Real Homes with Fab Decor, Pt. 6 (Plus Great Styling Tips!)

July 19, 2023 6 min read

minimalist bedroom, romantic bedroom, beige walls, couple wall art -- real homes decorated by Gear Den customers

Sometimes, the home decor inspiration we need is not from those larger-than-life mansions and celebrity estates, but from real homes -- places that are truly lived in, full of household memories, and styled on a realistic budget.

That's why we love looking at the reviews sent in by our customers at Gear Den! These customer photos give us a glimpse into homes that have their own sense of style amid the practicality of daily life. We've even found some great decor tricks here!

Thank you to everyone who've given us their feedback and photos. Stay stylish and savvy!


1. Rustic farmhouse bedroom

Farmhouse style remains dominant in American homes, and this bedroom by Shelley S. is giving all the homey feels. From the wood pallet accent wall, to the distressed finish on the furniture, all the way to the plaid throw, it checks all the rustic country essentials.

Real home decor tip: Love barn-style decor but want to modernize it? Balance your rustic elements with large doses of white or neutrals. Shelley's bedroom above keeps everything moderated with a clean white ceiling and white walls.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Loved You Then, Love You Still" Panoramic Canvas


2. Console combo

We love a curated console table! Linda V. shows elegance and restraint in putting together a few accessories to complete this small tabletop. To us, this is the perfect amount of decor -- and the perfect colors -- for this corner.

Real home decor tip: Layering is key to prevent home decor from looking flat and boring. Notice how Linda's table has a background layer (the wall art) and a foreground layer (the vase with red flowers). Think about how you can overlap the items on your display shelf or sideboard to create a well-arranged, dimensional look.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "This Is Us" With Names On Background Premium Canvas


3. Stylish neutral bedroom

This minimalist yet romantic bedroom is gorgeous! Sent by Yelena S., this space reveals multiple secrets to elevate the look of beige walls.

One, be deliberate about the decor you choose for your space. In other words, have an overall vision and don't just get what looks pretty. Two, don't overwhelm the room with clutter and too much ornamentation. Leave lots of visual space to keep the look airy and spacious. And three, add a touch of texture in the room. A couple of shaggy throw pillows and a contrasting rug really uplift the look of this space!

Real home decor tip: Yet another pro tip we can glean from this picture is symmetry in styling. The matching mirrors, nightstands, and lamps on either side of the bed gives the impression that the room is put-together, not just a group of random objects.

Wall art pictured above: "You Keep Me Safe, I'll Keep You Wild" Premium Canvas


4. Autumnal display

Abigail C. sent us this photo of her pretty hallway from the fall season. She transformed a plain gray wall into an inviting feature in her home! The variety of small accessories provide lots of detail and dimension without looking crammed into the space.

Real home decor tip: This hallway has a fantastic mix of decorative items, but they all look cohesive together. The secret? Sticking to a color scheme! In this corner, it's all about gray, white, and shades of orange. Even Abigail looks color-coordinated with the space!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Family... Love" Premium Canvas


5. Dining room with a view

In this dining room, Carmen L. takes advantage of her generous outdoor view by positioning her dining table parallel to the windows. The rest of the room is simple and streamlined, suitably letting the view take centerstage.

Real home decor tip: If you have an open-floor layout and want to somehow distinguish your dining area from the rest of the space, a rug and a wall art might just do the trick! Note how, in the photo above, the dining set is 'enclosed' by the area rug, and the wall decor is perfectly aligned with the table. This creates a sense of grouping, signaling to guests that this area is a 'room' in itself.

Wall art pictured above: "Food, Family, Love" Premium Canvas


6. Porch wall art

Wall art on your porch? Why not! Jabbar C. shares this simple way to spruce up that entrance façade. There are only two decorative items in this photo, but that personalized canvas print can already catch the eye of guests and spark tons of conversations!

Real home decor tip: If you like the idea of hanging wall art on your patio, deck, or front stoop, protect the artwork with enough roofing and shade. It's best to keep the piece away from rain, moisture, and direct sunlight. And of course, opt for low-maintenance canvas prints instead of delicate glass-framed pictures.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "This Is Us" With Names On Background Premium Canvas


7. Black-and-white Americana

How homey is this dining area by Peggy S.! It's a lovely Americana take on the farmhouse style of decorating. We're loving the quaint wallpaper border, the antique-looking sideboard, and the perfect gingham table runner. So nostalgic!

Real home decor tip: Black, white, and gray may sound like a boring color combo, but Peggy made it look wonderful! The variety of materials and textures make this space feel inviting despite the monochromatic color scheme.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Family" Names On Tree Premium Canvas


8. Turquoise table

Debbie M. nicely combines the whimsical and the relaxing at this corner of her home. The turquoise table and seahorse figurines signal a beach theme without being too on-the-nose. She completes the scene with a calming artwork and soft lighting for a serene coastal vibe.

Real home decor tip: Sometimes, one piece of statement furniture is all the color you need! Debbie's painted table above is a wonderful pop of blue-green against all the neutral things around it. And it works -- this decor vignette really catches your eye without going overboard.

Wall art pictured above: "Just Breathe" Inspirational Premium Canvas


9. Elegant hallway

We're fans of home decorators who transform awkward spots into decor moments, so we love this hallway corner in Richard B.'s home. This wall may not have enough space for a 'standard-sized' wall art, so Richard picked an artwork with a vertical orientation. The piece looks (ahem) right at home!

Real home decor tip: Long narrow artworks are a thing, and they just might be the perfect pieces for that unusual wall in your interiors. Check out our collection of panoramic artworks at Gear Den, which would fit that sliver of wall above your bed or that skinny wall in your hallway.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Name "Home" Premium Panoramic Canvas


10. Light-up planters

We can't not include this photo from Matini M., featuring her dining room wall art flanked by light-up wall planters! Those planters function as cute sconces that not only add cheer to this space but also some well-placed accent lighting.

Real home decor tip: You know what's better than wall art? Wall art with side accents! If you have enough space on the wall, complement your hanging picture with a pair of sconces or wall ornaments like Matini did above. This trick creates dimension that 'lifts' the flat wall picture and makes it stand out. For more tips, read our blog post on pairing wall art with other objects.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Bless The Food, Family, Love" Premium Canvas


11. Bonus: Unique window decor

And finally, take note of this fabulous window sent in by Patricia T.! Her home has a lovely facade to begin with, but it really stands out with that customized metal sign crafted with their household name. Great alternative to house number signs, don't you think?

Real home decor tip: Yes, you can get your own custom metal wall decor! From family name signs for your entryway, to "Mr. & Mrs." metalcraft for your bedroom, to silly bathroom wall hangings, we have them at Gear Den. Browse our metal decor collection here!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Tree Of Life" Custom Metal Sign


What do you think of these wonderfully real homes? Which one did you like most? We can't choose just one!

If you want to see more of these customer homes and decor tips, read our previous blog post in this series. Or you can see all Gear Den customer reviews here -- they're all so lovely!

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