Personalized "This Is Us" With Names on Background Premium Canvas

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Personalized "This Is Us" With Names on Background Premium Canvas

"Gearden created a beautiful product! The canvas print appears bright, clear, and vibrant. I highly recommend it!"
★★★★★ Kristin A. - GearDen Customer
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  • Can you make this in Spanish?

    Hi, Elva. We're sorry, but we are unable to do that at the moment.

  • Can you do this picture in a 24 X 24 . You have one similar but says “Family” with a heart. I like the “This is us”

    Hi, Jeannie. We're sorry but we cannot do that as we to change everything with the layout.

  • Can I order this picture vertical ?

    Hi, Gail. I'm sorry, but we do not have this and cannot do this in vertical orientation at the moment.

  • Hello, For the picture sizes can you clarify the measurement in terms of horizontal and vertical directions?

    Hi, Vijay. Since this is a landscape, the measurement across is longer than the measurement down. The 36 x 24 is 36 inches wide and 24 inches long. Hope this helps!

  • Where do I add the names?

    Hi, Joan. Just put the names in the "Enter Names" field on the product page.

  • There is not a space coming up to put the names in?

    Hi, Vicki. Thank you for your question. Please put the names in the "Enter Names" field in the product page just below the "Select Color" option.

  • I will order from.camafa ut I want it delivered in it OK?

    Hi there, 

    If you mean you will order from Canada, then yes of course that is OK.
    The canvas will be printed in the USA if the shipping address is in the USA.

  • Hi is this in Canadian funds or American


    The price will be in whatever currency you select with the currency selector tool


  • Is twenty names the largest amount we have 26 grandchildren

    Hi there, 

    Sorry but we cannot add 26 names.

  • Quote in CAD dollars and shipping cost in CAD dollars

    Hi there, 

    Please use the currency conversion tool in the bottom left corner. 
    The price will vary with the size selected. 
    Shipping is free on orders above $50.

  • Hi, are these pieces all in canvas? When I go to order it o my shoes wood frame?

    Hi, Bernadine. Thank you for your question. This is a canvas print wrapped around a 1.25-inch wood frame and is ready to hang. Hope this helps!

  • If I add more than 20 names, will be last of the names be the ones that are the smallest? I’m trying to have the smaller names be the ones of the younger children.

    Hi Cheryl, 

    20 names is the maximum for the print, please do not enter more than that.

    In general terms teh latter names may be smaller, but this is not always the case.

  • If I have 2 people in my family with the same name I’d like to have on the piece do I need to put it on twice

    Hi Nicole, 

    In this case that name will be treated as one name and will appear like any other. So there is no need to add it twice. 

    If you would like to differentiate the names, you can for example add an initial after the name.
    Eg add the names as "Mark A. and Mark B." and that is how they will appear on the print. 

    Hope that makes sense.

  • Hi. Can it be available in landscape?

    Hi, Arlette. This is already in landscape.

  • Can I get it with only saying this is us or another message underneath

    HI Annie, 

    Yes we can remove the lower quote for you. Please email us after you order with that request.

  • Hi I placed an order earlier today. But I did not receive an email confirmation.

    Hi Monica, 

    Many thanks for the order. 
    The email confirmation was sent immediately after your order was placed. 
    Please check all spam folders etc for that. 
    Also make sure to mark our email address as safe within your email settings, in case our emails are being blocked by an "overzealous" filter.

  • Can I see the finished product before purchasing?

    Hi there, 

    Unfortunately we can only design orders that have been already placed. 

    If you want a preview of the design before it goes to print, please email us immediately after you place the order.

    We will then send a preview within 24 hours.

  • Under the "this is us, a little bit of crazy, a little bit loud & a whole log of love" can you add the family last name & then add the 1st names randomly around the outside as shown in the pic

    Hi there, unfortunately we cannot specify the location of any one name, such as your surname. 
    Sorry about that.

  • Is it at all possible to have more than 20 names?

    Yes you can add those but please note some of the names will be quite small as a result.

  • Do you have a location in Canada where i can order ftom ?

    Hi, Lucia. Sorry, but our store is online so ordering is also through online only. If you order from Canada, we will make your item and ship it from Canada.
    Hope this helps!

  • Are there different colors of canvas to choose from?... my house is done in grey and black!

    Hi, Colleen. Thank you for your question. We're sorry, but this is the only color available for this design and quote.

  • Where do you change the funds to US? Also if you ship from Canada there are no additional shipping costs of any kind correct?

    Hi there, 

    We have a currency tool at the top of each page. You can select the currency you want from there. This gives a guide price in the selected currency. 

    Please note that all checkouts will be in USD though. 

    No additional shipping charges to CA for all orders over $50.

  • What colour is the picture

    Thanks for the message. 

    The centre is a pale ivory background with black text 

    The outer color is a grey mix with hints of slate and with wood-brown muted tones especially around the top half. 
    The personalized text overlays that with darker shades. 

    Hope that helps.

  • What is the price in Canadian dollars? And what size canvas are you displaying in the picture?

    Hi there, 

    We have a tool at the top of the website where you can select CAD as the currency. 
    This will give you a guide price. 

    The first two photos display the largest size, 48x 32.

  • Do you ship to Canada and if you do , is shipping free or what is our whole cost

    Yes we ship to Canada!
    If you order from within Canada then that is where we will print and ship the canvas from. 
    Shipping is free on all orders above $50 and $4.95 for orders under that.

  • I want two names in a certain place how do I specify

    Hi there, 

    Unfortunately the names are plaed randomly to best fill the space. 
    If you email us after you order we can try our best to fulfil your request though.

  • Can I get this without names on the border?

    Hi there, 
    Yes of course you can. 
    Just enter "no names" in the box and we will print it without any names on the border.

  • Hi, What are the colors on this canvas? and do you have a coupon for a first time purchase? ty! Bela

    Thanks for the message. 

    The centre has black text on a pale ivory background. 

    The margin's color is a grey mix with hints of slate and with wood-brown muted tones especially around the top half. 
    The personalized text is overlays that with darker shades. 

    Hope that helps.

  • Generally, what size print is ordered for over a couch? 48" length or 36" length?

    Hi Lisa, 

    Many thanks for the question. 
    Sorry to be vague, but that really depends on the size of your couch and the wall space behind it. 

    I would recommend you cut a piece of cardboard to size. Then hold this up on the wall space to give you a good idea of what size you need. 

    Hope that helps.