Express Your Love: 10 Personalized Wall Art Ideas for Couples

January 30, 2019 4 min read

customized wall decor for couples

For all the many grand things we say about love, it's not always easy to express exactly how you feel. You're often stumped when looking for gifts for your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend. And you spend hours at decor stores when trying to decorate a shared home that reflects your shared life.

Here's a little secret: You can get artwork that's both beautiful and personalized to perfectly suit your relationship. Customize a piece or two to give as a present to your beloved. Or feature the amazing details of your relationship in wall art pieces to hang in your home. We've picked out some great examples of wall decor that will easily delight your partner (and guests!).


1. Three best dates

Your relationship has plenty of memorable days, but perhaps the three most important are the first time you and your partner met, the day you said "yes" to the next level, and the day you finally said "I do."

This lovely wall art encapsulates that journey, displaying your very own dates in rustic wood-like backdrop and sweet pastel colors. No wonder this piece is a favorite as an engagement gift or a wedding present!


2. Our favorite love story

Stories of love and relationships always have something poignant about them, and each is special in its own way. But of course, your love story is the one that gives you the most joy. Express this in a way that's truly one-of-a-kind -- through this wall piece that's customized to display your names together with the lovely quote. This is especially perfect in your shared bedroom, where you and your beloved can smile at the reminder every day.


3. Map it out

Framing a special map is an elegant way to express something significant about your relationship. It could show where you two first met, where your relationship blossomed, or where you got married. Or perhaps you have a unique geographic memory together, like a vacation trip or a summer hangout. Have your map custom-made, or you can make it yourself (there are lots of DIY tutorials online).

Bonus tip: This is also a cute "come home" gift for a long-distance partner or a beloved who's constantly traveling!


4. The perfect marriage

Here's a great piece for married couples, whether newlyweds or together for decades. "Two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other." Beautifully sums up a lasting marriage, doesn't it? This graceful wall decor is both a reminder for rough times and a testament to marital success. Add your names to the piece and it also becomes a solid promise to each other, especially on an anniversary.


5. Fabulous fanfare

Looking for something more fun and creative? Be inspired by you and your partner's pop culture favorites! Whether it's something geeky like Star Wars, something cute like Disney, or even something wacky like Gordon Ramsay's shows, you can take your favorite references and turn them into a display-worthy shadowbox or art print.


6. Everything with each other

"We have everything when we have each other." Such a sweet sentiment describes a couple who sticks together through thick and thin, and finds happiness in the life they build. Celebrate that ideal relationship with this canvas print featuring a graceful infinity symbol as well as your names and special date in lovely calligraphy.


7. Written in the stars

How marvelous is this idea? Star maps make fantastic artwork to give and display, but you can take it one step further by immortalizing the piece of sky above a special location and on a specific date. What was the sky like on the night you met your beloved? Or on the eve of your wedding day? Capture the constellations and give the stars to your dearest (almost literally!).


8. Dynamic duo

If you're the type of couple who's the life of the party, or if you prefer the cool and fun over the traditional, this funky canvas art is right up your alley. The bold typography and the bright blue accent color easily catches anyone's eye no matter which room you hang this piece in. Best of all, you can make it your own by adding your special year on the print. Perfect for a vivacious duo like you!


9. And the dogs!

You and your partner both love your pets, so why not feature them in your wall decor as well? You don't usually find wall art that celebrates both your beloved human and your furry babies at the same time, but the canvas print above does just that. It's a cute piece to hang in your bedroom, but it can also bring smiles in your living room, family room, or entryway.


10. Always will.

This wall piece is a huge bestseller at Gear Den. Couples just love its sweet message, its rustic background that looks like real wood, and most of all, the customization option to add your names on it. Doesn't it look just lovely above the bed? Definitely a great gift for your wedding or anniversary.


Want more of these great decor ideas for couples? Check out our compilation of tips here! You can also browse the customer-starred Gear Den collection here.

Or if you have a beautiful couple-themed decor in your home, share with us in the comments!


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