Brown Interiors? These Lovely Brown Decor Tips Convinced Us

May 07, 2024 4 min read

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Have you ever thought of painting your walls chocolate brown, or filling your home with cocoa-colored decor? Neither had we -- until we saw the beautiful earth-toned homes freshly styled for 2024 by professional designers. Since the end of last year, brown has been slowly coming up as a richer, warmer alternative to whites, blacks, and grays. It can make a room feel incredibly cozy but still stylish!

Here are great examples of the 2024 brown interior decor trend, and tips on how to make it work for your own home.


Brown Interior Inspo: Pro Examples of Brown in Decor

Above: In this gorgeous living room featured in Veranda, the chocolate brown walls are brightened by a white ceiling and white chairs, and they're all tied together by cream-colored drapes and throws. The magazine forecasts that rich and deep hues will serve as a contrast to light-and-brights in 2024.

Above: When it comes to dressing up brown rooms, interior designer Elizabeth Ryan prefers complementary colors over contrasting ones. Here, she wraps the space in latte-colored walls then complements them with dusty pinks and soft marigolds. If you love soft neutrals, this is for you!

Above: Interior designer Linda Merrill goes dark and dramatic with this chocolate brown bedroom. Instead of looking claustrophobic, the room feels plush and inviting because of Merrill's luxurious choice of textiles. She says the brown trend represents our desire for security, warmth, and a sense of history. We agree!


How to Do Brown Interior Decor in Your Home

1. Less Honey, More Coffee

For updated interiors, it's time to say goodbye to those honey oak cabinets and yellow-tinged wood panels of the '90s. The brown interiors of 2024 are all about coffee colors, cocoa hues, and earth tones. Think of the shades you see in a creamy cup o' joe -- that's the perfect starting palette you can play around with for this trend. Consider our examples:

Metal art pictured above: Personalized "Tree Of Life" Custom Metal Sign

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "This Is Us - Grateful, Thankful, Blessed" Premium Canvas 


2. Plan Your Palette

Before painting your walls brown, it's important to plan your color scheme in advance, visualizing the decor items you're going to use and adjusting the palette accordingly. Start by picking the primary hue to color your walls, then pair it with one or two other shades for balance.

You can go dark and sophisticated with a deep brown primary hue like chocolate, espresso, or copper, brightened with complementary decor like muted pinks, mustard yellow, or burnt orange.

Or you can use a lighter, softer foundation with a color like taupe, beige, khaki, or sand. From there, you can build with more solid brown objects like deep-brown furniture and upholstery.


3. Let the Light In

Natural light can be the secret ingredient for successfully pulling off a rich brown-colored room. A darker-hued space needs more illumination to prevent it from feeling closed-off. If you don't have lots of windows for natural lighting, don't worry! Add more strategic indoor lights instead. A floor lamp on one corner or a table lamp on your console table can make a huge difference.

Bonus tip: Fake some added illumination by hanging a light-colored wall art! In our example below, a large pastel picture seems to act as another 'window' that brings in color and daylight to the brown dining room.

Wall art pictured above: "Gold Framed Art Deco Sky" Premium Canvas

Metal art pictured above: Personalized Name Monogram Custom Metal Sign


4. Decorate in Doses

Love this color but can't commit to brown walls? Our favorite trick is just adding 'doses' of brown all throughout the room. From wood furniture, moldings, and balustrades, to brownish wall pictures, metal decorations, and throws, there are many ways you can infuse this rich hue into the space. Just remember to stay within your planned color palette!

Metal art pictured above: Personalized "This Is Us" Custom Metal Sign

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Rustic Style Family Name Premium Panoramic Canvas


5. Soften with Textiles

Brown-painted walls and brown furniture look regal and solid, but if you find that the room feels too 'hard' for your taste, add fabrics to soften the look. Throw pillows and blankets are the easiest bet, as well as flowy curtains and drapes. You can also consider other textile additions such as upholstered headboards and pretty tablecloths. 

Wall art pictured above: "Difficult Roads Lead To Beautiful Destinations" Premium Rustic Canvas (Photo submitted by customer Rozlynn F.)

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "We Decided On Forever" Premium Panoramic Canvas (Photo submitted by customer Mandy M.)

Wall art pictured above: "Because Of You, I Look Forward To Forever" Panoramic Wall Art


These examples and tips show us that brown deserves its spot as the new darling of interior decor! What about you -- would you use chocolate brown, camel hues, or khaki in your space? Tell us in a comment below!

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