10 Super-Easy Habits to Prevent Clutter at Home

January 26, 2022 5 min read

mom folding clothes - home organizing tips to prevent clutter

Oh, to have a permanently tidy home! The thing about home organizing is, once you're done, you can't let your guard down or the clutter will sneak back in. You'll find yourself scratching your head at the once-again messy tables and tall pile of once-worn clothes on the 'Clothes Chair.'

But what if maintaining a tidy house can be painless? Home organizing experts offer a ton of home tips that help us nip clutter in the bud -- effortlessly. And they all come down to one thing: small habits. Developing little habits here and there can stave off the mountain of cleaning work you have to do over and over. Read on for these tips on maintaining a clutter-free home without breaking a sweat.


1. Micro-organize.

We often associate home organizing with entire afternoons of rearranging, scrubbing, and polishing, and that's part of why it feels stressful. But if you break down that seemingly giant task into bite-sized pieces, it can feel much easier. For example, for closet organization, you can take just 5 minutes every now and then to fold some clothes and arrange your bags.

Start the habit of 5 minute micro-organizing breaks throughout the house. Just one corner or area at a time. You can even do this during those odd pockets of lull, like while waiting for pasta to cook or cooling down after your workout.



"CLean As You Go" is a common policy at cafeterias and parks. Why not apply it to your home? Put things back where they belong once you're done using them. Place your shoes on the rack instead of kicking them off when you walk in the door. Put away the groceries as soon as you get home. Throw trash in the bin instead of leaving it on the counter. It's these little things that snowball into stressful clutter, but you can prevent that with tiny CLAYGO habits.

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3. Make your bed in 2 minutes.

All those years our parents nagged us to make our bed? We're finally seeing the wisdom behind it. Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so it can really affect the ambiance of this space. There's nothing more relaxing than coming home to a nice clean bed at the end of the day.

But what if you feel lazy or are always rushing in the morning? Challenge yourself to make your bed in 2 minutes or under. Doesn't matter if you're just piling your pillows or strewing a 'neat' sheet over your beddings. The trick is not to overthink and just get it done.


4. Don't let dishes land in the sink.

Those random dessert plates and glasses of water throughout the day can quickly turn into a mountain of dirty dishes in the sink. So, instead of putting that dish down on the sink after using, go ahead and wash it or put it in the dishwasher pronto. It's a quick little habit that staves off a mountain of stress later on.

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5. Keep an "outbox".

The organizing mavens at Apartment Therapy recommend that you keep a box or a bag where you can put various items you could rid off -- instead of just letting them litter the room. Have an "outbox" in the kitchen for dishes, containers, and tools you no longer use. Keep another box in your closet for clothes you haven't worn in years and damaged apparel you can't fix.

Later, you can sit down and sort through your outboxes for things you can donate and things you have to toss out.

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6. Enlist your household.

If you live with your partner, family, or roommate, it's crucial that they join in on your mission for a tidy home. Have a nice conversation with them about these easy habits you're trying to develop, and ask them to try these, too. If you have kids, teach them about caring for their own toys and other things, and provide kid-friendly storage, too.

However, don't expect them to behave perfectly right away. Appreciate their efforts and baby steps, and lead by example.

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7. Get organizers you love.

Sometimes, all we need to embrace a chore is to have pretty tools. It can be magically encouraging to have nice storage boxes, baskets, and trays -- ones you actually love using and seeing. Check dollar stores and thrift shops for inexpensive ones. We currently love tabletop trays that stylishly hold things on the console, coffee table, vanity, or bathroom, like the one above styled by The Chriselle Factor.


8. Put storage where it's actually needed.

There are things around the house that naturally end up at a specific spot. We take off shoes by the door. Coins and knickknacks often end up on that one table in the entry. Unfinished books lie in wait beside your bed. And always -- always -- there's a chair in the house that serves as a limbo for "not quite dirty" clothes.

Observe things like this, and consider placing storage right at those areas where they are. That way, you make it much easier for you (and other people in the house) to put things back where they belong.

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9. When in doubt, keep it simple.

Next time you find yourself wondering, "Will this make a nice addition to my tabletop decor?" or "Should I add one more decorative item to the shelf?" -- take a pause. Most often, keeping it simple and minimal is the better option. If you just happen to see an ornament that looks pretty but you're not sure how it fits into your interior decor, don't get it at all. Besides, with a few decor pieces and the right styling, simplicity can be so elegant!

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10. Be kind to yourself (and your household).

Ultimately, the reason we want clutter-free homes is so we can have peace of mind in our own abode. So don't let your organizing journey stress you out. Allow yourself rest when you need it, and don't beat yourself up if you skip your tidying habits once in a while. Nobody does it all without fail! Instead, let your habit development flow naturally. Do it whenever you can, and give yourself time to get used to it. You'll get into the swing of things eventually!


We hope these tidying tips help you keep a comfy, clutter-free home in 2022 and beyond! Is there another tip you can share? Leave a comment!

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