Personalized "Bless The Food Family Love" Premium Canvas

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Personalized "Bless The Food Family Love" Premium Canvas

"Gearden created a beautiful product! The canvas print appears bright, clear, and vibrant. I highly recommend it!"
★★★★★ Kristin A. - GearDen Customer
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  • Can u call me 321 /354/4947

    Hi, Elida. Since we are an online store, our support is online only. Please reply to this message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible (within 24 hours).

  • can you get it in 60x27?

    Hi, Lavonda. We're sorry, but we do not have this design in other sizes.

  • What’s the size I need if I have 9 feet ceiling

    Hi there, 

    Thanks for the message. 
    The size really depends on the entire wall space and surrounding decor, not just the height. 
    It is very much up to you so we cannot give a specific recommendation on that. 

    I would advise you measure out the various sizes on the wall space to give yourself an idea of how the design would fill that.

  • Hi I just put a order in I really need to change the spelling of a name Brianne

    Hi, Delila. Many thanks again for your order. No worries! We will amend the spelling to Brianne. So the list of names on your design is Lynna John Chris Cody Destiny Faith Breanne Lila Dominick Megan Philip. 



  • Do I have to have a name on here can I just leave it blank

    Hi, Cher! It is fine if you want to leave it blank. Please proceed with your order and email us right after that you want to leave it blank. Hope this helps! :)

  • Can this be translated into Spanish?

    Hi, Paz! Thanks for your question. Yes, we can print this in Spanish for you. Please proceed to placing the order and then email us the Spanish translation right after. 

    Hope this helps! :)

  • Hi does this canvas come in rectangular shape

    Hi! Thank you for your question. This canvas is already in rectangular shape. Please see other versions of same canvas on the links below >>

    Hope this helps!