8 Easy Ways To Create A Home Office (No Remodel Needed!)

August 27, 2020 4 min read

8 Easy Ways To Create A Home Office (No Remodel Needed!)

Home offices are becoming more of a need in the modern era, especially in these days of work-from-home arrangements. We can't just keep working on the living room couch! We all need to separate our jobs from our personal spaces, so that our home still remains to be a place of comfort and relaxation for us (the rest of the house anyway).

The catch is that not everyone has the extra room to designate as a home office. And not every household can easily commit to a renovation just to carve out a workstation.

If you have this dilemma, we got you! Many of us here at Gear Den have also had to get creative with this one. Take a look at these simple, affordable tips to set up a conducive work space even in a small home -- no remodeling or renovation needed!


1. Set up a dedicated corner.

Probably the most important question for setting up a home office is: Where do I put it? Well, even in the tiniest of houses, there's going to be a small corner where you can push up a table and a chair for instant work space. It's advisable to face your desk away from the rest of the space so that your back is turned to household distractions when you work.

One of your best options is to set up your workstation right by a window so you get a refreshing view. Or you can arrange your desk in front of a solid wall to eliminate distractions further. (If you go with the latter, it's a good idea to add a nice indoor plant by your station to help invigorate you.)

Wall art pictured above: "Babe Cave" Premium Canvas


2. Use that little nook.

Those awkward nooks and recesses in your home could be another ideal spot for a home office! Consider that space under the stairs, between shelves, or between architectural columns. Decorate this space deliberately so that it feels like a tiny room in itself. The best part about this is that it's already semi-isolated, making it great for your "Do not disturb" work hours.


3. Put up your own border.

If your home is more of an open-floor dwelling, it can be challenging to delineate private spaces. However, there are simple ways to create your home office boundaries. How about placing a bookcase, shelf, or rack to serve as a little wall?

Or try this clever little trick: Set up your home office behind your living room couch or sofa. The effect is that your living space and work space are separated from each other, and you don't even need more walls or furniture to do it! (Just see what creative mom Amanda did in the photo above.)


4. No desk? No problem.

Sure, most offices use a desk for their working surface. But if you don't have one at home, don't feel pressured to buy one just yet. See if you can repurpose the furniture you already have, like an old dining table or side table, a freestanding bar counter, or even a shelf with adequate horizontal surface. In the example above, an old console table finds new life as a work surface. (Also, we just had to spice it up with pet-inspired decor!)

Wall art pictured above: "All These Dogs" Premium Canvas


5. Make your chair comfortable.

Apart from a table, a comfy chair is essential to enable you to work smoothly and painlessly. Again, you can just use a chair you already have at home and make it work double-duty for your office. The important thing is that it should be ergonomic (posture-friendly) yet soft enough for long hours of sitting. We recommend adding cushions or pillows to your seating -- and pick ones with a design you actually like!

Pillow pictured above: Personalized Photo Pillow "Family... Love"


6. Conceal with a curtain.

So you've carved out a cozy little office in your nook or closet space. If you're worried it might quickly get cluttered and mess up the overall look of the room, fret not. Simply hang a nice curtain to hide your office when you're not using it. Be inspired by organizational guru Jen Jones' example above!


7. Arrange vertically.

If you're a little low on floor space (like many of us!), it's smart to organize your work stuff upwards instead of letting them run amok around you. Use a tall cabinet (or two) to keep your papers and supplies in just one spot. You can even do a little DIY-ing to install some overhead shelving directly above your desk. That's vertical space used wisely!

Bonus tip: Whenever possible, opt for closed shelves and cabinets to minimize visual clutter.


8. Display your motivation.

Wall decor is a surprisingly nifty way to create the appropriate atmosphere for your little work space. We highly recommend hanging motivational wall art in your home office, not only to inspire you but also to help demarcate this specific area for work. It's like saying, "This space is where I hustle!"

Choose wall quotes that resonate with you while also being visually appealing. See our favorite inspirational artworks above and below.

Wall art pictured above: "Begin Each Day With A Grateful Heart" Premium Rustic Canvas

Wall art pictured above: "If Papa Can't Fix It..." Premium Canvas

Wall art pictured above: "Life Doesn't Have To Be Perfect To Be Beautiful" Premium Canvas


We hope these super-doable ideas help you finally create that cute home office! Which tips are you trying out today? Comment below!

If you like the wall decor and pillows featured here, you'll love our extensive collection of home items. Click over to GearDen.com now! Happy office decorating!

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