Funny Wall Art That Shows What Your Family Is Really Like

May 10, 2019 3 min read

funny family home wall signs

Here's an underrated element that makes for memorable, crowd-pleasing home decor: humor. At Gear Den, we've seen plenty of wall art and canvas pieces over the years, but nothing has the effect quite like funny, silly, and utterly relatable wall signs. Guests come into the room, see the funny quote on the wall, and their chuckles instantly brighten the mood of the place.

So for your next home decorating, dare to bare some of the most authentic quirks of your crazy, wonderful family. How about Dad's toilet jokes or Aunt Debbie's proclivity for 10 am cocktails? Here are some examples of hilarious family wall art that are endearing and just on the verge of embarrassing.


1. Southern hospitality

You know how to make your guests feel cozy during a meal? Forget the stuffy formalities and let your personality flow! This dining room canvas print is literally inviting, complete with that carefree "y'all" that just makes everyone feel so at home.


2. Dirty dishes

With great dinner comes great responsibility -- namely, the used dishes that are left in the kitchen, piling up into a mountain of sighs. This funny kitchen wall sign should help lighten that burden. Unfortunately, it can only offer chortles and not exemptions from dishwashing duty.


3. Sweet and snarky

This one had us in stitches. (Ha!) The quaint art of the cross-stitch, rendered here in sweet pastel hues, can be used to deliver a loving slap in the face. Hang this in your family room, or present it to your dear sibling who cheerfully tortured you with insults all throughout your tender years. (Thanks to "full-time tea drinker" Ruth Cartwright for this hand-sewn gem.)


4. Cocktails on the porch

Say what you will about that crazy lady sitting on your porch with sangria in hand, but at the end of the day, you're related to her! Wave the family flag loud and proud by displaying this hilarious wall sign celebrating your kin's zany, alcohol-fueled tendencies.


5. Happy hour

A friendly reminder to those who bring their work everywhere, from those who bring bad influence to anyone: Stop looking at those spreadsheets -- your beer's getting warm! May this cheeky canvas print serve as your inspiration at your apartment, home bar, or den.


6. No to bathroom selfies

Tired of your teen hogging the bathroom as they take dozens of selfies? Put your foot down on your "No selfie" policy! Hang this canvas print right beside the mirror to guilt them to obedience.


7. Wash your hands for Jesus

Speaking of bathroom rules, this one just cannot be stressed enough. Germs are everywhere and Jesus is watching, so everyone better practice good hygiene. Your guests may likely chuckle when they see this toilet sign, but you didn't refill that handsoap dispenser for nothing!


8. Age of magnificence

What family doesn't give each other backhanded compliments every now and then? Old-people jokes are a staple during your family birthdays, so why not turn those into a piece of art? The floral wall decor above is a perfect gift not just for grandparents (who are actually already magnificent), but also for anyone in your family whose age you're taking a jab at.


9. Pet menagerie

How much do you love dogs? Let us count the pawprints. Some people may find all that fallen fur annoying, but no, you would not exchange your furry babies for anything, thank you very much. Hang this personalized pet wall sign where guests can immediately see it, so they don't have to question you anymore.


10. Do not disturb

The devil is in the details, as they say. This little door hanger may look innocent, but it bears a stark message from sweet mommy: "Wake my baby and I'll cut you." A subtle yet necessary reminder for the nursery, and one that sleepless moms everywhere can stand behind.


11. 'Nice', 'normal' family

Guests coming over? Quick, act normal! They're not ready yet for your family's secret talents, unbelievable histories, and weird heirlooms. Maybe warn them a little bit with this funny family wall sign. You can even personalize it with your family name so you can really own all that craziness.


What do you think of these wall pieces? We ourselves can relate to a few of these! We've also gathered more of these laugh-out-loud signs in a compilation here. And, for more wall decor ideas for your home of shenanigans, browse the cute designs at!



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