10 Home Decorating Ideas That Are Absolutely Free!

September 18, 2019 4 min read

free decor ideas no-cost home decorating

We kid you not, there are ways to make your house look amazingly different and beautiful for no cost at all. You don't even need a decor budget for these -- just a little creative push. Some of these interior decor ideas are so simple yet so chic that they made us go, "Why didn't I think of that?" Check them out and get redecorating today!


1. Turn that shelf into a visual feast.

Got open shelving that's bursting with visible clutter? Kitchen shelves and living room bookcases are usual suspects for eyesores. But you can take advantage of them and turn them into eye-pleasers!

Step 1: Take down the items that you can stash away in concealed storage. Step 2: Rearrange the remaining items so they look neat and balanced. Step 3: Add accents that you already have, like bookends, figurines, or little planters. Voila -- a shelf you love to look at!


2. Rearrange your furniture.

Many interior decorators recommend doing this because it's so easy yet it makes a huge impact. Their favorite furniture rearranging tip? Pull your living room set away from the walls and closer to each other, creating a more intimate setup with your couches and chairs. You can also try moving shelves to a different corner, switching up your TV location, and reconfiguring the angle of your tables.


3. Nature provides.

When bouquets at flower shops cost a fortune, it's a blessing that nature around us always provides freely and beautifully. The foliage, branches, and wildflowers you commonly see in your neighborhood easily look so charming and rustic when displayed in clear vases or even reused glass jars. Group them with other trinkets and baubles for a complete tablescape.


4. Use leftover paint.

Do you have some paint left in the can from your last project? Don't just discard it. Even if there's only a few ounces left, it can make a huge difference when applied to certain strategic surfaces.

For instance, you can paint just the legs of your tables and stools for a stylish two-toned look ("paint-dipped"). Or you can refresh the backs of your shelves, the fronts of your drawers, your kitchen backsplash, your headboard, your window frames, your doors... the possibilities are endless! And if you have more paint left, you can go ahead and repaint an entire accent wall.


5. Turn shirts to pillows.

If your couch needs some new pizzazz, adding new throws can make all the difference. Don't have the budget yet? No problem! Just scour your closer for cute shirts that you don't wear anymore and turn them into funky throw pillows! Party planner mom Chrissan Gasparro has a DIY tutorial here.

(And when you're ready to shop for brand-new pillows, browse Gear Den's customer-starred pillow collection here!)


6. Bring out family mementos.

Grandma's china, mom's memory quilt, dad's vintage souvenir collection -- there is probably a treasure trove of lovely mementos stored in your attic. Instead of leaving it to gather dust, display it in all its glory! Aside from its aesthetic value, there's likely a wonderful story to it that makes it a great conversation-starter.


7. Switch up the colors.

Sometimes, we don't realize we've been sticking to one color scheme for such a long time that it has become blah. To remedy this without spending a cent, simply swap items between rooms! That yellow blanket that's confined in your bedroom may just be the spark that your living room needs. Or maybe that colorful fruit bowl on your dining table would look great as a catch-all on top of your entry cabinet.


8. Book it.

We know the timeless look of books on a shelf. But there are other ways to arrange your favorite novels so they serve as fab decor as well! A small stack of books or magazines on your coffee table would look great when topped with a bauble or trinket (just choose the volumes with the prettiest covers). Or several groups of interesting books would accent a window ledge nicely.


9. Feature that mirror.

Every home has a mirror for practical purposes. Since it's already up on your wall, why not turn it into an ornament, too? Even the plainest of mirrors can look stylish when grouped with other decorative objects. Or you can spruce up the mirror itself with common materials like ribbons. A quick Google search would give you tons of DIY ideas for this!


10. Tidy up.

The best way to give your home a fresh look is really just to tidy things up. We often don't notice that clutter has accumulated on shelves, cabinets, tabletops, and even the floor! We're not just talking about throwaway clutter, but also about household items that are in disarray or are not stored correctly.

Try this: dedicate 20 minutes -- just 20 minutes -- to organize things in a room. Start on one corner and work your way around if you can. Maybe minimize the stuff on your desk, arrange the bottles on your bathroom rack, or stow away shoes that are out of season. You'll be amazed at the difference this little exercise makes.


Don't know about you, but these no-cost decor tips really got us pumped to work on our homes! Do you have a handy home tip, too? Share with us in a comment!

We also have tons more of these cheap home decor ideas -- see them here!

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