15 Artwork Gifts Your Child Will Love

May 08, 2019 4 min read

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An ingenious tip for parents: to encourage kids to keep their rooms clean and tidy, engage them in decorating it! Children develop a better sense of ownership and responsibility when they personally like the things they have. So when it's time to redecorate a little girl's bedroom, or when you're picking a gift for your teenage son, choose a nice piece of decor or art that you know they'll love. Check out these excellent picks.


1. Custom portrait

Pictures in frames may eventually feel boring to a child, so breathe new life into kids' portraits by having them done in attractive, fantastical styles. There are numerous artists you can find online who offer custom portrait services, such as this super-pretty watercolor art by Jennifer Ramirez on Behance.


2. Snuggle buddy

Having a cuddly pet can be a child's greatest joy. Maximize their snuggle time by throwing in a blanket featuring your furry baby! This custom pet portrait blanket is an awesome gift for kids to use on their beds, in the car, and pretty much everywhere else.


3. Good-night art

Want to introduce your child to the fine arts? We found a really cool idea: turn beautiful paintings into night lamps that your child can admire! There are ready-made nightlights like these ones sold online, but you can also use your creativity (and laser printer) to make these yourself.


4. Perfect pitch

If your child is crazy about a sport, you're probably no stranger to their posters of athletes and sports teams. Swap out some of these for a more stylish artwork that still reflects a sporty spirit. The personalized baseball art above is a great example -- it literally puts your child's name in the game!


5. Cheer power

Speaking of sports, cheerleading is life -- for many teens, at least. You can't pass up the chance to gift your teenager with a personalized pep piece, especially when celebrating their school achievement, athletic award, or birthday.


6. Braver, stronger, smarter

Words of motivation can do wonders to a child's self-esteem, which is why it's a lovely idea to find an appropriate, easy-to-remember quote and display it as wall decor. The custom motivational art above catches the eye with its youthful typography and your child's own name in the print.


7. Literary stars

What's your child's favorite book? Take a cue from their literary friends and look for decorative items featuring them! For instance, this star projector lamp featuring "The Little Prince" is a delightful combination of literature, art, and imagination.


8. Dandelion dreams

This beautiful image quote is a hit among teens and young adults. The inspirational line, the pretty backdrop, and the soft overall aesthetic add a nice optimistic touch to any room. This artwork makes a great present for birthdays and graduations, or even as a "Have fun in college" dorm room gift.


9. Tiny surprise

How cute are these tiny cat decals? They're adorable little surprises when positioned at unexpected places, like by a light switch or a power outlet. Plus, they continue to amuse at night as they're glow-in-the-dark. These kitty stickers are perfect small 'treats' for children of all ages. (Even we grownups want them!)


10. Curious creature

Decorating a toddler's room or a playroom? Say hello to this adorable animal photo print! The whimsical image of a friendly giraffe peeking into a window can spark your child's appreciation of animals and may quickly turn into one of your child's favorites.


11. To the moon and back

A sweet bedtime artwork can transform your child's room into a peaceful haven. If this is your goal, pick out a wall art in soothing shades of blue, combined with a reassuring message or quote. "I love you to the moon and back" is a perfect example.


12. Golden YOLO

"You Only Live Once" is like a new Golden Rule among teens. If your child is a believer of this motto, or if they're just fond of trendy acronyms, they won't be able to resist this funky yet classy YOLO wall art. Word of caution though: parental guidance is recommended when the YOLO attitude is in play.


13. Straighten your crown

"Remember whose daughter you are and straighten your crown." Such a fabulous message for a girl to remember! It's a picker-upper when she feels unsure, uncool, or stressed. And when this reminder is printed on a pretty floral wall art, it can easily be one of the best elements in a young lady's room or study.


14. Fairy kisses

For younger ladies (i.e. small children), a more whimsical wall art may suit their taste better. Break out of the box (or frame) and go for a cute set of wall stickers, like the butterfly fairy decal above. Spend an afternoon with your child sticking this dreamy scene all over their wall, and see its 'magic' in your little one's smile.


15. Their own artwork!

What better to decorate your kid's room with than their own art? Whether it's an 'abstract' finger painting by your toddler, or a song lyric doodle by your teen, you can find gems among their paper piles. Turn these into framed masterpieces or even full galleries, and surprise your child with their own brilliance. (Some DIY ideas here.)


What do you think of these children's decor suggestions? We think they're wonderful and we're trying them out in our own rooms!

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