniture with lots of cute pillows and cushions! Choose designs that go with your fun family vibe, and mix and match them. Start with our examples above and below. Bonus tip: you can buy these designs as zip covers instead of stuffed pillows, so you can get more for your outdoor party!

Pillow pictured above: "Family - Crazy, Loud, Whole Lot of Love" Pillow


Pillow pictured above: "Enjoy Today" Pink Floral Pillow


With these party-ready decor, your home will be set for a great 4th of July bash!

If you love Americana decor and want to keep this homey ambiance, read our blog post on how to decorate with Americana themes year-round.

And if you want to shop more wall art and throws for your home, browse GearDen.com to find highly rated decor pieces. Happy Independence Day, and happy decorating!

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