10 Delightful Party Decor Ideas for Spring Entertaining

May 04, 2019 3 min read

spring party decor ideas 2019

Having guests over this season? Whether you are hosting a fun Easter egg hunt party, a classy wedding dinner, or a springtime baby shower, you can wow your guests with your choice of event decoration. Luckily, this spring is all abloom with fresh new ideas to make your get-together look and feel fantastic! Take a look at these spring party decor tips that you can easily try yourself.


1. Bright Living Coral

All you need for a bright, cheery decor palette this year is Pantone's Color of the Year 2019, called Living Coral. It's a punchy hue of orange-pink that instantly perks up any venue. Go ahead and fill your party with blushing flowers, tropical citrus fruits, and pink punch!


2. Floral signage

Break out from the usual venue markers and party banners -- hang some floral-themed canvas signs instead. We love the customized initials art above as they look lovely and bespoke, they're eco-friendly, and can stay up to adorn the wall all year round!


3. Pretty DIY lights

You don't need to spend a ton on beautiful lighting for your dinner party. Many of the do-it-yourself tutorials out there show us how to make lamps, lanterns, and luminaries that are easy, affordable, and elegant. Here's one botanical-inspired lighting DIY that's perfect for evening centerpieces in your backyard party.


4. Pillow talk

Pillows are so underrated when it comes to decorating! For your upcoming party, try stashing some colorful pillows on your couch, benches, hammock, or even on the floor. Great way to brighten up the room and make your guests feel comfy.

(PS. The bright orange wall art above is available here!)


5. Classy welcome

Banners and streamers are common in parties, but if you want a more understated way to decorate your dinner or brunch, try a classy wall sign instead. The one above is perfect for a nice sit-down meal: it has an elegant design paired with a merry message. And you can customize it with your own family name, too! (Available here.)


6. Fresh prints

What's spring without flowers? Sometimes, though, you just don't feel like buying bouquets that last only for a few days. Why not opt for blooms that last a lifetime -- in print? Explore some fun, floral prints on your curtains, upholstery, table runners, and yes, even on your wall art. The dining room sign above is a lovely example, filled with watercolor-inspired botanicals.


7. Wild wreath

Wreaths are a traditional springtime decoration, but for 2019, their updated versions are anything but conventional. Wild, untamed flower arrangements are adorning many venues this season, incorporating unusual elements, from snapdragons to succulents. The results are utterly gorgeous, one-of-a-kind floral accents.


8. DIY paper decor

Eco-friendly materials are much more preferred these days, so decorators are opting for paper and fabric decor in lieu of balloons and plastic streamers. The great thing about these paper supplies is that they're easy to make, cost next to nothing, and look fantastic! We're loving the pretty and elegant DIY example above.


9. A dash of giggles

For a party that's more laidback, all it takes is one lighthearted wall sign to set the mood. A funny typography print, like the one above, will elicit chuckles and make your guests feel right at home.


10. Golden greats

And for an event that calls for more pizzazz, take advantage of the 'gilded' decor trend that's been popular in recent seasons. From brass candle-holders to gold-trimmed dinnerware, these pieces add shine and sparkle to your soiree. And yes, you can DIY some of these, too! Look up "gold rimmed glasses" and you'll find instructions involving just dollar-store metallic paint!


With decor ideas like this, spring entertaining this year is looking to be charming and memorable. Which idea do you like best?

If you're craving for more spring decor ideas for your home, check out our compilation here. And for more decor options and ideas, check out the fabulous finds at GearDen.com!


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