Try This Decor Trick: Pair Wall Art With Plants!

October 01, 2020 5 min read

wall art and plant pairings

Here at Gear Den, we're big fans of displaying wall decor with other objects, be it a small lamp or a piece of furniture. This serves two purposes: First, it 'anchors' the wall art with the rest of the space, so it doesn't feel like the artwork is a random hanging that has no real visual weight. Second, it adds dimension and texture to your display -- the ideal look is not a plain-looking flat wall, but a rich, well-styled vignette.

That said, we've discovered that one of the best things to pair with wall art is -- tadaa -- your beautiful indoor plant! You've probably noticed that many interior decorators and home magazines use this trick. Want to see tips and examples of art-and-plant combos? Read on!


1. Style on two levels

One of the classiest ways to display art, especially one you really want to spotlight, is by leaning it on top of a horizontal surface like a console table, sideboard, or buffet. Then, place a tall potted plant on the floor right next to it. (Or you can use two plants on both sides of the furniture.) This simple arrangement creates a dynamic mix of heights without looking busy. Most of all, it highlights both your artwork and your gorgeous houseplant.

See more tips on displaying art without hanging on the wall, here.


2. Tabletop tableau

Here's another way to showcase decor on a tabletop: lean one big artwork against the wall, then arrange smaller greenery in front of it. We love this example from our style-savvy customer Evy C., especially because she took a monochromatic display and added splashes of red with her gel-filled planters.

Wall art displayed above: Personalized "My Favorite Place Is Next To You" Premium Canvas


Here's another example, featuring a simple yet lovely display on a mantel. When paired with a houseplant in a chic white planter, a rustic calligraphy artwork is completed in a neat yet warm way:

Wall art pictured above: "Grateful, Thankful, Blessed" Premium Canvas


3. Graceful elegance

If you're going for a sleek, sophisticated look for your space, art pairings can be done with panache. Pick an artwork that's clean yet impactful, then match it with plants or plant cuttings that grow as slender stalks instead of bushy foliage. And, as shown in the image above, you can specifically create this arrangement to highlight beautiful modern furniture in your home.


4. Hanging centered

We've seen lots of fabulous homes where wall art is flanked by two smaller wall accents on both sides. Why not hang cute plants as the supporting decor? This adds dimension to your decorating, without taking up floor space at all. On top of that, your artwork is quite literally placed centerstage, so it attracts attention even more.

For this look, it's best to hang plants that stay pocket-sized so they don't end up dominating the wall art. Small plants that you can mount on your wall include air plants (tillandsia), succulents, and herbs like basil and peppermint. Don't forget to plant them in pretty holders or planters!

Wall art pictured above: "Family Isn't Always Blood" Premium Canvas


5. Hanging loose

A more vibrant option to hang art with plants is by using indoor hanging plants that trail out of their planters. When grown right, these beauties can look so lush and full of life, with leaves beautifully spilling over the space. You can hang them in a corner and they'd still draw the spotlight.

Because of this, you'll want to avoid crowding your hanging plants around your wall art. One plant can be enough. Arrange it so that it grows naturally beside the wall piece without covering it.

Bonus tip: It's lovely to juxtapose the natural flow of the plant (curves and waves) against the hard shape of the art (lines and corners). We like playing this up by displaying a geometric artwork, like the striped one above, along with a flowy plant like pothos vines.

Wall art pictured above: "But First, Coffee" Premium Canvas


6. Art in front

We usually see wall decor hanging behind houseplants, but how about staging them the other way around? For this, we highly recommend displaying a robust, leafy plant that's a little taller than your artwork of choice. Place it on a horizontal surface like a side table or a console, then lean the art piece in front of it (as shown above). Complete the look with one or two smaller ornaments on the table.

Wall art pictured above: "Welcome To Grandma & Grandpa's" Premium Canvas


7. Cute collection

Do you have a collection of small artworks, like postcards, sketches, and mini-portraits? Don't just stash them in your file folders! Place them in inexpensive frames, then display them as a group on your dresser, shelf, or wall ledge. Complete the look with small plants such as cacti and succulents, and you have a charming little gallery!


8. Big and small collection

Speaking of galleries, how about sprucing up your gallery wall by adding a variety of potted plants in front of it? And don't worry about not matching anything. When it comes to art and plant collections, eclectic is fantastic! Mix up your big and small wall decor, photographs, and art prints, together with plants of various shapes, sizes, and planters.


9. Vibrant welcome

An art-and-plant combo can make a gorgeous first impression as your guests step into your house. Just ask our stylish customer Linda D., who created the above showcase at her entry. We love how she complemented her showy indoor palm with a tall vertical panorama so that both can be visible. Their colors go together so well, too!

Bonus tip: Displaying vertical art with a houseplant is a super-savvy way to decorate an awkward corner in your home, like that wall under the staircase (shown above as well).

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Name "Home" Premium Panoramic Canvas


10. Seating arrangement

Many of us hang our wall art over a sofa, a chair, or a bench, and maybe place a small table to one side for utility purposes. But does it feel flat and incomplete, style-wise? Try adding a houseplant in the mix. Whether you opt for a small potted plant on top of your side table, or a tall one that can stand on its own, the foliage makes the look much more alive and inviting. It doesn't hurt either that the plant improves the air quality at this popular spot in your home.

Wall art pictured above: "YOLO" Gold Typography Premium Canvas


11. Green corner

If you're a true-blue plant lover, you likely have enough plant babies to create a lush little corner nook in your home, where you can relax, read a book, or have coffee with a friend, surrounded by soothing greenery.

Arrange your houseplants on various levels so they don't just line up on the floor. Place tall plants directly on the floor, put others on plant stands, and place the little ones on a shelf. Finally, top the arrangement with a wall art or two -- maybe a print that inspires you or a photo with a lovely memory behind it. Now you've created a little haven in your home!


We're in love with these art-and-plant pairings! Which one is your favorite, and which one are you trying out at home?

If you have your own wall art tip as well, we'd love to hear it. Leave a comment!

For more of the fab wall decor featured here, browse -- you'll likely find a piece you'll love!


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