10 Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Easter Table

April 14, 2022 4 min read

Easter decor ideas - Easter Sunday table 2022

After two years of lockdowns and quarantines, Easter 2022 is finally looking brighter and more festive. Whether you're hosting a nice Easter brunch or a fun Easter egg hunt party with the kids, this is an opportunity to create a lovely tablescape to celebrate this special spring season. Here are some of the prettiest -- and easiest -- ideas to decorate your Easter spread and impress your guests.


1. Sprinkle some gold.

Touches of gold instantly make a table setting feel more elegant yet more festive. You can get some store-bought dinnerware with gold finishes, or you can make them yourself, as there are tons of easy ideas online. Above are some DIY gold-leaf Easter eggs from The Spruce, and below, a set of gold spray-painted cocktail glasses by Earnest Home Co.


2. Set up a wood board centerpiece.

Using a nice piece of wood to carry your centerpiece can make your table setting look rustic, clean, and stylish all at once. Plus, you can easily add whatever ornaments you have and it will instantly look put-together. Top it with leafy sprigs, bunny figurines, flowers, candles, or any table-topper of your choice. Just look at the example above by crafty mom Jenn of Clean & Scentsible.


3. Forage your decor.

Foraged decor can be oh-so-charming! Take a springtime walk outside and gather some non-toxic wildflowers, weeds, and leaves. Give them a quick spray of water to de-bug them, place them in clear glass jars, and you've got some pretty table-toppers. Another option is to collect some fresh green foliage from your backyard and use them as a lush table runner (like above).

See our guide here on how to decorate with natural foraged items.


4. Hang greenery on your wall.

Want something more memorable than buntings? How about hanging plants and bouquets? Spring is the perfect time to decorate with botanicals, so hang some floral garlands and leafy sprigs over your dining table, buffet, or beverage bar. In our example above, a pair of eucalyptus wall vases serve as unique companions to an artwork.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Family Crazy Love" With Photos Premium Canvas


4. Fill the space with pastel art.

Speaking of artwork, you can instantly brighten your dining room just by displaying a pastel-colored wall piece or two. We love the lavender watercolor print above, which is so apt for spring and perfect over your dining table. And if you feel like your space needs more pastel decor, try displaying more artworks on a photo ledge or on a table surface, like our example below.

Wall art pictured above: "The Best Things - People, Places, Memories" Premium Canvas


Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Food, Family, Love" Premium Canvas


5. Dot your buffet with potted herbs.

Are you doing a buffet-style party with a grazing table? Spice it up with potted herbs as table accents! If you already have an indoor herb garden, just arrange your pots on the table and add springtime details like little twine bows. If not, you can buy cute potted herbs from your local nursery. Basil, thyme, and rosemary are perfect for this. The best part is, guests can pick their herb of choice straight from the plant!

Wall art pictured above: "Eat Well, Travel Often" Premium Canvas


6. Sprinkle some humor in your decor.

A surefire way to set the party mood and get guests smiling is to include some silliness into your ornaments and wall decor. How about some funny bunny figurines, silly egg faces, and light-hearted wall quotes? Above, our "Y'all Come Eat" dining room sign has endeared many friends and visitors.

Wall art pictured above: "Y'all Come Eat" Premium Canvas


7. Garnish your food with flowers.

For a show-stopping Easter spread, decorate your cakes, pastries, and drinks with beautiful flowers that are safe to eat. Edible flowers include begonias, dahlias, lilacs, and pansies. You can even find edible wildflowers such as violas, dandelions, English daisies, and fireweed. But before going out and picking a bunch, it's important to read up on these florals and how to safely incorporate them into your food.


8. Go rustic with dried bouquets.

Recent decor trends have spotlighted the beauty of dried flower bouquets, wild grass in vases, and natural twig ornaments. Take advantage of this trend if you want a more rustic, earthy, and cozy feel for your Easter get-together. Maybe you have an actual bouquet that you can dry yourself (just google easy tutorials online). Or you can buy preserved flowers that are already professionally arranged in vases.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "This Is Us - Grateful, Thankful, Blessed" Premium Canvas


9. Pile on prints and confetti.

Table still looking a little bare? If you're unsure how else to make your Easter spread look more festive, try adding more prints to some bare surfaces: polka-dot paint on your egg ornaments, some stripes on your placemats, or some flower patterns on your table runner. If you're running out of time (or patience!), you can just sprinkle some non-toxic confetti on the tabletop, plus candy sprinkles on your pastries!


10. Don't forget some cushy seating!

Complete the welcoming ambiance for your guests by adding some comfy throw pillows or blankets. This is an especially nice touch if you're holding your party outdoors or setting up your dining table on your yard. Gear Den has a collection of throw pillows and blankets with family designs -- wonderful for this wholesome, family-friendly occasion.

Pillow pictured above: "Family - Whole Lot Of Love" Hearts Background Pillow


With these charming decor ideas for Easter Sunday, we're so excited to start our preparations? Which one of these ideas are you doing at your own home? Leave a comment!

If you liked the wall art and home items featured here, browse GearDen.com for more home decor that you'll love!


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