Get The Look: Interior Tips To Copy from Instagram's Famous Homes

July 22, 2019 5 min read

Instagram famous homes interiors style

For many of us decor fans, Instagram can be a scrolling wonderland of beautiful living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Tons of interior designers, architects, and tastemakers use this photo-sharing site to show off their beautiful abodes -- and consequently inspire envy among the rest of us.

But that's a good thing, because now, we can mine their posts for fantastic home decorating ideas that we can apply to our own houses! Here, we've done a bit of footwork for you. Check out these copycat tricks from some of IG's most Liked posts.


1. Beyond bath

Art in the bathroom? Architectural Digest approves! This sparse but luxe bathtub area shows that just one or two decor pieces are enough when curated with taste.
Home decor tip 1: Monochromatic doesn't mean boring. This black-and-white color scheme is especially marvelous for spaces where you want to relax, like the bath or the bedroom.

Home decor tip 2: Want to soften your monochrome look a little bit? Add just a touch of decor, like white flowers or a graceful artwork. The framed piece above is a professional photo (which costs some $), but there are plenty of affordable options you can go for, like the fade-resistant canvas print below:


2. Corner wardrobe

Blogger Kate Spier's super-Instagrammable apartment has inspired small-space dwellers everywhere. This ingenious and cute dressing corner is just one of her many hits.

Home decor tip 3: When you're short of square footage, think vertical storage! Notice how the shelves here are stacked up to the ceiling, so they use up very little floor space but maximize wardrobe storage. It also keeps everything in one place, serving two benefits: there's less visual clutter, and Kate doesn't have to move around so much when dressing.

Home decor tip 4: The open shelves and exposed wardrobe could easily look cluttered, but Kate uses a coherent and calming color scheme that makes the room look serene. White paired with warm wood tones -- it's a palette that works every single time.


3. Little oasis

This tiny balcony packs big style! With thoughtful decorating, the small outdoor space is transformed into a stunning, tucked-away hideout -- and it doesn't look cramped at all. Now, excuse us while we redecorate our plain porches.

Home decor tip 5: The two major elements that prettify this space are romantic lighting and lots of potted plants. See our tips on creatively decorating with plants here.

Home decor tip 6: Another element that makes this deck so beautifully cozy? All those pillows and throws! Fill your outdoor daybed with cute, affordable pillows like this one:


4. Symmetrical style

Found via #bedroominteriors: an incredibly satisfying bedroom that's pleasing to the eyes and calming to the weary soul. Siblings or friends who share a room can take some serious style inspiration from this photo.

Home decor tip 7: This bedroom epitomizes balance -- the arrangement of objects so that their visual 'weight' is evenly distributed. It doesn't necessarily mean having twin pairings everywhere. Note the bedside table, for instance, where the light-colored lamp on the left is balanced by a smaller but darker candle on the right (and the flower vase is also placed just a teeny bit more to the right).

Home decor tip 8: Wall art plays a big role in this symmetry. Notice how the three frames are arranged vertically so they create a subtle visual line right down the middle. If you want to achieve the same effect -- perhaps to demarcate between spaces in an open floor plan -- we have a three-piece personal initials set (below) and a customizable vertical wall art (further below). Take your pick!


5. Bold and beautiful

Dark, dramatic colors are one of the more enviable decor trends today, and this dream kitchen got that style down pat. We love that this room isn't too dark, thanks to the combination of light-colored materials (tile, wood, polished quartz).

Home decor tip 9: Bold paints like navy blue and emerald green go so well with metallic accents (see the copper lights and hardware above). And one more thing: always get your dark paints in flat or matte finish to avoid them looking tacky.

Home decor tip 10: Want the dramatic look for your home but not ready to repaint yet? Go for a big, bold artwork instead! One of our favorites is this midnight-blue canvas with a lovely golden print:


6. Dreamy dining

Interior designer Melanie Burstin graces IG with pictures of her own tastefully-designed home. Her dining area, for one, is simple and minimal, but oh-so-inviting!

Home decor tip 11: The number one secret to lovely interiors? Great lighting! Ms. Burstin takes full advantage of her tall windows by dressing them with almost-invisible drapes and placing her dining set right where the natural light floods in.

Home decor tip 12: A minimalist home doesn't have to completely avoid decor. Here, the designer uses just one simple artwork to complete her crisp dining space. Our top pick is this simple but elegant family monogram art that you can personalize with your own initial:


7. Blushing beauty

This living room pic instantly racked up thousands of Likes, and it's easy to see why. It's filled with feminine elements, but instead of looking frivolous, the fine-tuned color palette makes the space feel serene and calming.

Home decor tip 13: Beyond just color choices, your shade choices matter a lot. For example, the color pink can have completely different effects depending on the shade -- hot pink is really vibrant, while blush pink (as shown above) is peaceful. This applies not just to pinks but to every other color out there. Read this quick but super-useful guide on color palettes.

Home decor tip 14: To achieve this soft-serene look without looking too sugary, start with a white or light-gray dominant color on your walls and furniture. Then gradually add feminine-looking items -- like fluffy upholstery and splashes of pink -- until you get your perfect combo. We suggest playing around with your coffee table decor, wall art, throw blankets, and throw pillows. This one has just the right touch of pink and fluffiness:


Ready to cop these looks in your home? We're right there with you! You're sure to find your perfect wall art, pillows, blankets, and more at the GearDen online shop. Get browsing and we'll see you there!


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