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10 Gifts From Realtors That Delighted Their Clients

October 17, 2019

realtor gifts to clients

Here at Gear Den, we often connect not just with homemakers and decor enthusiasts, but with real estate mavens as well. Through them, we've learned that the most likable realtors are those who show genuine graciousness, like by thoughtfully thanking their clients upon closing. They don't merely rush to close the deal, or just leave a token item with their name on it (calendars and cutting boards with real estate names are so overdone and crude). No, the most well-loved agents leave a nice impression on home buyers and home sellers by gifting them with personal, well-thought-out presents.

So if you are a realtor looking for a housewarming present or a "Thank you" gift for your client, check out these items that are customer-loved and expert-approved. (And if you're a home-dweller, heads up: These gift ideas are also perfect for you to give to a new neighbor!)


1. A unique map

Maps are meaningful gifts for someone who is moving in or moving out, but don't just go for the common store-bought kind. Find a special edition map or a unique cartography print that is specially fitting for your client. Scour antique shops for one-of-a-kind historical maps of the new address, or commission an artist to sketch a framed personalized map of your recipient's home, featuring details that interests your client (like little parks, specialty stores, hole-in-the-wall cafes, etc).


2. A personalized home sign

What could be a more appropriate gift for a new homeowner than their very own welcome sign? We highly recommend the personalized Home wall art above, featuring the name and year of your client's family. It's actually a top pick of some of our realtor friends, and for good reason: customization means you didn't just pick something up from a store rack.


3. A subscription to a local favorite

Welcome a transplant to your neighborhood by introducing them to one of the best establishments or associations there. You could provide them a tab at the homegrown coffee shop, a membership with a supper club, or a one-year voucher at a local attraction, for instance.


4. A commemorative artwork

Moving to a new home is a milestone, so it's nice to have a specific memento of it. The personalized "New Home" canvas print above is an elegant way to help your client commemorate this life event. It's a modern-rustic calligraphy art featuring the name and new address of your client.


5. A classy party-starter

Joe DiRoza, founder and publisher of Berksluxury.com, gifts buyers with a classy wine tree with a couple of bottles on it. The item is perfect for their housewarming party and can be used for many more occasions to come. Plus, he says, "It allows you to scale your gift to the size of the commission you received."

You don't have to go the wine tree route, but it's a great starting idea. How about a well-curated sampler case of local wines and cheeses?


6. Some cozy throws

You can never go wrong with practical household items like pillows and blankets, but steer clear of the boring, home store ones. Go for the elegantly personalized fleece blanket above, and pair it with a pretty pillow in a matching color or theme:


7. Some stunning horticulture

Plants are any homeowner's friend, but while they are always appreciated around the house, they are also very easy to find and purchase in every city. So to go the extra mile for a green-thumbed client, look out for attractive, one-of-a-kind potted plants that could wow your recipient and their guests. A timeless favorite would be a beautiful bonsai tree that would look great as a table-topper or a solo feature.


8. An ode to their pets

Does your client have a dog, cat, or any other beloved pet? Let them know you fully recognize these members of the household, too! How about a cute personalized pet pillow, or a funny custom-printed pet art?


9. A local artisan package

Is your city known for a particular craft or delicacy? Or is there a local artist or art collective that has enchanted the community? Purchase a nice artisanal package from them to welcome your client to the locale. You can usually find these gift baskets at fair trades and bazaars, but you can also go ahead and visit an artist's studio directly to see what you can put together yourself.


10. Listen -- they'll tell you what they like.


As a realtor, you're well-versed in detecting what people prefer. Use this skill to pick up information about the kind of presents your client might like. They've probably mentioned their hobbies or made a comment about their dream interior decor. They will be pleasantly surprised when they receive a related item from you, thinking, "It's amazing you remembered that!"


Which one of these would make your client the happiest? We've got tons more gift-worthy items like personalized art, pillows, and blankets that are top-rated by real customers! Head on over to GearDen.com to find your perfect client gift now.


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