10 of the Most Loving Wedding Anniversary Gifts (For Any Year)

September 27, 2019 4 min read

romantic wedding anniversary gift ideas

People usually think of traditional wedding anniversary gifts based on the year of marriage. For example, the first year anniversary is all about paper, the second year is cotton, the 25th is silver (longer list of items here).

But we propose a sweeter approach to anniversary presents. Beyond the conventionally assigned items, there are so many other gifts that can be more meaningful to your beloved, regardless of how long you've been together. It's your special day as a couple -- why not go all out and wear your heart on your sleeve?

These presents speak volumes because they're not just items you picked up from a rack or tick off in an old checklist. These are gifts you make personal and romantic. Try these anniversary gift ideas.


1. Say it with art.

What's more romantic than outright pledging love? Your anniversary is the perfect time to express your affection in concrete words, just like how you said your vows on your wedding day. The sentiment becomes even more endearing when immortalized on a beautiful piece of wall art, like the customized couple art above. Your spouse will have a lovely reminder not just on the day of your celebration, but every day of the year.


2. Cuddle in love.

If you want to give something more practical than wall decor but just as amorous, a custom-print blanket might just be the gift you're looking for. At Gear Den, we personalize the cozy fleece blanket above with a picture of you and your sweetheart. With its personalized design and soft, warm material, this blanket is perfect for cuddling in bed, on the couch, or even outdoors!

PS: You'll find more couple-themed beddings in our blanket collection here!


3. Cherished sincerity

This amazingly heartfelt wall sign is for couples who have never stopped saying "I love you" to each other. Saying or hearing those three words frequently may make them sound cliche to some -- but not to you! You always say this phrase from the heart, and your beloved deserves to remember just how sincere you are.


4. Start a yearly record.

Blogger Christine Anne made a fantastic couple scrapbook about her and her husband's first year of marriage. It chronicles the highlights of their year together, in pictures and other mementos. This would make a great annual gift! Start gathering your memories in a special box and turn them into a little scrapbook every year. Watch the story of your love stack up!


5. Something sparkly -- and symbolic

If anniversaries are the time to renew wedding vows, then a symbolic piece of jewelry will complete the occasion. You can gift your partner with something they can wear on their own, like special cufflinks or a tie pin. Or you can make it doubly romantic by getting a his-and-hers pair of jewelry. Important note: the price does not matter at all! It can be something affordable, as long as the symbol you pick has meaning to you and your sweetheart.


6. Carve it on a (visual) tree.

Remember those sweet, sunshiny days when etching your couple name on a tree was the most romantic thing ever? Relive the experience -- no tree bark required! The watercolor-style tree art above is customizable so you can write your couple name and date on it. Cheesy? Maybe, but what a whimsical way to make your beloved smile!


7. Laughter is love.

Humor is a vital ingredient for a successful relationship, so throw in some giggles with your anniversary gift. It can be a funny coffee mug or a spoof shirt, or something that has to do with an inside joke between you and your partner. The great thing about funny gifts is, you get to see your sweetheart's adorable laugh once they open their present.

Bonus tip: Need more chuckle inspiration? Take a look at these hilarious things that couples can relate to!


8. Blanketed bliss

Here's another gift blanket from the Gear Den shop. This one is printed with a no-nonsense love letter from husband to wife, on a classic wedding-themed design. It can't get more fitting than this!


9. Pillow talk

How about a pillow to top off your matrimonial bed or love seat? The personalized couple pillow above is sweet enough for the bedroom but also classy enough for your living room couch. And yes, you can print your own last name and wedding year on it!


10. Dates of a lifetime

This custom wall sign for couples is one of the most well-loved products on Gear Den, and you can easily see why! It's a perfect wedding present or anniversary gift because of the three personal dates you can print on it. The design is also so dreamy that it stirs up that warm, fuzzy feeling of being in love. This is wall art that deserves to be displayed in your home for decades.


Which of these gifts would delight your beloved the most? Share with us in a comment! Or browse more couple gift ideas that are oh-so-romantic, only on the Gear Den online shop!


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