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Mother's Day is upon us again, and if you're running out of ideas for a non-cliche, meaningful present for your mom, grandma, or wife, we've got you covered. We've handpicked some unique and affordable gift suggestions that will bring a smile to the most beautiful woman in your life. Check out these suggestions, and get wrapping quick!


1. DIY stamped clay bowls

If your mom has a penchant for organizing stuff around the house, these trinket bowls stamped with her own name would be just the perfect gift! They're elegant, easy to make, and positively personal. So much better than store-bought jewelry dishes! See the tutorial from the Alex & Lois blog here.


2.  Personalized art

Remember those days when your hand-drawn Mother's Day cards brought so much joy to your mom or grandma? This personalized wall sign is a beautiful grownup version of it. You can customize it with her epithet -- whether it's Mommy, Mama, or even Nana -- along with the names and birth dates of the children in the family. Display this in her bedroom or in the family room, and see her face light up each time she sees it.


3. Indoor garden

For a mom who loves greens, a group of small potted plants would be more delightful than an expensive bouquet of flowers. Determine what kind of indoor greenery your mom would like best (herbs, succulents, flowers, or bonsai?), and learn how to plant and arrange them in pots. For extra love, decorate the pots and add personalized tags. Now that's a gift that keeps on giving.


4. Matching jewelry

Nothing makes our mothers happier than when we proudly associate ourselves with them. Whether it's our kindergarten graduation or our major career promotion, it means everything to them when we say, "That's my mom!" So as a Mother's Day gift, a matching set of jewelry, just like the mother-daughter necklace set above, would be extra-special. Don't forget to wear your piece when she unwraps hers!


5. Stepmom, real family

Here's a really sweet wall sign for a stepmother who's been nothing less than a real parent. It celebrates the genuine love and care that you have experienced together in the family, despite the technical designations and the unconventional journey you may have gone through. The wall sign is customizable with your own names, too!

Bonus tip: For an adoptive mom who deserves to be repaid with all the love in the world, the canvas print below is an instant "Thank you":


6. Superhero shirt

This funny mom shirt is a cut above the rest because of its print: it shows you actually notice all the little, exhausting, and never-ending things your mother has been doing for you. Everyone in the household has always considered her a superhero -- this shirt just makes it official.


7. Pampering package

It's a given that moms are supposed to relax and be spoiled on Mother's Day. While we can't always afford to send mom to a holiday retreat in Tuscany, we can go for the next best thing: a wine-and-spa package that she can enjoy right at home. We found a basket that has everything -- a bottle of white, matching cookies, a soap set, and even tea -- and it's less than 80 bucks.


8. Cozy blanket

For all the care and comfort that mom has given us all these years, a blanket is a small but fitting token of our appreciation. The family-themed fleece blanket above is something she can snuggle in while in bed, or throw around her while she's reading in the couch. Either way, she'll always be wrapped in the warmth of your gift.


9. Home-cooked meal

Another great way to spoil -- and surprise -- your mom on her day is by cooking her an actual meal! Whether or not you have kitchen skills that she's aware of, it'll be nice for her to find a scrumptious breakfast, brunch, or dinner already waiting for her. Not confident with your cooking? There are plenty of Youtube tutorials you can watch step-by-step to make like Gordon Ramsay.

Bonus tip: If you're still unsure about a course meal, try your hand at baking easy pastries instead. You can then decorate the cake, cookies, or muffins with a personal Mother's Day message.


10. Classic artwork

 When it comes to Mother's Day gifts, nothing can really replace our actual, heartfelt words of love and gratitude. Immortalize your appreciation in a wall art piece so your mom can see it every day. If you have a talent for painting or calligraphy, by all means, use it to express how you feel about her. But if you can't paint to save your life, don't worry -- a pretty canvas print like the one above will deliver your message just as well.


Hope this gift guide helped you decide what to pick up for Mom this month! If you're still looking, you might find just the perfect item in GearDen's customer-starred collection of gifts for parents. Check it out here!

Happy Mother's Day from us at GearDen!


Hyacinth Tagupa
Hyacinth Tagupa

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