8 Canvas Watercolor Prints As Pretty As Paintings (But More Affordable)!

September 22, 2019 3 min read

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When it comes to wall art, there is one major reason why we at Gear Den swear by canvas prints: they're the happy middle ground between quality and price!

A good canvas print uses long-lasting inks, durable canvas, and professional designs. (Our prints at Gear Den even come in wooden frames so they're ready to hang in your home.) All these wall decor perks can be yours at super-affordable prices. You can purchase your very own beautiful wall art even if your budget is below $50!

Want proof? We've rounded up some of our favorite watercolor canvas prints that evoke real paintings -- for a fraction of the price. Take your picks and start collecting!


1. "Eat Well, Travel Often" Blue Seascape

The good life is perfectly encapsulated in this refreshing artwork. Everything in it looks delicately hand-painted, from the pastel blue pier scenery to the lovely lifestyle quote. It can especially perk up a kitchen or dining room, or any room in your house where you like to daydream about a holiday.


2. Rustic Love -- Personalized Art

At first glance, this customized couple art looks like it's hand-painted on a piece of hardwood! This is due to the rich, realistic wood color in the background and the unique floral 'overlay' design on top. Oh, and did we mention it's yours to personalize? We print your beloved's name and yours on it, as well as your wedding date!

Bonus tip: You can also purchase this as an incredible gift to your newlywed friends or to a couple who is celebrating their anniversary.


3. "Our Nest" In Sweet, Subtle Pink

How charming is this modern calligraphy art? The featured text is simply "Our Nest," but it's rendered in such graceful handwriting and framed with an elegant geometric pattern. The background is really the cherry on top, with its soft pink watercolor splashes and the subtlest hints of purple. The resulting artwork is sweet and sophisticated -- sure to attract guests in your living room, bedroom, or entry.


4. Vibrant Orange Abstract Art

A surefire way to perk up a wall? Hang this bright orange canvas print! It even features a peppy quote on top of its abstract design. Another thing we like about this piece is its vertical orientation, making it an easy fit in a narrow hallway, a small entryway, or an awkward corner.


5. Floral Art From Mom To Daughter

This floral watercolor print might just be the loveliest artwork a mother could gift her daughter. Just read the moving message and see if it doesn't tug at your heartstrings! As if that's not enough, the emotive letter is flanked by a delicate bouquet of watercolor-inspired flowers, making it absolutely display-worthy in your child's bedroom or nursery.


6. "Enjoy The Little Things" Botanical Print

If you prefer something less feminine but still charming, you might like this botanical watercolor quote. It's a quaint but interesting combination of leaf patterns, calligraphy text styles, and subdued pink-gray colors. This artwork can make your guests stop, read, and admire.


7. Springtime Colors For The Dining Room

This dining room wall quote has the perfect elements for a happy family space: It features a lovely mealtime blessing that celebrates food, family, and love, and its nature-inspired design helps create a pleasant atmosphere. The colorful watercolor leaves really pop out against the sky-blue backdrop, so you don't even need other wall decor when you have this artwork on your wall.


8. Colorful Tennis Splatters

So far, we've shown watercolor designs with beautiful text on them. Here's one that's pure form, quite literally. A tennis player in motion and in full paint-like color -- it's not just a sports print, it's a striking piece of modern art. This would make a great statement piece in a modern home, or a wonderful gift for a tennis enthusiast.


Which of these canvas prints caught your eye? There are more to wow you and your guests from the Gear Den shop -- click here to start browsing! You'll likely find one or two pieces for your very own art collection!

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