21 Free (or Super-Affordable) Decorating Ideas For Your Home

December 13, 2018 5 min read

decorating on a budget free tips

Create a beautiful home on a tight budget -- or for no cost at all! We've compiled these brilliant tips, easy do-it-yourself crafts, and decorating lifehacks to help make your house the most picture-perfect it's ever been.


1. Create a focal point.

A designer trick to make any room look great is to pick one spot to draw the attention of guests. It can be a wall, a couch, a bed -- any element you choose as long as you make it attractive and eye-pleasing. A wall, for instance, can be perfect with just one piece of well-selected art.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Family Name" Premium Canvas


2. DIY: Punch it up with patterns.

If you have some leftover wallpaper (or if you found one that's cheap and pretty), you only need a little bit of that to revamp old furnishings. Stick it on tabletops, the back of shelves, or the face of dressers for a fresh new look.


3. Pick botanicals from your own yard.

Before buying those expensive bouquets at the flower shop, see what you can find straight from nature. You don't have to have a green thumb for this. You don't even have to pick the usual florals. There's delicate beauty in wildflowers and twigs, or you can go lush and tropical with green leafy foliage.


4. Rearrange your furniture.

Refresh your living room or bedroom without adding anything! Just explore various layouts of the furniture. You'll be amazed at the difference!

Wall art pictured above: "Family -- It's Everything"


5. Display your favorite quote.

If you're not ready to invest in pricey artwork, hang your favorite saying on the wall instead. There are plenty of wall quotes and typography art that are cheap but high-quality.

Wall art pictured above: "With You, I Am Home"


6. Raise the curtains.

It takes just one simple trick to make your windows look bigger and give the room a high-ceiling, airy feel: Raise your curtain rods slightly above your window frame, and hang drapes that are taller than your windows. Bright and breezy!


7. DIY: Gilded glassware

Don't throw away those old, mismatched glasses just yet! Glam them up by painting them with liquid gold leaf (just a couple of bucks at the art supply department!).


8. No headboard? No problem.

The right headboard can make all the difference in bedroom interiors, but if your bed doesn't have one, don't worry. You can opt for an affordable yet lovely canvas art to hang above your bed. Works like a charm.

Wall art pictured above: "You & Me (And The Dogs)


9. Decor-swap with friends.

You and your friends have similar tastes, so why not exchange decor items every now and then? New stuff for all your homes at zero expense! Plus, it's a way for you to let go of items you haven't used in years.


10. DIY: Mirror magic.

You surely have a trusty mirror taking up space on your wall. This is prime opportunity for a stylish wall accent! Play around with the mirror's frame or border, like what this amazing DIY tutorial has done.


11. Upcycle old suitcases.

Do you have some old suitcases lying around unused? Take them out of the attic and stack them as decor! By themselves, they look so vintage-chic, but top them with a protective surface and they can serve as a sidetable or coffee table.


12. Revamp just a couple of pillows.

You can mix and match pillow designs, which means you can also mix and match old and new ones. Get just one or two new pillow covers to go with your current ones -- especially in contrasting colors -- and it'll be a refreshing sight.


13. DIY: Upcycle old pallets.

Many food stores have extra wood pallets that they just give away for free. And that's great news, because these wooden items have endless practical uses plus instant rustic charm! You can craft them up to create anything from tables and benches to wine racks and cup holders. One fabulous craft is to refinish your pallet and use it as a vertical planter.


14. No frames? Hang canvas art.

Some wall art need extra expenses for glass framing. But others -- such as wood-stretched canvas prints -- look perfect just as they are! They're affordable, lightweight, and ready to hang. So effortless!

Wall art pictured above: "Face Paint Square Photo"


15. DIY: Tree branch chandelier

How lovely is this woodland-inspired lighting? What's even better is that you can make this yourself using a carefully selected branch and some simple light bulbs.


16. Arrange candles with natural elements.

Haven't got time for a lighting DIY? Just arrange together your favorite candles with some objects you find outside -- flowers, leaves, pinecones, nice pebbles, even fruits. Voila -- a classy centerpiece in just a minute.


17. Strategic book stack

If you've amassed quite a number of books (even some that you don't bother reading), stack up some of them and place a tray on top. Easy, charming end table!


18. Hand-dye fabrics.

Got some leftover white fabrics you have no idea what to use for? Dye them in pretty colors and turn them into napkins and placemats!


19. Add fruity decor.

Plenty of fruits are brightly colored, easy to arrange, and don't spoil easily. It's almost like they were also meant to be decor! So take your oranges, lemons, and apples out of the fridge, and display them in nice bowls or baskets to add punch to the room.


20. Make a statement.

Statement art instantly draws attention, so it's one piece that can make the entire room. You can try your hand at creating your own wall sign using some calligraphy, or you can choose from the many attractive canvas prints, like this sassy-yet-classy YOLO sign.

Wall art pictured above: "YOLO"


21. Display textiles.

Like wallpaper, textiles come in an endless array of colors and patterns, many of which are too beautiful to keep in a closet. If you have a piece of fabric, knitting, or weaving with a display-worthy design, show it off! Put it up on the wall, use it as a table runner, or throw it over your favorite chair. Now that's a pop of style.


Which of these amazing decor tips are your favorites? We can't choose!

For more of the wonderful wall decor featured here, drop by at the Gear Den collection online and see what customers love!


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