15 Baby Shower Gift Ideas: Cute, Useful, and Affordable

July 22, 2023 5 min read

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Baby showers may be all about anticipating the littlest member of the family, but baby shower gifts are really for the expecting mom and dad. Whether they're new to parenthood or already experienced parents, they'll appreciate presents that they can use in parenting, or gifts that have a personal meaning to them. At the same time, if you're the gift-giver, you definitely want budget-friendly options that don't look cheap.

Here are fantastic baby shower gifts that check everything you're looking for: personally meaningful, relevant to parenthood, and each under $60! Click on the Gear Den images below to shop these gifts.


1. Personalized floral baby blanket

This baby blankie isn't just pretty, it's soft and warm, too -- perfect for mom, dad, and baby to snuggle in. The best part? It's customizable with the name of the little one. How special is that? For an even better present, give this blanket together with the matching pillow below. It's also customizable!

Blanket pictured above: Personalized Name Premium Child And Baby Blanket

Starts at $39.95


Pillow pictured above: Personalized Name Pillow With Floral Print

Starts at $26.95


2. Family tree artwork

Your recipients are anticipating not only their baby but also the growth of their family. Gift them with an updated family tree art print that celebrates this. Above, our family tree canvas print is customizable with any names and text you want in the design. It also comes pre-stretched over wood-frame backing so it's ready to hang. If you want more designs, browse our family tree collection here!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Names On Tree Premium Canvas

Starts at $39.95


3. Baby booties

Infant wear is such a practical item to gift, and baby shoes in particular are really affordable. You'll want to pick ones that are soft, warm, breathable, and hypoallergenic. They come for as low as $10, so get a few pairs in various colors and styles!


4. "I Prayed for This Child" wall art

This wall sign is incredibly meaningful, especially to parents who've been trying for a baby for a while. The Bible verse from 1 Samuel 1:27 is the perfect wall quote for the child's nursery, so in our canvas print above, we've designed the quote in soft calligraphy style. Your recipient just might tear up when they unwrap this gift at the baby shower!

Wall art pictured above: "I Prayed For This Child" Premium Canvas

Starts at $44.95


5. Nursing cover/Breastfeeding scarf

A multipurpose nursing scarf is super-useful in providing mom some privacy when breastfeeding. It can be used as a car seat cover and a burp rag, too! Infinity nursing scarves easily cost under $40 online, but you can make this yourself! Sewing this gift gives you the opportunity to personalize it as well. We found an easy DIY tutorial for a nursing cover from savvy mamma Jennie Masterson.


6. "More Than We Expected" wall art

"You are more than we ever expected and better than we ever imagined." What a lovely message to dedicate to a child! This message can remain displayed in the child's bedroom as they grow up, reminding them through the years how loved they are.

Our wall print above is customizable with the name of the special little girl or boy. Alternatively, you can fill it with an endearing nickname or a cute phrase for the baby.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "More Than Expected" Kid's Premium Canvas

Starts at $39.95


7. Baby's soft book

Soft books, also known as quiet books or fabric books, are a simple collection of colorful pages made of cloth, specifically for babies and toddlers. They offer similar benefits as real books but without the hard edges and rough corners of those traditional reading materials.

You can find so many varieties of cloth books online, from sensory activity books to fabric-printed photo albums. They go as low as $6 each. Or, if you're into sewing, you can make one yourself! There are tons of tutorials online, such as this one from the Spoonflower blog.


8. "No Ugly Children" funny mug

Now here's a funny gift for dad at the baby shower! This may look like a simple mug, but it bears an important message: "No matter what life throws at you, at least you don't have ugly children." Great for bringing out chuckles at the party -- and any time he grabs his much-needed coffee.

Drinkware pictured above: "No Matter What" Mug

Starts at $14.99


9. Baby carrier sling

A baby sling or baby carrier is one of the most useful items you can gift at a baby shower. However, lots of parents buy this for themselves, too, so you may want to check beforehand if your recipient already has one. Prices for baby slings start at around $20, but don't just get the cheapest one -- get a budget-friendly carrier that has top-notch reviews in safety and comfort.


10. Personalized family truck wall art

Celebrate the growth of the family with an artwork that's cute enough for the nursery! Our whimsical "hearts delivery" pastel print above is customizable so you can put all the family members' names -- including the incoming little one's -- in the print. You can even personalize the number on the road sign to show the family's new size.

This art piece comes in a variety of themes, but we highly recommend the "Color" variant (shown above) for its springtime colors and cute birds in the design. Pretty for anywhere in the house, especially the baby's room!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Pickup Truck & Names On Hearts" Premium Canvas

Starts at $44.95


12. Personalized unicorn baby blanket

Every little angel deserves some unicorn magic. Our unicorn baby blanket above is perfect with its magical starry design and customizable name print in the center. Plus, it's made of premium sherpa fleece, which is super-soft, warm, and easy to wash. This gift will be so loved by both child and parents!

Blanket pictured above: Personalized Name Premium Unicorn Blanket

Starts at $54.95


13. Mom care package

The best care package for an expecting mom is one that incorporates her favorite self-care items: her preferred toiletry brands, bath scents, calming rituals, and the like. You can likely find a gift set for under $50, but if not, simply assemble one yourself! Our top items to include are a non-toxic moisturizer, organic soaps, hand towels, and a handy water tumbler. 


14. Personalized "They Are My Kids" wall art

This pastel-colored artwork features a lovely parenting quote alongside the names of all the children in the family (you can include the incoming baby's name in the design). It's perfect for the kids' shared bedroom, but can also be a wonderful piece for the family room, living room, or hallway.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "They Are The Beat Of My Heart" Premium Canvas

Starts at $44.95 


15. Personalized family photo pillow

Welcoming a newborn entails a lot of cushions! A child-safe pillow is a practical gift which mom can use as maternity support or as additional cushioning for her little angel. Even though a pillow is an everyday item, you can make it extra-special by personalizing it with the family's details. Above, our custom family photo pillow features a family pic in the design.

You can also find other pillow designs on Gear Den. All our pillows use long-lasting water-based inks with no VOCs, meaning they're safe for infant use.

Pillow pictured above: Personalized Photo Pillow "Family... Love"

Starts at $26.95


We hope you found your ideal baby shower gift in this list! If you need more ideas, check out our blog post on child-friendly nursery decor. Or if you want to browse and shop, head over to GearDen.com for tons of customizable gifts such as wall art, blankets, and pillows!

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