Affordable + Beautiful: 10 Classy Wall Art Pieces Below $50!

March 15, 2019 3 min read

affordable budget wall art decor

We all dream of owning an original by Monet or Warhol one day, or having a grand portrait of our family commissioned and displayed on our library wall. For now, our home decorating budget may be a bit less grand, which can make it tricky to find just the right wall art pieces to hang. You want artwork that's affordable, but not cheap; inexpensive but not tacky.

Well, we at Gear Den say "Challenge accepted!" We've scoured the various corners of the decor world and found some fantastic pieces for $50 or less each! Take your picks, and happy budget-decorating!


1. Local flavor

A great way to find artwork is to look at local exhibitions and galleries. You'll be supporting artists in your area who deserve more recognition, and you could score accessible, one-of-a-kind pieces! If you want even better prices, inquire if prints are available on paper or canvas, like with the reproduced paintings of Florida artist Christine Reichow (starts at $35).

2. Vibrant inspiration

Words of wisdom from the Buddha are timeless and always motivational. This eye-catching artwork takes some of that wisdom and renders it in a rich vignette of reds and oranges. It's a powerful piece to hang in the office, living room, or anywhere you might need a boost.

Starts at $44.95

3. Fine art prints

It's a blessing for art enthusiasts that so many great works of art are now publicly available for free. The general rule is that if the artist has passed more than 70 years ago, their works are now public domain. Yes, that means we can print or reproduce the works of Da Vinci or Van Gogh freely! For the best reproductions, check out museum shops or galleries that feature the artwork you like (the one above is "Almond Branches" by Van Gogh).

4. A lovely prayer

Bless this dining room sign. It features a lovely prayer for meals with friends and family, made lovelier with graceful calligraphy and a rustic wood-like background. You don't even need to frame it, as the canvas print itself has a classic border and is thus ready to hang. It's no wonder this piece is a bestseller on Gear Den!

Starts at $39.95

5. The sweetest dates

This pretty pastel wall art is the perfect addition to your child's bedroom, and the sweetest way to proudly show off your family story. Customize the piece with your own special dates and names -- utterly meaningful and personal for less than 50 bucks!

Starts at $44.95

6. Incredible DIY

There are tons of DIY home decor ideas out there, but only few of them actually turn out to be beautiful and easy to make. Which is why we got excited to learn this fabulous decor DIY: take a piece of fabric that you love, stretch it in an inexpensive frame, and voila, your very own wall art! For a more gorgeous wall, display two or more of these pieces in a mini-gallery.

7. Monogrammed beauty

Monograms are a classic symbol of elegance, but you don't have to break the bank to get your own monogram art. This customizable piece is an affordable option, but you wouldn't know it just by looking at its tasteful design. With the regal initial, the full calligraphy, and the rich, dark background, this piece always impresses guests, so it's selling fast on Gear Den!

Starts at $39.95

8. Favorite love story

This couple wall art never fails to solicit an "Aww" from guests! And it's easy to see why: it's a sweet love quote made even sweeter by the addition of your own couple names. Hang this in your bedroom for a daily reminder of romance, or anywhere in your house where your love story can take the spotlight.

Starts at $44.95

9. Digital dreams

Good art has become much more accessible these days thanks to the proliferation of digital illustrators, painters, and photographers who offer their work at better prices. Websites like Behance and DeviantArt are teeming with self-made artists whose pieces can be yours in premium prints. The Venetian landscape above is an example, by artist Alex Gutkin (starts at $22.80).

10. Perfect chaos

Here's a simple but impactful welcome! The classy, subdued hues of this wall sign are anything but boring, thanks to its geometric design and dynamic typography. Best of all, it can be personalized with your own family name! You'll make a great first impression by putting this piece up at your entryway, where guests can immediately appreciate it.

Starts at $39.95


Which of these inexpensive wall pieces is your favorite? We can't pick just one!

If you're craving more options for affordable home decorating, head on over to and see what customers love!


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