Keep Your Home Stylish Even with Kids: 7 Clever Tips

October 29, 2023 5 min read

how to keep a stylish home with kids around - Gear Den

Dirty shoes in the hallway, toys in the living room, homework on the kitchen table -- oh my! Many parents believe that a beautiful, restful home will remain a dream as long as living with kids is the reality. The challenge is similar whether these little tenants are toddlers or teenagers.

But while it's true that having children at home entails a lot of upkeep (and we mean a lot), we propose a different perspective. A few childproof tricks can help you maintain stylish interiors while keeping your home functional and family-friendly. Try these tips!


1. Get closed storage -- and place it strategically.

Tidying up is much easier when you have closed cabinets where you can conceal all the necessary clutter. If your home is running out of closet space, add storage with pretty bins, boxes, and organizers that fit your decor style.

An equally important aspect of this is placing your storage in the most strategic spots and making it effortless for kids to access them.

For example, if shoe clutter is a constant issue in your entryway, place a shoe cabinet in there that's reachable to your little ones. If schoolwork is always dominating your dining table, provide a small desk as alternative, or dedicate a nearby drawer or a cute crate for your child to stash their paperwork in.

Bonus tip: Try assigned storage for each child -- let them know which storage unit is specifically for them. This gives them some autonomy and a sense of ownership, which can boost their desire to keep their things neat.


2. Personalize a spot just for them.

Whether it's for playing, schoolwork, or other kiddie shenanigans, it's best to have a space for your children's activities separate from your common areas. This space can be a corner of their bedroom that you demarcate with kiddie mats, shelves, and a desk. Or it can be a nook, a converted closet, or a dedicated room on its own.

The important thing is personalizing the space just for them so they embrace it as their own. Decorate it with their favorite things and other customized objects featuring their name. Once you've created their own little wonderland, you can emphasize to them that it's a dedicated area for their activities -- not the living room or dining room.

Blanket pictured above: Personalized Name Premium Child And Baby Blanket


3. Get kiddie furniture in your color palette.

Even if you have an entire playroom for your kiddos, you may still need children's furniture in the common areas of your home, such as a high chair at the dining table or a step stool in the kitchen. As these will be highly visible in your interiors, get them in a color or material that fits right in with your color scheme. It doesn't have to be too somber like dark wood or black. Try versatile neutrals like light oak with white or gray.

Bonus tip: If you want something more whimsical but still suitable for your interior design, keep the color scheme but add little kiddie touches like stickers, ribbons, or patterned upholstery. It's a balance between the overall look of the furniture and its appeal to your little ones. 


4. Invest in dirt-proof materials.

floor with doormat that says "Yes, I really need all these dogs" - Gear Den

If you have little tykes running around the house, washable paints and stain-resistant fabrics could save you a lot of pain. Start by repainting your baseboards with a washable interior paint to shield your walls from kiddie smudges. Make sure the paint is VOC-free (VOCs or volatile organic compounds are in some paints and can cause various health problems).

To protect your floors in common areas like the living room, lay down a stylish rug made of stain-resistant materials like wool, nylon, or seagrass. And to safeguard your beautiful sofas and chairs, add spill-proof slipcovers. If budget allows, you can take it a step further by reupholstering your furniture or swapping them out with indoor-outdoor pieces (which are much more durable against wear-and-tear).

Doormat pictured above: "All These Dogs" Doormat


5. Keep a spot cleaner handy.

Speaking of stains, a child-safe instant stain remover can be your best friend! An effective one can make it effortless to remove spills on your couch or carpet. Take the time to look for a stain remover that's non-toxic and VOC-free. Some brands also remove odors alongside stains -- perfect for spaghetti splatters and other child-related 'accidents.'

Wall art pictured above: "Bless This Mess" Premium Canvas


6. Replace coffee tables with ottomans.

dark moody living room with ottoman and wall art decor - Gear Den

We have a rule in our family that glass furniture should never be within reach of children, so our glass-top coffee table had to go. Luckily, we were able to replace it with a chic ottoman that became just as popular among the grownups!

Before you dismiss ottomans as ordinary footstools, know that there are endless designs out there meant to be featured as a central piece in your living room. They're as fabulous as they're versatile: soft enough for kids to run around, durable enough for everyday use, and when you have guests over, you can simply place a nice tray on your ottoman to turn it into a table surface.

Bonus tip: Lots of ottomans double as storage bins, too! Such a sneaky way to stow more linens and supplies.

Wall art pictured above: "This Is Us - Our Life, Our Story, Our Home" Premium Panoramic Canvas


7. Decorate with the kiddos!

One of the best ways to teach your kids about tidiness and style is to engage them in the decorating process. Ask for their opinions here and there, or let them arrange some of your home accessories. When they feel like they're part of the process, it can give them a some sense of responsibility over the result, so they'll be more inclined to keep the room neat and clean.

You don't have to relinquish full control to them though. Try little prompts like "Which of these two cushions do you like better?" or "Would you like to decorate the mantel for Thanksgiving?" Thank them for their input and praise the finished (tidy) look of the room. Your positive reinforcement can go a long way!


We hope these child-friendly decor tips are helpful to you! What advice would you add? Write a comment below!

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