Thanksgiving 2019: Here are 25 Tangible Things to be Grateful For

November 27, 2019 7 min read

things to be thankful for

Thanksgiving Day has evolved from being a historical commemoration to an annual celebration of gratefulness. Whether you're marking this day with family, friends, or your own good company, we're with you in celebrating the numerous gifts and good fortunes you've enjoyed this year. In fact, we think this is the perfect time to literally count your blessings!

To start you off, here's a roundup of some specific, concrete things to be thankful for -- things that we may experience every day but are really minor miracles, things that seem ordinary but make life sweeter anyway. Read on and let the good vibes roll!


1. A nice, warm bath

There's nothing like a warm soak or shower to refresh and re-energize our spirits. The best part? It's basically free!


2. Little cheap treats that you love

Maybe it's a low-calorie chocolate bar that actually tastes heavenly. Or a bunch of fragrant blooms from a local flower shop. It might even be a household item that oddly brings you joy (we're personally enthusiastic about using a new scrubber!). Whatever affordable thing brightens your day, aren't you glad you have access to it?


3. When your kids demonstrate what you've taught them

Little moments with your children that you should appreciate: When they hug you. When they say "Please" and "Thank you" and "I'm sorry." When they show kindness towards people and animals. Moments like this may seem small, but they are absolutely significant. They show that you have taught your children well and that they are growing up to be wonderful persons.

Blanket pictured above: Personalized Premium Baby Blanket


4. Commendable workers

The world would be so much more frustrating if workers around us didn't do their jobs right. Thank goodness for competent, efficient, and honest workers! Caregivers, street cleaners, restaurant servers, garbage collectors, retail staff, construction builders -- there are so many of them that we encounter every day. Don't forget to say thank you for them -- and to them -- when you get the chance.


5. Helpful coworkers

Likewise, our own trusted coworkers often make our life easier, whether by contributing positively to a task or simply helping us troubleshoot the copier. It's a nice thing to let them know we're thankful.

Looking for a present for a wonderful coworker? See our top gift suggestions for every occupation, here and here.


6. Your comfy bed

Ahh... to be able to plop down on a soft, warm bed at the end of the day, and to laze around in it on Sunday mornings. This ordinary piece of furniture is a godsend.

Blanket pictured above: Personalized Family Name Teal Blanket


7. Helpful things your partner does

When we've been living with our husband, wife, or partner for a while, we tend to overlook the nice things they do for us. We're not just talking about their jobs, either. We're talking about the household chores they perform, the fixes they make around the house, their assistance with the kids, how they take care of us when we're sick, and so many more! Take time to notice these things and express gratitude for them.


8. Reliable professionals

Where would we be without our trusted family doctors, accountants, real estate agents, lawyers, and teachers? This season of thankfulness is a great time to send them a little thank-you for their accommodating and reliable service.


9. Comfort food (and the joy of cooking it)

Hot chicken soup on a cold winter day? Grilled cheese sandwiches just when you're craving them? These dishes may be simple and common, but they make us feel right at home, like we are where we're supposed to be and that everything will be alright. And when you find yourself enjoying the process of making these foods -- well, you're pretty much set for life.


10. Loving grandparents

From giving us advice on life and love, to stuffing us full with their delicious home-cooked meals, our grandmas and grandpas are a precious gift that we have a limited time to cherish. Let's express our appreciation and gratitude to them every chance we get.

Need tips on what to get your grandparents this holiday season? Try our gift ideas here.


11. How-to blogs

Admit it: Several times over the course of your adult life, you've turned to the internet for practical guidance, be it on fixing a leaky faucet or dealing with your child's messy habits. Honestly, even we at Gear Den would be lost without our go-to home decor blogs. So here's to the experts who share their knowledge for free, the creative minds who give us step-by-step DIY tutorials, and the bloggers who share their solutions for real-world dilemmas. Cheers to you!


12. Coffee (or your fuel of choice)

Let's take a moment to thank the high heavens for the existence of good coffee -- or whatever it is that keeps you running during those hectic days. Can you imagine what modern life would be like without it?


13. Those early mornings when everything is still peaceful

There are days that start out perfectly: You wake up feeling well-rested, the kids are still asleep, the house is quiet, and the world is still dewy and crisp. These moments are magical. Be in them. Don't rush to your hustle. Pause, immerse in the beautiful calm, and you'll realize that this day is indeed a fresh start.

PS. If you want to experience this morning miracle more often, we found doable tips to become a morning person, here.


14. Holidays

Everyone needs a break from the daily grind. No matter what your holiday looks like -- staying in bed all day, a trip to somewhere nice, a day that's free from household duties -- take full advantage of it! Rest days are not a luxury but a necessity. When it's time to come back to your routine, you'll have been reinvigorated to do well at your work.


15. Artwork that you like

Beauty is like a vitamin for the soul. When you see or hear or experience something beautiful, it instantly lightens your mood. Thank God art is everywhere around us today! From museums to street performances and even to home decor, there is no shortage of beauty for us to enjoy.

Wall art pictured above: "Frozen Forest Trees" Premium Canvas


16. Your pets!

Nothing beats coming home to a happy wagging tail or a sweet snuggle from our fur babies. We humans may be the ones taking care of our pets, but they give back to us pure joy and companionship. Definitely something to include in our Thanksgiving celebration.

Pillow pictured above: "All You Need Is Love And A Dog" Personalized Pet Pillow


17. A song that gets you pumped

There's that one song that gets your head bobbing when the beat comes on. Or that one song whose lyrics personally motivate you. Or that one song that simply makes you smile. Isn't it amazing how music is powerful and free and infinite?


18. Your best friend's latest good deed

We're all thankful for our best friends, but we think it's nice to recall one episode in particular where your pal lent you a hand. It may be something small like loaning you her jacket, or something substantial like assisting you through financial troubles. Pinpointing a specific experience helps remind you of how blessed you really are to have this person as your friend. Don't forget to thank them!


19. Your reliable clothes (and being able to donate some)

When we really look through our closet and do some wardrobe auditing, we'll realize that there are a handful of "go-to" clothing items that have never failed us. Maybe a black shirt, a trusty pair of jeans, or a versatile pair of shoes. These are lifesavers!

But you know what's better? That we have clothes we no longer use and can give to charity. Try checking your wardrobe tonight and you'll likely see that you have an overabundance of blessings that you can pay forward.


20. Social gatherings you enjoy

There are parties and events we'd rather skip, then there are gatherings we actually look forward to. Perhaps it's a lovely dinner that you're excited to host. Or maybe it's coffee with a good friend. Or a fun, family-friendly afternoon at the park. Having a healthy, enjoyable social life is a boon for our emotional and spiritual wellness.


21. Family dinners

Have you ever sat at the dinner table with your family, having a good conversation going, with everyone participating and just being at home -- and thought, "I love these people so much"? That's a precious gift. Notice it more often and cherish it.


22. When your package arrives early

If you're an online shopper, you know that feeling of tense anticipation between checkout and finally receiving your item. So when the package arrives at your doorstep sooner than you expected, it's a happy little surprise! It doesn't even matter what's in the box -- just the unexpected joy is enough to get you giddy. Be thankful for this, and of course, for the online merchants that ship your items quickly and safely!


23. Your home

Let not a Thanksgiving Day pass by without remembering that the roof over our head is one of the realest blessings anyone can have. We may have complaints about mortgages and landlords or even about living with other people, but at the end of the day, it's a feat in these challenging times to have a safe, secure, and comfortable environment to live in.


24. Productive streaks

Some days, you're just on a roll! Finishing tasks here and there, solving problems, accomplishing goals on time, and even helping others with their activities. It feels really, really good to be productive. In the midst of all this, take a few moments to pause -- be grateful for the energy and skills you've acquired and applied.


25. Glimpses of love

Sweet nothings from your spouse. Kisses from your kids. Genuine laughter with friends. Kindness from strangers. These are but some of the endless moments of love that are around us every day. When we notice these things, we open ourselves to the realization that the world is a beautiful place -- it just needs more manifestations of love.


These are only 25 things to spark gratefulness and positivity. We'd definitely love to hear your additions! Share with us in the comments about the things you're thankful for!

And from all of us here at Gear Den, thank you so much for being our home-and-lifestyle buddies (even if it's just virtually). Wishing you and your family a bountiful and joyful Thanksgiving!

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