Make Your Bathroom Look More Luxe (For Less!)

February 07, 2022 3 min read

affordable bathroom decorating ideas

Having a luxurious, spa-like bathroom at home is a dream, yet we often don't give much energy into styling our own bathrooms, showers, or powder rooms. It may be because because it's a utilitarian room where people don't think about lingering, or maybe because decorating the bathroom just feels like an unnecessary expense.

But if there's anything we can learn from stylish spas and hotels, it's that thoughtful touches here and there can truly make a space feel posh. Our take? You can do this without breaking the bank. Here are budget-friendly ways to make your bathroom or shower feel more expensive.


1. Update your lighting.

Great lighting is a must-have in any luxurious space. If your bathroom has natural light sources, let the sunshine in! But for the rest of us dealing with windowless showers, it's wise to update our bulbs for the best illumination. Opt for bulbs with a warm, soft glow instead of stark fluorescent lighting. If budget allows, install an accent light to make a statement while illuminating the space further.


2. Choose a wooden shower mat.

Spas and resorts love to use wooden elements because they bring in a natural feel and soften the aesthetics of the space. So if you're making just one inexpensive upgrade to your bathroom, ditch the plasticky, rubbery bath mats and opt for a wooden one. It'll instantly give a resort vibe to the room.

Wall art pictured above: "Save Water - Shower Together" Premium Canvas


3. Contain your countertop essentials.

Toiletries on the countertop tend to look cluttered because they're all in different plastic packaging. Make them look elegant by transferring them in a set of pretty glass containers. You can find these containers at thrift stores, or better yet, use your own collection of mason jars and bottles!

Then, as a finishing touch, arrange your essentials on a nice tray together with a candle and a small vase of greenery. Voila -- classy countertop!


4. Add a bathtub tray or stool. 

Quick tip to transform your bathtub into a spa-like soak: arrange your bath essentials on a wooden caddy (like above) or a decorative stool (like below). To keep it elegant, display only a few objects and avoid overloading your tub tray. Also curate items in similar colors or containers.

Wall art pictured above: "Get Naked" Premium Canvas Wall Art For Bathroom


5. Use metallic hardware.

This simple swap can make a huge difference! Replace your cabinet door handles, drawer pulls, faucets, and even mirror frames with a sleek metallic finish like brass, copper, or rose gold. You can find tons of inexpensive options at your local hardware. Just remember to use the same finish all throughout the room to keep it classy and cohesive.


6. Use marble (or fake the look!).

Marble is such a beautiful material, and it's been having a renaissance in recent design seasons. But you don't need a royal budget to get the look! Home decorators everywhere are using marble-design contact paper to create faux marble countertops and furniture. The example above is a DIY by crafty blogger Anika. And yes, she says the contact paper held up in her bathroom!


7. Hang an art piece -- or two!

Artworks in the bathroom? Yes, please! A few select pieces can elevate the ambiance of the room, transforming it from being a mere functional area into a comfy and stylish personal space.

We highly recommend canvas art prints because they're aesthetic but low-maintenance! You can hang them as wall signs or stack smaller ones on a ledge or countertop. Check out our picks above and below.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Family Name" Color Choice Premium Canvas



Wall art pictured above: "No Selfies In The Bathroom" Premium Canvas


Wall art pictured above: Elegant Pink Flamingo Premium Canvas


8. Finish with a nice scent.

A fresh aroma may not exactly contribute to the look of your bathroom, but it makes an impact in the overall atmosphere of the space. Notice how spas and suites always have a distinctive fragrance that you associate with relaxation? That's the power of scent, and you can harness that with the aromatherapy tools of your choice, be it a candle, a diffuser, or even just good old air fresheners.


With these home decor tips, you can turn each bath time into a mini resort vacation! You might also like our other blog posts to make your space look classy on a budget:

Got any other bathroom decor tips to add? Leave a comment! Or, if you're ready to shop for lovely new wall art for your bathroom and home, browse now!

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