10 Blushingly Beautiful Gift Ideas for a June Bride

June 11, 2021 4 min read

wedding gifts for bride 2021

June is the month of gorgeous summer weddings and lovely brides! If your friend or sister is getting married this month, you're probably aiming for the perfect present. Maybe you need help picking from their wedding registry. Or maybe the couple welcomes non-registry gifts, and you want yours to be personal and meaningful, but not corny. You'd like to give something you can afford, but not cheap. Most of all, it has to be a thing of beauty, like the bride herself!

Here are our top picks for wedding gifts for brides this month of June.


1. A pampering package

A rule of thumb for gift-giving is to give something nice that the recipient may be hesitant to spend on. And nothing fits the bill better than an indulgent pampering package! Treat your BFF to a guilt-free luxe spa session after her bridal shower, so she feels wonderfully refreshed on her wedding day.


2. Romantic wall art

A pretty artwork is a foolproof gift. Pick a wall piece that expresses your toast to the couple, in an art style that the bride will particularly love. And of course, opt for a piece that you can customize with the couple's details.

We highly recommend the customizable canvas print above, which includes not only the lovebirds' names and wedding date, but also a little peek into how they met. So romantic -- and a great conversation-starter for their home!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Where It All Began" Couple's Premium Canvas


3. An object of interest

Think of a specific interest or hobby that the bride shares with her groom. Are they a fan of a certain type of cuisine or a certain genre of cinema? Do they love to read, cook, play music, or play sports? Whatever their niche is, get something they'll use for it. It might be a book club subscription for the bookworms, some home gym equipment for the sporty pair, or a premium cookware set for the cooking couple.


4. For the couple's new home

The bride is likely excited to decorate her new home with her hubby, so get her something that goes with her decorating streak. How about a nice wall art for them to hang in their living room, dining room, or den? Bonus points if it's customized just for their household! The one above is highly rated by customers at the Gear Den online shop. Friends and family love it as a housewarming present!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "New Home, New Beginning" Premium Canvas


5. Elegant entertaining

Most wedding registries are filled with practical home items like kitchen appliances and bath essentials. While these are useful, you probably want to give something a little less 'everyday' -- something sophisticated to impress their guests on special occasions.

Our suggestion: a premium at-home entertaining package like a wet bar set or a personalized cheese board with serving bowls. You can also go with the classic pair of wine glasses -- but step it up with a nice wine subscription.


6. Warm regards (on a blanket)

Speaking of home goods, some practical items can become cute gifts when they're specially personalized for the couple. Try a high-quality blanket that's custom-printed with the newlyweds' name (like above). Add a matching pillow (like below) to complete your best wishes and warm regards!

Blanket pictured above: Personalized "Mr & Mrs" Name And Year Premium Fleece Blanket


Pillow pictured above: Personalized Pillow "Mr. & Mrs." Name And Year


7. His & hers leather goods

Leather items are timeless and beautiful, which means a his-and-hers leather set wouldn't look cheesy or off-the-rack. Matching wallets are an obvious choice, but our favorite leather gift is a set of travel accessories for the bright-eyed newlyweds. This includes leather passport holders and luggage tags. The example above is actually crafted from an old purse! We found the DIY on BH&G.


8. Personal monogram

A family monogram is a classy way to mark the couple's union. Have a monogram designed by a professional artist, then use it to personalize gift items like their matching bath robes or printed wine glasses. Our best bet is to have the monogram printed as a high-quality artwork for the couple to display in their home. The one above is an absolute bestseller on Gear Den -- and it's highly customizable!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Family Name" Color Choice Premium Canvas


9. Ode to love

If the soon-to-be Mrs. is an unabashed romantic, go ahead and get her a fab artwork that reflects that sweet giddiness. And what could be sweeter than the "Love" wall art above, designed with the couple's names inside a heart? It's the perfect decor for the newlyweds' bedroom!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Love - Names On Heart" Premium Canvas


10. A sweet memento

When your best friend or sister is getting wed, it's only apt to recall a specific memory that shows she deserves love and happiness. Think of a particular experience that made you so proud of her, and bring out a lovely souvenir from that experience. Maybe it's the matching friendship bracelets she made for you when you were 11. Or a trinket from your trip abroad together, which she worked so hard for. Or maybe even a piece of jewelry that you bought from a shop, but with charms that you specifically picked to symbolize her.

Preserve this memento in a nice container, write a sweet note to go with it, and hand it to the blushing bride before her wedding. The wonderful memory, alongside your supportive note, can make her feel so cherished on her big day.


So, which of these bridal gifts would be perfect for your loved one? Tell us in the comments! Or, if you need more bridal gift ideas, check out our other wedding gift tips:

Here's to gorgeous brides, memorable weddings, and happy-ever-afters! Love from your friends at GearDen.com.

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