10 of the Cutest, Child-friendliest Decor for Nursery or Kid's Room

November 22, 2019 4 min read

nursery decor child's room decor

We want nothing but the best environment for our little ones to grow up in. If it were possible to sing them the sweetest lullabies every night and pad our entire house with cushions, we probably would! For now, we can only ensure that their childhood bedrooms and playrooms are safe, calm, and happy. It doesn't hurt for their nursery to be stylish, too!

Here are some of the sweetest, most child-friendly decor pieces that both your child and you will love.


1. Modern baby mobile

It's wonderful that today's baby mobiles aren't just adorable for our infants, but aesthetically pleasing for adults, too! The minimalist woodland mobile above, crafted by creative mom Ceci Bean, is so chic, even grownups will admire it. On the other end of the spectrum is the fully-blossoming floral chandelier below, also a DIY, this time by mom blogger Julia.


2. Personal star art

Of the endless wall art designs for nurseries, the best ones are those that are personalized. After all, this is a special room dedicated to a precious little person. The "Twinkle Twinkle" canvas print above is one of our ultimate favorites -- it doesn't just have a sweet design, it's printed with your baby's name and birth date, too!


3. Birth blanket

This personalized baby blanket is one of the most well-loved products on Gear Den, primarily because it's completely customized with the details of the baby's birth! You can print your little one's name, birth date and time, size, and weight on it. Plus, you can choose from various themes that suit girls and boys -- like "Forest Smiles" and "Baby Blue."

PS. This also makes a fantastic gift for new parents, baby dedication, or baby's first birthday!


4. Unicorn baby blanket

If you're looking for a similar blanket with a less busy design, the personalized unicorn blanket above may just be perfect. It's printed with your little tot's name, on a serene, pastel-hued background of unicorn and stars. Whimsical enough to delight your child, but also soft and warm enough for bedtime.


5. Headboard of dreams

It's such a brilliant idea to spruce up your little tyke's headboard, like in the nautical-themed bedroom above. This shows us that a padded headboard is not only helpful to avoid bumping accidents, it's also like a blank canvas that you can design to match your child's imagination. With a little wood, foam, and creativity, you can craft this fixture by bedtime!

Bonus tip: It really helps to pick a theme when decorating your child's bedroom. This guides you on what decor to buy or make. Plus, if your toddler is old enough to have interests, you can pick the room's theme with them and they'll surely love it!


6. Sports sign

Speaking of your child's interests, how about a wall art piece that puts their name on their favorite hobby -- literally? The baseball-themed custom wall sign above would be perfect for a little tyke who's starting to enjoy the sport. They'd be thrilled to see their name starring on the canvas, and that's why this piece is a customer favorite on Gear Den!


7. "We have everything" wall quote

This one is another well-loved decor item on Gear Den, and for plenty of reasons. It's more than just a personalized family wall quote -- it encapsulates the beautiful story of your family, from mom and dad's wedding date, to the kids' birth dates. The soft pastel design makes it appropriate for a young child's space.

Hang this in your child's bedroom as a love letter to your little one, filling the space with the affection and belonging of your family.


8. Favorite pillow

Every child has a favorite plushie that they carry around with them everywhere, but this huggable custom name pillow could just take its place! It features your child's name front and center, in lovely calligraphy and surrounded by watercolor-inspired florals. The design is dainty enough for kids, but it's also so elegant that you can even get matching pillows for a mommy-and-me bedroom.


9. God-given art

If you're a parent who has prayed hard for the gift of your child, this Biblical nursery wall quote is made for your household. It's a perfect expression of the happiness and gratitude around the youngest member of your family. Hang this in the nursery as a simple but meaningful crown jewel -- a constant blessing over your child's head as they sleep and play. 

This canvas print also makes a great present to a prayerful family on their child's dedication or baptism.


10. Rabbit rug

As parents, we always try to ensure that our little tots don't fall hard on the floor, that's why kiddie mats and rugs are essential. However, you don't have to be stuck with those store-bought rubber mats that always end up all over the place in your house. There are plenty of DIY kiddie rugs that are not only soft but classy-looking as well! We love this cute yet chic rabbit rug made by crafter Jessica Abbott -- so easy to make, it doesn't even require sewing!


Ready to decorate that nursery? We share your excitement! There are plenty of decor items you'll love at GearDen.com -- check it out!

And if you're looking to redecorate the bedroom of your older child (school-age or teenager), we also have wall art tips for you here!

Cheers to stylish parenting!

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