Colors of the Year 2023: Bold, Warm, & Beautiful

January 19, 2023 6 min read

Color of the Year 2023 - home interior ideas - Pantone Viva Magenta

2022 flew by so fast, and a post-pandemic world has begun: venues have re-opened, events have resumed, and people have gained more confidence to go out again. It seems that our trusted color and paint companies are feeling that new sense of life because for 2023, their picks for Color of the Year are just vivacious! Red hues dominate, with a dash of welcoming neutrals.

Read on to see top picks for Color of the Year 2023, and how you can use these shades for your home if you're redecorating this coming year.


1. Pantone Color of the Year 2023: Viva Magenta (18-1750)

Pantone Color of the Year 2023 - Viva Magenta - Gear Den

Pantone has chosen a show-stopping pinkish-red as the color of 2023. The leading color institute describes this magenta as "brave and fearless, a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration." That about nails it!


How to use "Viva Magenta" hues for interiors

Showcase a statement piece (or two).

This vivid hue makes a fantastic focal point, especially when applied to a piece of furniture that you want to highlight. A magenta couch, a magenta-painted sideboard, or even just a magenta coverlet for your sofa can easily draw the eye and make the space feel much more opulent. Bonus tip: Magenta goes well with other jewel tones like emerald, so don't be afraid to pair them up!


Fill the space with flowers.

Flowers -- so simple, right? This time though, go for big, showy magenta colors that instantly perk up the room. Common flowers like cosmos, catchflies, and carnations are fabulous examples. Use your florals not just as centerpieces but also as accents on drab corners and shelves.

Wall art pictured above: "Food, Family, Love" Premium Canvas


Create a vivid accent wall.

Feeling bold? Paint one full wall magenta! This shade can be so sophisticated when decorated with restraint. In the kitchen below (found on Inspirations Paint AU), the magenta wall is gorgeously contrasted by minimalist white trim and white decor on a console. Don't forget to pick a matte finish for your magenta paint!


2. Behr Color of the Year 2023: Blank Canvas (DC-003)

Who says white walls are boring? Behr's 2023 top color is an unassuming standout because it's the just right shade of white. "Blank Canvas" is shady but light -- great for rooms that need brightening without looking stark or clinical. With its cool softness, this shade feels like a nice, comforting hug!


How to use "Blank Canvas" hues for interiors

Showcase an artwork.

True to its name, Blank Canvas goes well with almost anything, so if you love colorful wall decor, this is the perfect wall color for you! Our favorite artworks to fill this white wall are pastel watercolor prints because they're cheery but still soft enough to maintain the calming vibe of the room.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "They Are The Beat Of My Heart" Premium Canvas


Warm it up with wood.

This cool white looks so airy and inviting when paired minimally with warm wood tones, like in the living room below. If you love this look, see if you can furnish your white room with warm woods like cherry, hickory, or oak. Want more wood elements without breaking your budget? Gear Den has lots of realistic-looking wood design wall art -- browse our store!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family "Home Sweet Home" Rustic Premium Canvas


Layer on cozy grays.

Pairing two neutrals may sound too safe, but when you layer Blank Canvas with a cool gray, you get a wonderfully cozy space! What makes this work is that these hues are cohesive with each other, minimizing your visual clutter and thus reducing any stressful vibe. Get you a nice gray blanket for your white room!

Blanket pictured above: Personalized "We Should Probably Cuddle" Premium Fleece Blanket 


3. Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2023: Raspberry Blush (2008-30)

Here's another red-based hue that brings vibrancy to 2023. This one is more of a lush red with orange and pink undertones -- like a deeper coral shade but still punchy. Benjamin Moore picked this gorgeous color as it "enlivens the senses with an electric optimism." We definitely agree!


How to use "Raspberry Blush" hues for interiors

Go all in on your walls.

Raspberry is such an elegant red that it can fill a room without hurting the eyes. On the contrary, it feels solid yet warm, lively but not jarring. Pair this wall color with white moldings and furniture for a regal yet modern look. Just look at this dining room by designer Diane Litz at Kellogg Collection:


Update your fireplace.

The subtle pinkish hue of raspberry has the same cozy quality of brick, so it's the perfect color if you're repainting your fireplace. It works great whether you just want to paint the mantel with an accent color, or are committing to paint the whole surround and chimney.


Add some punchy accents.

If you love this raspberry color but aren't ready to paint your walls with it, apply it in smaller accents instead. Maybe a set of coral-colored curtains and throw pillows to match? Bonus tip: If you love tropical-themed decor, you're in luck. Coral hues are the perfect match to indoor palms and greenery!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family - Names On Hearts Premium Canvas


4. Dulux Color of the Year 2023: Wild Wonder

Dulux's Wild Wonder is one unique neutral. This yellow-brown beige may look like the color of sand at first glance, but it has just the subtlest hint of olive green that makes it adaptable to more color combinations. Cool and cozy at the same time, this is a reliable color to make a room feel homey.


How to use "Wild Wonder" hues for interiors

Say hello to lavender.

Wild Wonder pairs with any pastel color, but particularly well with lavender. These two colors make such a sweet, relaxing combo that's perfect for a bedroom, nursery, reading nook, or sitting room. For a more modern look, choose a lighter shade of lavender.


Add color to your ceiling.

A painted ceiling can make your home stand out, but if you're worried it might overwhelm the room, don't fret: a good beige color can provide that style dimension without making the room look top-heavy. Still unconvinced? Consider painting just the beams or trim, like below.


Try the "Cali-Cool" style.

The California-cool interior style combines bohemian elements with casual refinement and a bright, breezy color palette. A sandy beige like Wild Wonder fits right into this style, whether as a main wall color or as the color of your furnishings and decor. Just pair this shade with white and you're all set!

Wall art pictured above: "Remember To Dream, Wake Up With A Purpose" Premium Canvas


5. Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2023: Redend Point (SW 9081)

This pinkish-brown shade from Sherwin-Williams is oh-so-soft, it almost looks like a plush fabric. It's an unexpected neutral that's at once earthy and elegant, graceful and solid. With its sophisticated warmth, it has the potential to transform any room of the house into a relaxing resort-like space!

How to use "Redend Point" hues for interiors

Create a calm kitchen.

A warm brown color like Redend Point is a practical yet tasteful choice for a busy kitchen -- it's neither too bright nor too dark. For a relaxing palette, use it as an accent color against white. Bonus tip: This lovely neutral looks so good on cabinets complemented by metallic door pulls and handles!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Kitchen - Seasoned With Love" Premium Canvas


Turn your bedroom into an oasis.

Soft browns and pinks make gorgeous desert colors, and when layered with a crisp base like white, they transform a space into a refined oasis. Try this color palette in your bedroom -- just the right linen set will do -- then add an indoor plant or two for more freshness.

Wall art pictured above: "Five More Minutes" Premium Canvas and "Gold-Framed Art Deco Sky" Premium Canvas


Highlight a corner with a painted arch.

An updated take on color-blocking, the painted wall arch is a stylish design trend that's perfect for showcasing specific corners in your home. Paint an arch over the sideboard in your dining room or the console table in your entryway, then style it with cute plants and tchotchkes. This pretty example is from Josie Michelle Davis:


With these fresh Colors of the Year, we're so excited to decorate in 2023! How about you -- did any of these shades capture your fancy? Let us know in the comments!

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