12 Cheap Things That Add Luxury to Your Home

September 06, 2023 5 min read

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Want a luxurious home on a budget? It's possible! With thoughtful decorating, you can elevate the vibe of your home to make it feel like a premium property or an upscale hotel. We've picked out affordable items that you can add to your space to give it that touch of class. You don't even need all of these at once -- just a few can do the trick!


1. Fresh linens

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This one's pretty much free. Newly washed blankets and sheets instantly make a room feel so clean and relaxing -- almost like a resort!

Experts say that for hygiene purposes, sheets should be washed once every week or once every two weeks (depending on how much they're used). And for ambiance purposes, we recommend you use a detergent or fabric conditioner with a scent you absolutely like, so it greets you with joy when you enter the room. Don't forget to make your bed, too!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Couple's Names Premium Panoramic Canvas


2. Updated lightbulbs

green living room with soft light lamp shade

Lighting is a huge factor that impacts the mood of a space. There's a significant difference between a room lit by stark, cold fluorescents, and one that's illuminated with warm gradient lights.

Consider the tone of your lighting, and replace certain lightbulbs that don't match the mood you want for the space. For instance, if you want your living room to feel cozy yet still adequately bright, use bulbs with a warm glow. At the hardware store, ask for bulbs with a 'temperature' of 2,700 to 3,000 Kelvins. You can read more about lighting temperatures here.


3. Fresh (wild)flowers

Upscale homes are always adorned by beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements. Copy this look without the hefty flower-shop price tag simply by picking your own flowers. If you have a blooming garden, great! But if not, consider gathering flowers and greenery from the outdoors. We have this quick guide for you on foraging your decor from nature -- check it out!


4. Coordinated pillows 

customized pillow with family photo print

Instead of chucking random pillows onto your sofa or bed, arrange a group of pillows that's color-coordinated with each other and with the surrounding space. Color-coordinated doesn't necessarily mean an exact match. It can be, for instance, some pastel-colored cushions on a neutral-themed bed, or some black-and-white patterned pillows on a gray couch. This creates a put-together look while still feeling comfy. Top it off with one accent pillow that you love.

Pillow pictured above: Personalized Photo Pillow "Family... Love"


5. A draped blanket

living room with blue sofa and pink throw blanket - pink floral wall art with "enjoy today" print - GearDen


Whether it's on a couch or on a dining chair, a draped throw looks effortlessly cool. Pick a blanket that's the right color and material. Color-wise, you can either go with a complementary shade or a contrasting color (like above). And in terms of material, choose a fabric that has weight but is still soft and flowy. One of our favorites is fleece -- it drapes elegantly over the backs of sofas.

Bonus tip: Check out our premium fleece blankets on GearDen, which are affordable and customizable with your name!

Wall art pictured above: "Enjoy Today" Premium Canvas


6. Spray-painted hardware

Just between us, spray-painting is a neat little trick for updating your interiors. Here's how to use it for instant glam: Pick a metallic paint finish like gold or brass, then paint just the hardware in the room like cabinet handles, drawer pulls, and faucets. You can also spray-paint little accents like figurines and furniture trim. You'll be amazed at the difference! Above is a DIY example from decorator Kate at Centsational Style.


7. A eucalyptus bundle

A whiff of eucalyptus can transport you to a spa or a nature resort. In fact, more and more people are now hanging eucalyptus bundles in their shower, because the warm steam releases that soothing aroma from the leaves. Plus, this botanical bouquet looks so aesthetic! For your living room or bedroom, you only need a clear jar to throw your eucalyptus in, and voila -- an elegant tabletopper.


8. Candles

calm bedroom decor - then sings my soul wall art - GearDen

With a soft glow and maybe a nice scent, a candle can make a difference in a room's ambiance. Light a couple on your coffee table, mantel, or bathroom shelf. Layer candles in various shapes and sizes. Consider ones in pretty containers, too!

If you're wary about candle fumes, know that burning candles for short periods of time is generally considered safe for human health. For even more safety, opt for candles made of soy wax, as they're natural alternatives to paraffin.

Wall art pictured above: "Then Sings My Soul" Premium Canvas


9. Glass accents

Whether it's a glass vase, a glass lamp, or some glass ornaments, the gleam of this material lends a subtle opulence to the space. The best part is, you may already have display-worthy glass items at home! Play around with what you have. Maybe your old glass jars could become pretty votives on your dining table. Or how about displaying your family's vintage drinkware?


10. Large-scale wall art

woman holding large family tree artwork - personalized family tree print - GearDen


Have you ever noticed that some of the most sophisticated homes have oversized art pieces? A big wall piece is more streamlined to the eye than multiple smaller pieces on one wall. And let's face it, a large artwork signals some large decor spending, too.

For us budget decorators, here's the trick: you can score affordable artworks if you opt for canvas prints instead of glass-framed ones. At GearDen, you can get a customized 24x24-inch canvas print for under $90! Browse our shop and you may just find one you like.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Names On Tree Premium Canvas V2


11. Wallpaper samples

dining room decor - bookcase shelf with wallpaper - family monogram art - GearDen

Got some unused wallpaper samples or leftover wallpaper pieces? They can spruce up parts of your home! Our favorite way to use them is wallpapering the insides of a shelf or bookcase for a stunning contrast, like above. Other uses for extra wallpaper: decoupaging on a table surface, accenting the front of a dresser, bordering a mirror, and more! And if you really like the wallpaper pattern, cut it into a neat rectangle and frame it as art.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Initial And Name Premium Canvas


12. A curated tray

Turn a messy surface into a classy display by corralling your items with a tray. We love how this decor tip can work almost anywhere in the house. On the console in your hallway, a pretty dish can serve as a catch-all for keys and coins. On the vanity in your bathroom, a simple tray can bring together your prettiest cosmetics. And on your living room coffee table, a cute crate can stylishly hold knickknacks -- alongside a vase of flowers, of course!


What do you think of these "luxe for less" tips? What decorations do you like seeing in elegant homes? Share with us in a comment!

If you loved the decor items featured here, you'll find more on GearDen.com! We have customizable wall art, pillows, and blankets that are highly rated by home decorators like you. Browse now!


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