10 Fab & Fun Gifts that Pet Owners will Appreciate

October 12, 2022 4 min read

gifts for pet owners - pet lover presents

Gift-hunting can be unexpectedly hard, but if your recipient is a pet parent, you're in luck: they'll love anything that's related to their pets! Whether they own a dog, cat, bird, or even a single goldfish, it's a good idea to gift them with an item that shows that A) you support their animal ownership and B) you care about their pet, too.

Here are great gift ideas to give to an avid pet owner, whether it's for Christmas, their birthday, or even their pet's birthday! You can purchase most of these gifts directly from Gear Den -- just click on the photos or links below them!


1. Pet carrier

Every pet parent could use a pet carrier for when they need to bring their furry (or feathery) baby outside the house. There's a wide range of tote bags, backpacks, and handbags you can choose from, each designed with ventilation, waterproof bottoms, and secure locks. Choose one that's not just practical but with a cute design, too! Also, if human is a frequent flyer, check that the carrier is airline-compliant.


2. Personalized pet accessory

With the endless variety of pet accessories available these days, you might find yourself having a tough time choosing. Our best tip? Pick one that's personalized! The pet bandana below comes in six different designs for different animal personalities, and you can have the pet's name printed on it. Now it's one of a kind!

Pet accessory pictured above: Personalized Pet Bandana - Brand New


3. Pet print shirt for human

It's so cute when you see a human wearing a shirt with a dog design, and then ta-dah -- you spot the actual pup walking alongside them! This is why a pet-printed shirt is high up on our list as a pet owner present. For this gift, choose a nice photo of the fur-baby then have it custom-printed at your local shirt printer, or ask an artist friend for paint the design. Or, if you have time, learn to screen-print it yourself!


4. Pet wall art

Artwork is always a foolproof gift idea, even for pet parents. When their house is a home not just for humans but for fur babies as well, get them a wall print that proudly highlights this! Our examples below are playful and pretty, and most of all, they're customizable, so you can add the names of their pets into the design.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "All These Dogs" Premium Canvas


Wall art pictured above: Personalized "You & Me And The Dogs" Premium Canvas


5. Smart collar

A smart dog collar or smart cat collar is equipped with techie features to keep humans in the know about their pets. These features include a GPS tracker, activity tracker, and health monitoring, depending on the brand and model. The price ranges widely from $30 to a couple hundred dollars, so if you opt for this gift, choose one that balances features and budget.


6. Pet print towel

A towel as a gift? It may sound plain and safe, but wait 'til you see our custom-printed beach towel below! Not only is it quick-drying, soft, and lightweight, it can also be personalized with the recipient's pet photo of your choice. For best results, choose a picture that's fun or even silly! 

Towel pictured above: Personalized Photo Beach Towel - Add Any Image!


7. Pet print blanket

A nice, warm blanket is a practical gift, but you can make it fun and personal by having it custom-printed. And what better design to print for pet parents than their lovely fur babies! Below, our fleece blanket can be personalized to feature a pet portrait on a background color of your choice. Perfect for humans and animals alike!

Blanket pictured above: Custom Pet Art Premium Fleece Blanket


8. Pet pillows

Why stop at pet blanket? Get everyone cozy and snuggly with a special pillow or two! We have a lot of cute and fun printed pillows and slipcovers on Gear Den -- see our pillow collection here! Among these are our pet-themed pillows, some of which you can personalize, as shown below:

Pillow pictured above: "No Humans Allowed On The Couch" Pet Lover's Pillow


Pillow pictured above: Personalized "All You Need Is Love And Dog" Pet Name Pillow


9. DIY bed topper (for pets and humans)

Pet lovers can't resist furry cuddles, which means that sometimes (actually, most of the time), there's fur all over human's couches, sofas, and beds. Help them out by gifting them with a fur-proof and pee-resistant bed topper. You can buy this at any home store, or make one yourself! We found a very thorough DIY tutorial from Dalmatian DIY.


10. Pet camera

If you have some wiggle room in your gift budget, a pet camera would be a premium choice. It's like a baby monitor or a nanny cam but for pets. When owner is out of the house, they can keep tabs on their critters left at home, usually through a phone app. Some pet cams even have features to talk to the pets and dispense treats.


We hope these gift ideas help you find the perfect present for your pet owner recipient! If you need more ideas, see our related blog posts below. Or you can start shopping now at GearDen.com!



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