Panoramic Wall Art: Could It Be What Your Home Decor Needs?

September 26, 2019

panorama wall art home decor

Portrait, landscape, square -- we're so used to these traditional artwork proportions that we often plan our wall decorating around their sizes. But what if you have a space in your house where these regular decor dimensions just don't fit right? Maybe you found a wall art you like but it looks too small over your sofa. Or maybe you need some decor to fill your entry without having to dabble with a difficult gallery wall.

Panoramic wall decor may just be your new best friend! This type of wall hanging has extra-wide proportions that makes it a perfect fit on many walls. Plus, its unique size makes it all the more eye-catching and memorable for your guests. Take a look at these panoramic art pieces and start visualizing their place in your home!


1. Home sweet panorama

This graceful wall sign can sweeten any living room, foyer, or family space! It looks particularly winsome above a mantel, a sideboard, or a bureau. Or if you want to add some refinement around a wide television set or entertainment console, this pastel-colored panorama would be just the right companion above it. The best part? You can personalize this panorama with your own family name and year!


2. This is us

Finally, a wall decor that goes so well above your kitchen counter or home bar! This calligraphy print is actually one of the customer-favorites on the Gear Den shop, so our creative designers made a panoramic version just for those wide walls that beg to be decorated.


3. Soulmate bliss

Who knew bedroom decor could be so effortlessly beautiful? You don't need to agonize over what to put above your bed -- just hang this elegantly romantic panorama and you're all set! You might not even need a headboard at all, as the wide proportion of this artwork by itself can visually complete the look of your bed.


4. Grateful, thankful, blessed

A panoramic artwork doesn't always have to match the shape of the surrounding furniture. Here, we see a wide-angle dining room wall art that wonderfully complements the circular table. What makes this decor a great fit is that it's just the right height when hung (not too close to the table nor the ceiling), and it's just the right width (not too narrow for the wall)!


5. Vertical panorama

Yes, there are panoramic artworks that are designed vertically! Also known as "vertoramas," they're a fabulous fit for those narrow walls that just aren't narrow enough to be left decor-less. You can see from the example above how the 'tall' wall art is beautifully proportioned with the simple entryway wall and the door beside it. And yes, you can customize this rustic artwork with your own family details, too! It may just be the one welcome sign you need!


These are only some of the panoramic wall decor pieces we've created on Gear Den. Which one do you like the most? There are more to choose from on our online shop -- browse here!

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