Fab Decor Tip: Showcase Special Dates With Wall Art

September 12, 2020 4 min read

personalized date wall art

Custom wall decor is beautiful, unique, and personally meaningful -- just the kind of thing you want to display in your home. You can personalize an artwork by having your name or picture included in there, or having your favorite quotation printed.

But here at Gear Den, we found a fresh way to customize your wall art: feature a special date or two in it. The result is a wonderful and lasting reminder of a significant day in your life. Plus, it's an interesting way to tell a story. It will have your guests asking about those dates and thus get conversations rolling.

Want some proof? Here are amazing examples of personalized wall art featuring dates in your life. These make fantastic decor for your own home and also great gift ideas for someone special. (Click on each heading or picture to see Gear Den item details!)


1. First Day, Yes Day, Best Day

shelf with personalized wall art - Gear Den

This bestselling canvas print is one of the sweetest surprises you can give your wife or husband. It features the three most romantic dates in your relationship: the day you first met (or fell in love), the day you got engaged, and the day you exchanged "I dos." And because this wall sign has such a pretty pastel design, it has become a favorite as a wedding gift, anniversary gift, or bedroom decor.


2. We Had You, Now We Have Everything

couch side table with personalized wall art - Gear Den

Following up to the couple art above, this lovely canvas print celebrates the entire family, including the parents' wedding date and the children's names and birth dates. Yes, it can fit the details of multiple kids! Hang this in your living room or den, and get ready for compliments from guests. Or decorate your child's bedroom with it, to remind them everyday of how irreplaceable they are to you.


3. DIY Star Map

embroidered star map - Gear Den

Did you know that each day has a specific arrangement of stars in the sky? Artistic crafters on the internet have taken advantage of this by creating unique and beautiful "star map" artworks, representing what the night sky looked like on a chosen date (like a birthday or a wedding day).

You can make this yourself, too! Google "DIY star map how-to" and you'll find dozens of tutorials and star mapping kits that you can just print out. We also found this cute star embroidery tutorial from artist Jerri Rose.


4. Our First Home

personalized family name wall art - Gear Den

Here's a rustic wall sign that's perfect as a moving-in gift or housewarming present. It artfully celebrates the family's first home, complete with the printing of their family name, year, and address. Even years or decades later after the moving in, this wall decor will still be a nice memento of the family's early years.

Find more gift ideas for new homeowners here (realtor-approved!).


5. New Home, New Beginning

Dining table with personalized family wall art - Gear Den

For families that have just moved in to town, this customized wall art is an elegant welcome gift. We love how understated yet beautiful the design is, from its soft gray color, to its sweet calligraphy, to its heart-arrow symbols. And of course, the best feature in this artwork are the custom names and address print.


6. Someone In Heaven

Living Room with personalized wall art - Gear Den

Have you ever wanted to commemorate someone's memory in your home? A personal wall art is a nice way to celebrate the life of a loved one who has brought heaven into your household. The wall sign above includes a loving quotation, followed by the name of your loved one, their birth date, and the date of their passing. It's a positive reminder fit for personal spaces such as the bedroom or family den.


7. Family Timeline Gallery Wall

Family Tree wall art - Gear Den

A family photo gallery is a classic idea (you probably have one in your house already), but arranging it according to date elevates it to a whole new level. Creating a 'timeline' of your household tells a profound story, showing the changes and growth of your family. You don't have to add a picture each year -- just pick the most significant years in your family life. Don't forget to add a nice year label on each photo. The example above even uses uniform picture frames to tie them all together.


8. Travel Together Map Art

personalized travel couples wall art - Gear Den

If you and your partner are both into traveling, this personalized map wall art is perfect for you! A map of the world is laid out in soft rustic colors, with your couple name and special date printed beautifully at the bottom.

Bonus tip: Try using decorative push pins to mark the places you've been to together. This map is printed on canvas, so it's pinnable. Your guests will be wowed by your amazing visual story!


9. Our Love Story Is My Favorite

personalized couples wall art - Gear Den

This Mr. & Mrs. wall sign is equal parts sweet and rustic. It starts off with the quote "Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite." Then it sweetens it even more by featuring your three most romantic dates, plus your family name. All of these are printed on a rich wood-like background for that cozy, homey feel. This would hang nicely in your bedroom, living room, or entry.


10. Elegant Name Monogram

Flower vase with personalized Family name wall art - Gear Den

Another bestseller on Gear Den, this classy monogram art features your family name, family initial, and "Established" year. Its design is a perfect combination of elegant and appealing, thanks to its choice of text fonts and background texture. You can also get this artwork with a wood-colored background and with a different text color.

Bonus tip: We originally intended this to be a family-themed piece, but alternatively, you can feature a single person's name and birth year on it (like "Amanda - Est. 1995") It would make an utterly unique and special gift for any occasion.


What do you think of these personal date wall prints? Leave a comment with your thoughts and ideas.

We also have more wall decor pieces that are fabulously personalized for you and your family -- see our customer-starred collection here!

Happy customizing!

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