10 More Gift Ideas By Occupation: Unique Job-Related Presents

August 20, 2019 4 min read

gift ideas tips by occupation

Is gift-hunting getting tricky? You're not alone with this feeling! Sometimes, we feel paralyzed when seeing a wide variety of gift items, and other times, we just have no idea what options there are.

When looking for a perfect present, one of our favorite tips here at Gear Den is to consider items that are related to the recipient's job. Is there a tool they need or could really use? Is there an object that could make them smile during their workday? How about an item that reflects their passion for their profession?

We've already rounded up some fantastic gift suggestions for teachers, doctors, artists, and more -- see them here. Now, here's a fresh new batch of gift ideas based on various occupations. See if you can finally pick a great present for your loved one's birthday, anniversary, or job promotion!


1. For the office worker

Clerks, secretaries, and customer service reps are some of the most common occupations in the US, so chances are, a few of your friends hold these desk jobs. Brighten their weekdays with something hilarious, relatable, and may or may not be safe for work. A funny, sarcastic cross-stitch sampler is something they could sneak in as cubicle decor. See some naughty examples here.


2. For the animal expert

Veterinarians, pet handlers, and animal scientists are so underrated! At the very least, they deserve a token for their important work with our pets and wildlife. The cute animal-themed pillow above is a smile-inducing decor that can go well in their office or clinic.


3. For the lifestyle maven

Is your loved one a lifestyle guru, jet-setter, blogger, or influencer? We have to say, with all the travels and perks they get, their job sounds like a dream already. Still, they'll always have room for a meaningful gift! The watercolor-inspired wall art above sums up the good life that you are celebrating with them.


4. For the advocate/community worker

Whether they influence government leaders on environmental policies, or personally go on field to aid disadvantaged communities, social justice advocates help make the world a better place. If you're lucky enough to know someone with an advocacy, give them a present that supports their cause. A good idea would be donating directly to their organization, or putting together a charity drive for their benefit.

If you'd like to give something more personal, though, go with a symbolic item like the "Tree of Life" necklace above.


5. For the creative maker

Do you have a friend or family who's skilled at making things -- and making a killing out of it? Whether they craft baubles or make soaps or bake pastries or knit scarves, something amazing always springs from their hands. Which is why the "Happiness is homemade" print above is a fab gift for them! This wall art would be perfect for their studio or kitchen, don't you think?


6. For the sales-savvy

If your friend works in business, real estate, retail, or any other sales profession, you know that they continually hone their selling skills. You can help out by gifting them with a powerful bestseller regarding their work. Better yet, buy them a subscription to a helpful podcast or an advanced training course. This small present is something they can listen to on their downtime, but can ultimately end up being a great boost to their career.


7. For the swimmer/boater

Water wizards come in various shapes and sizes: fishers, divers, lifeguards, swimming coaches, and more. You know something that would be really useful to them? A towel! We suggest making this practical gift so much more special by personalizing it. With Gear Den's towel customization, you can have the towel printed with a great photo of your loved one -- or a silly pic of their dog, if you prefer!


8. For the law enforcer

Good police officers and other law enforcement agents are crucial in society, so if your family member is one, you have every reason to be proud of their honest work. Let them know this. Display a proud police artwork that lets them know their family fully supports them, motivating them to keep doing well in their job.


9. For the soldier

How do you even pick a gift for someone who puts their life on the line every day? If someone in your family serves in the Army, your words of love and support are always essential. You know you should tell them such words every chance you get. In addition, you can surprise them with this proud Army artwork next time they come home.


10. For dad

In our earlier post, we picked a lovely present for moms, as their motherhood is an important job, too. This time, we'd love to honor amazing fathers everywhere with this simple, sweet token: a personalized Dad pillow. Customize this with your own family photo and watch out for manly tears when your dad unwraps this special present.


We hope our suggestions helped your gift-hunting! What occupations and gift ideas would you add to this list? Tell us in a comment!

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