Real Homes with Fab Decor, Part 5 (Copy Their Tricks!)

October 16, 2022 6 min read

real homes with fab decor - Gear Den customer review photos

Forget about magazine homes and costly design trends for a second. We have this new crop of real people's homes from all across America with impressive -- and totally doable -- interior decor! From farmhouse hominess to clean minimalism, these interiors give us easy, affordable decor tips to make your home look cozy, inviting, and personal.

We thank all the Gear Den customers who've sent us wonderful feedback about their purchased home decor, alongside photos of their homes. (See batch 1, 2, 3, and 4 of customer photos.) You're all fabulous! Keep 'em coming!


1. Elegant table setting

Customer Gillian S. has got us looking forward to Thanksgiving with her understated yet beautiful table arrangement. What makes this dining space look so put-together is the masterful color palette: a harmonious meeting of gray neutrals and rich autumn colors.

Decor tip: Does your table setting look a little too dark, a little too bright, or maybe a little too uncoordinated? Two things you need: one contrasting color and one transitional color. In Gillian's example above, the white table runner starkly contrasts the dark wood table, instantly brightening the scene, while the old-rose placemats serve as the in-between hue that connects the two.

Wall art pictured above: "Family Is Everything" Premium Gray Canvas


2. Serene living room

This living room sent in by Pamela J. has a cozy winter cottage feel -- it's like a place where you could just curl up with a book on a chilly afternoon. The restraint in colors is what makes this room look so calm. It's mostly soft grays with a touch of natural wood hues, all of which are easy on the eyes and maintain the airy look of the space.

Decor tip: It's possible to decorate with neutrals without making it look boring! Prints and patterns are your best friend. Some strategically placed prints that belong in your color scheme can break up the monotony without looking messy. Just look at Pamela's woodsy throw pillows above.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "This Is Us" With Names On Background Premium Canvas


3. Dreamy neutral bedroom

Mandy M. shares with us this lovely glimpse of their bedroom filled with calming neutrals and the subtlest tinge of pink. The pairing of whites and soft browns is genius, and as is the choice of a horizontal wall art above the headboard. Everything here looks relaxing and romantic!

Decor tip: Another trick to liven up neutral colors? Layer, layer, layer! Mandy is savvy enough to pile color-coordinated pillows with various textures and styles. She also uses those layers to break up the whites with her selected brown pieces.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "We Decided On Forever" Premium Panoramic Canvas


4. In-between seating nook

Jenniffer M. doesn't waste the space between her cabinets -- she uses it for extra seating instead. And it's not just a random chair pushed up against the wall. She styles it with color-coordinated throws plus a family-themed wall art as cherry on top. Now it's a stylish little corner!

Decor tip: You can use Jenniffer's trick to create a mini home office or study area. Arrange your furniture so that bigger pieces (like cabinets) act as borders that demarcate a space for your desk. Don't forget to decorate the space with visually stimulating artwork!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "This Is Us" With Names On Background Premium Canvas


5. Minimal farmhouse entry

Who says farmhouse style can't be elegant? Angelia M. proves otherwise with her tastefully decorated entryway. She uses rustic pieces that bring farmhouse hominess (the console table, the candle holders, and the wall art), but limits the ornamentation to keep the look clean and collected.

Decor tip: The console-plus-artwork combo is a foolproof way to decorate your hall. How do you know the right size of wall art to go with your console table? You can go either of two ways: pick an artwork that's the same width as the table, or one that's slightly smaller than the table width (like above). Hang it along the center of the table, add a few candles and vases, and you're set!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Name Color Choice Premium Canvas


6. Board-and-batten accent wall

Board and batten is a type of wall paneling that uses thin panels in between boards. Though it used to be a practical building technique, in recent years, it has become a decorative way to create an interior accent wall. Above, Charlene B. uses this technique to add texture to the dark-gray wall behind her sofa, transforming the space from a plain living room to a stylish decor moment.

Decor tip: If you love the look of dark walls but are worried it won't suit your interiors, an accent wall is the perfect middle ground for you. Pick just one wall that will become the focal point of the space, and play around with it! Fortunately, the decor market has tons of no-commitment options such as peel-and-stick wallpaper and faux wood paneling.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "This Is Us" With Names On Background Premium Canvas


7. Winter wonderland dining room


Cariello T.'s dining room decor from last winter got us excited for the holiday season this year! The hanging silver snowflakes complement the icy blue wall decor perfectly to create a winter wonderland vibe. Even the silver-and-glass candle holders fit the theme so well.

Decor tip: Wall art is not just a pretty focal point, it can also be the most versatile decor in your dining room. You can 'dress' your wall sign according to the occasion! Above, the dining room wall sign looks wintry because of the hanging snowflakes in front of it, but for other celebrations, this same artwork could be transformed using buntings, garlands, and the like.

Wall art pictured above: "Friends & Family Gather Here" Premium Rustic Canvas


8. Asymmetric wall art accent

Speaking of dressing up your wall art, we like the way Alnesia T. accentuated her family monogram with a single sprig of leaves. It's a minimalist approach yet it's far from boring because of the asymmetric arrangement and the graceful curving of the leaves.

Decor tip: You don't need to spend a ton on wall art framing! Opt for a canvas artwork that has a wood-frame backing -- it's lightweight, more durable, and ready to hang. And if you feel like it still needs a decorative something around it, make like Alnesia above and pair it with another wall accent like a garland or filigree. Our favorite is simply placing your artwork in between two wall sconces. Lovely!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Family Name" Premium Canvas


9. Geometric minimalist entry

This entryway by Bunnara O. is minimalist yet rustic at the same time. Her geometric console table looks sleek and modern, but her well-selected wall art plays up the soft wood textures and hues, balancing out the hard edges of the table. Finally, a little peek of greenery on top adds life and color to the overall look.

Decor tip: Solid lines, heavy blocks, and hard angles can sometimes make our furniture look too severe or too stiff. If you have a space that needs 'softening', indoor plants are your best friend! One potted plant in that corner can instantly ease the hardness of the space. Another option is wall decor featuring wavy or rounded designs. The calligraphy art above is a good pick!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "This Is Us" With Names On Background Premium Canvas


10. Built-in shelf gallery

We love this vivacious display by John O.! He uses a built-in shelf as a gallery for framed family pictures, complete with a lush vase of flowers. He also pays attention to the adjacent wall -- instead of leaving it undecorated, he creates balance by hanging a vertical artwork on it. The result is a well-decorated, well-organized wall that's utterly personal, too!

Decor tip: Got a narrow wall that's too visible to leave blank? A vertical wall art would be perfect there. In John's example above, the tall artwork has the proportionate size to cover the center of the wall while still leaving ample blank space around it. This is why the overall look is artful but not overcrowded.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Name "Home" Premium Panoramic Canvas


These real-life customer homes are so inspiring! What decor tip will you use for your own space? Or do you have your own tip to share? Leave a comment!

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