7 Ideas for Decorating Unusual or Small Spaces in Your Home

December 22, 2018 2 min read

decor ideas for unusual spaces entry bathroom office

The living room, bedroom, and dining room are usual spaces for designing and decorating. But beyond these, there are plenty more spots in your home that you can brighten up with decor! From niches and corners to entire rooms you haven't thought much of, you'll be pleased at how much you can transform them with the right additions.

Try these tips for improving unusual, small, or even awkward spaces throughout your house.


1. Entryway/Mudroom

What is the first thing that your guests see when they enter your home? Is it a messy medley of coats and shoes? The number one tip for your entry is to keep it organized. Have ample storage to stow away the clutter. Putting a storage bench in this space is one thoughtful idea, then top it off with a welcoming wall art to make a great first impression.


2. Bathroom/Toilet

Many homes decorate their bathrooms, but you don't have to spend so much time thinking about how to brighten up yours. One approach here is to infuse humor into this otherwise serious space. A funny wall sign will make bathroom users feel comfortable -- that's a plus-point to you, gracious host!


3. Study nook/Home office

Not many of us have the luxury of having an extra room to serve as our quiet homework station or office. But it doesn't have to remain a fantasy. Carve out a semi-private alcove in your home by picking a corner and outfitting it with a table and shelves. To keep you motivated, complete your mini-office with some inspiring wall art.


4. Kitchen

Kitchens are usually more utilitarian than decorative. But while practicality is the top priority in this room, you can still beautify it with choice decor. Opt for a lightweight, ready-to-hang canvas print that won't get in the way of your cooking and bustling.


5. Kitchen nook

An eating nook (a.k.a. breakfast nook) is a fabulous idea for small apartments and houses. If you don't have much space for a full dining set, create a cozy eating space using benches built-in or arranged by the wall (and can double as storage!). Bonus tip: use a nice rug to separate this floor space from the rest.


6. Laundry room

Why decorate the laundry room? For starters, this is where one of the most dreaded chores happen! It certainly doesn't hurt to add a cheery wall sign or two in there -- especially if it makes you chuckle.


7. Under the stairs

It's no secret that the space beneath the stairs can be used as additional storage, closet, mini-office, play area, even a pet house. Here's another fantastic way to liven up this space: grow your indoor plants in it! We're in love with the idea of having a plant-filled cozy niche where we can read, have tea, and just relax.


These are all wonderful tips, and we're sure you can add some of your own. Share with us in the comments! For more decor ideas, check out the Gear Den shop and see decor that customers love.


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