8 Secrets of Calm, Cozy, Restful Bedrooms

April 12, 2022 4 min read

tips for peaceful, calming bedroom

Have you ever seen a bedroom that just looked so relaxing, you could instantly fall asleep in it? How about a bedroom that looked utterly cozy, you could stay there forever just reading or hanging out? That's how all bedrooms should be -- a restful space to get quality sleep and personal relaxation daily.

But amid all our clutter and busyness, how can we achieve such a serene space? Here are 10 helpful tips to turn your bedroom into a peaceful, calming oasis.


1. Declutter.

First thing's first: the most relaxing bedrooms are neat and tidy, without all the random things scattered around and creating stress. But don't worry, you don't have to be Marie Kondo-level neat for this.

Try a simple decluttering exercise this weekend. Spend an hour editing out all the objects you don't really need in the bedroom, from gadgets to ornaments to unnecessary furniture. Put them in a different room or in closets, or donate them! The goal is to uncover more blank spaces in your bedroom, both in terms of floor space and in visual space. Leave some parts of the walls and the floor unoccupied, allowing your eyes (and your mood) to breathe.


2. Minimize electronics.

Studies tell us that electronic devices such as TVs, computers, tablets, and smartphones have a negative impact on our sleep and circadian rhythm. If possible, don't bring these electronics into the bedroom at all! But if you can't leave your phone out, set a strict "screens off" time daily. Read a book before bedtime instead.


3. Practice the "just right" mindset.

Scandinavian homes are admired worldwide for their coziness, and one of the philosophies they practice is lagom, meaning "not too much, not too little -- just right." The whole point isn't to make your bedroom devoid of any joy -- it's to strike a balance between clean and beautiful.

So once you've decluttered your bedroom, see if you've achieved just the right amount of coziness. If you find that the room feels a little stark or boring, bring in some personal touches! Maybe a plant in one corner and a picture you really love?

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Couples' Initials Premium Canvas Set


4. Use a calming color scheme.

Soft neutral colors such as gray, wheat, and beige are best to create a serene atmosphere in a room. To keep it from looking pale or boring, try layering two cohesive hues together. For example, you can start with a dominant wall color like beige, then add wood-toned decor and accents. Or you can use you two shades of the same color, like light gray accented by a more solid gray. Just remember to keep your color palette minimal -- don't overload the room with too many colors!

Wall art pictured above: "Soulmates" Premium Panoramic Canvas


5. Try blackout curtains.

For those days when you just want to lounge in a cool, cozy room, with lights down low and time passing slowly, you'll want blackout curtains. These thick fabrics completely block outside light, whether that's sunlight, street lights, or even moonlight. You can sleep uninterrupted well into the day, and when you're ready to let the sunshine in, just stylishly tie back your drapes for a pretty window treatment.


6. Choose cozy textiles.

Speaking of fabrics, your beddings and throws make a huge impact in your bedroom, not just because you sleep on them, but also because they're among the most visible objects in the room. So, be deliberate when choosing blankets, pillows, and sheets. Make sure they fit into your design scheme while complementing each other. And of course, pick fabrics that feel warm and soft to you! Check out some fantastic fleece blankets and pillows on Gear Den (examples shown above and below).

Blanket pictured above: Personalized "We Should Probably Cuddle" Premium Fleece Blanket


Pillow pictured above: Personalized Pillow "Mr. & Mrs." With Name And Year


7. Create separate zones.

The reality is that we sometimes bring not-so-relaxing activities into the bedroom. We might have a desk piled with computers and paperwork, or a dressing area full of clothes and shoes. As much as possible, keep these busy areas in their own distinct zones, separate from your sleeping area.

How? The first secret is to lay out your room thoughtfully. For instance, give your bed the prime space near the window, and relegate your study desk to a far corner, facing away from the bed. Then, get creative with false partitions. How about some curtains, a decorative screen, or a small divider cabinet? If floor space is limited, try area rugs to outline the mini-zones in one room. We found the example above from The DIY Playbook.


8. Select peaceful wall art.


So you've decluttered your room, streamlined your colors, and dressed your bed nicely. Does your bedroom feel like it's missing something? A wall picture (or two) might just be what it needs. But choose your wall art wisely! It'll be a focal point in the room, affecting your mood when you see it. Choose an artwork that genuinely evokes a relaxed feeling for you.

How about a calming picture with an inspirational quote?

Wall art pictured above: "Make Your Dreams Happen" Dandelion Premium Canvas


Alternatively, a picture of seaside scenery can put you at ease:

Wall art pictured above: "Island Villa Window View" Premium Canvas


Or maybe what calms you is a sweet reminder of you and your partner's love story. This wall art is perfectly customizable to tell that story!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Where It All Began" Couple's Premium Canvas


Bonus tip: Make your bed.

We end this list with one of the simplest yet most important elements of a relaxing bedroom: a made bed! Since your bed is the first thing you see when you enter the room, it instantly creates an impression in your head, and that impression should be a tidy, peaceful one. This is the reason why coming home to a made bed can feel like heaven!


Are you doing any of these bedroom decor secrets at home? What home tip would you add? Leave a comment!

If you liked these tips and would love to make your entire house feel nice and comfy, read our tips on how to create a serene home.

And if you're looking for calming artworks, pillows, and blankets, browse GearDen.com now! 

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