Dear Dad: Here Are 10 of the Many Things We Love About You

June 04, 2021 4 min read

things we love about dad Father's Day gifts

For many of us, fathers have been quiet rock of our households, keeping us secure, comfortable, and loved. Of course, no dad is really perfect, but when we look at our family life as a whole, the amazing things they've done for us far outweigh their shortcomings. Their dad humor is a bonus, too!

So for Father's Day 2021, let's take a few minutes to enumerate some of the wonderful things we love about Dad. Don't forget to express these things to your father on June 20!


1. "Dad, we're grateful for your hard work."

Whether Papa works grueling jobs to put food on the table, or stays at home to primarily raise us kids, we can clearly see all the effort he puts into it. Years and years of this hard work can be exhausting, but being a great parent, he keeps going for us. Because of this, he has allowed us to grow up healthy and live a decent life. That's an immense gift to be thankful for.


2. "Thank you for keeping our family together."

For spending lots of time with us, for finding ways through our family problems, for loving our mother, for lightening up our gloomy days, for being a calm presence during our disagreements, and for the many other ways you have held this family together like glue... Thank you, Dad.

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3. "Dad, we value your guidance."

Papa has many ways of guiding us through life. Sometimes, he takes us to experiences like sports and camping so we can learn first-hand. Other times, he walks us through a process with meticulous step-by-step instructions. There are also times when he does his own 'heart-to-heart' with us. And at other times, he doesn't need to say anything at all -- he just shows us through his actions.

The best part is, Dad sticks by us even when we've messed up. He'll point out what we did wrong and how to correct it, but after the dust has settled, he'd still be our ally.


4. "Dad, your jokes are precious."

We may never admit to being fans of dad jokes, but we still burst out chuckling to them anyway. Dad humor is actually a sweet ingredient for a close-knit family -- it leads to lighthearted, laughter-filled moments, even when times seem bleak and cheerless. And you know what they say: a family that laughs together, stays together. So behind our groans and facepalms, we really love your jokes, Dad.

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5. "Dad, your skills are a lifesaver."

We can't count how many times we've been saved by Dad's talents. From his handyman skills to his sports savvy to his amazing cooking, those talents have proven useful in various situations. And we're so thankful that he took steps to teach us, too!


6. "Dad, your strength is admirable..."

Papa's strong, stable presence is a refuge when something troubles the family. When we got bullied as kids, Dad helped us handle it with dignity. When we struggled in our teenage years, he taught us how to persevere. And even now that we're grownups with work problems and money troubles, Dad's personal fortitude gives us something to lean on. What an amazing man!

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7. "...but your sensitive side is also beautiful."

While men of the family are traditionally expected to be the non-emotional pillars, we cherish those moments when Dad shows us his loving, sensitive side. Remember when he was teary-eyed at his child's graduation? Or when he expressed how much he really cared for us, his family? These moments are so filled with sincerity and emotional trust that we love Dad all the more for them.


8. "Thank you for keeping our home secure."

Whether by fixing the roof, defending us from naysayers, or pulling miracles just to provide for our needs, Dad has numerous ways of protecting us. We sleep soundly at night knowing that he'll keep us safe -- physically, socially, and emotionally.

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9. "Dad, you've been our friend from the start."

People say a child's first best friend is their Daddy. As we grow older, we realize this is true. Papa may not be our age, he may not completely relate with our generation, but he's always got our backs. He is always there to listen, to give advice, to hold our hand through tough times, and to be our supporter during challenges.

Also, all those hours of playing ball or videogames with us -- amid mom's protestations -- actually count for something!

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10. "Dad, thank you for being a great role model."

When we look back at Dad's life so far, it's easy to see him as the most admirable man in our lives. What he's made of himself and what he's done for us, his family, are great feats. On top of that, the actions and attitudes he shows us every day -- like the way he deals with household tasks, or how he's helpful towards other people -- are examples of what it means to be a decent person. He is the role model that every child needs, and for that, we are grateful.


With these fantastic things to cherish about Dad, he deserves a nice Father's Day celebration this year! What other things do you love about your father? Share with us in the comments.

If you're still looking for Father's Day gifts, we've picked some Dad favorites for you here. Or browse for more family gift ideas and home items!

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