Fab Interior Decor Of Real Home Dwellers -- Decor Tips You Can Copy!

August 29, 2019 4 min read

real-world home decor homeowner styles

How much time do you spend browsing home magazines and saving decor tips on Pinterest? We at Gear Den spend hours upon hours down these rabbit holes! Call us home dreamers. We're inspired by everything, from TV show houses to Instagram stars to pages of literature.

But our best source of inspiration by far aren't those expensive mansions or unreal estates. It's the actual homes of our Gear Den customers! We constantly receive photo testimonials from them, showing off their decorating style. Unsurprisingly, they're fabulous! Here are some of our favorite interior looks, plus tips on how you can copy them!


1. Artful living room

This beautifully decorated living room by Shasty L. shows her thoughtfulness in every detail. It can be tricky to decorate around two single chairs, but she uses that to her advantage by creating symmetry. Everything is balanced, well-proportioned, and cohesive in color.

Real home decor tip: Not every wall art needs to be in a glass frame. Instead, you can group it with complementing wall hangings. Shasty tops off her family print with a decorative metal scroll and flanks it with matching wrought iron lamps. Instant glam!

Wall art Home decor pictured above: "Family... Love" Square Canvas Print


2. Elegant dining room

We absolutely love this minimalist but sophisticated dining room of Robin B.! It looks so put-together with its two-tone color scheme and uncluttered decor. And even though there is little ornamentation, each decor item makes an impact, especially the personalized wall art. Robin says she gets lots of compliment for it!

Real home decor tip: The best part about this elegant minimalist style? You don't have to spend a lot on it! Our number one tip would be to plan out your color palette. Bold, dramatic colors evoke a sense of class, even when your items are entirely affordable!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Name Premium Canvas


3. Sweet baby blanket

This photo from Kimberlie G. just warms our hearts! She ordered this customized baby blanket as a Mother's Day gift for her niece. "I'm sure they'll love it," she says. Judging from the sweet smiles of Kim's kids, this gift would be a winner to any child and parent!

Real home decor tip: A blanket is a practical item, but it doesn't have to be unimaginative. Whether it's meant to be a gift or an addition to your own home, look for customization services to make it more personal and meaningful.

Home item pictured above: Personalized Premium Baby Blanket


4. Quiet nook

Valerie H. sent us a photo of her lovely dining nook featuring a rustic commemorative artwork about her parents. It's a wonderful idea to hang a keepsake in this space, where you can have have some serene solitude for eating, reading, or contemplating.

Real home decor tip: If you have a small space where large dining furniture could get cramped, make a corner nook instead. In the photo above, Valerie opted for a round table that could easily seat four, but it doesn't take too much space because of its strategic corner location.

Wall art pictured above: "Because Someone We Love Is In Heaven"


5. Black-and-white bedroom

This couple's bedroom is so chic and romantic! The poster bed, marriage-themed decor, and all those fluffy pillows come together because of the elegant black-and-white color scheme. We have Karen W. to thank for this photo. Well done, Karen!

Real home decor tip: Black-and-white is not boring! If there's one takeaway we can get from this bedroom interior style, it's the variety. Notice how Karen piles on b&w pillows with various designs and textures, and even her wall art is an interesting combo of font styles. Mix and match away!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "A Perfect Marriage" Canvas


6. Dining room backdrop

Diane D.'s choice of dining room wall art now makes their family photos much more meaningful. Just look at how perfectly the wall sign serves as a background in this birthday picture. "It really is US!" Diane beams.

Real home decor tip: Unsure about what kind of wall art to hang in your family space? Go for a neutral-colored calligraphy or text design that you can personalize with your own family details. Neutral goes well with any wall color, and printing your own names is just foolproof. That's what Diane did, and it works so well!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "This Is Us - Our Home" Canvas


7. Entryway gallery

A truly personal display welcomes guests at Cindy C.'s entry. She did a great job putting together a collection of photos and other family objects to create an eye-catching vignette. It's also wonderful to come home to!

Real home decor tip: You don't always have to go for the biggest wall decor (which is also likely to be the priciest). Look for a smaller, more affordable version, then hang it alongside photos and other wall items. Who knew a gallery wall was so cost-effective?

Wall art pictured above: "A Home Is Made Of Love And Dreams"


Which of these real-world homes is your favorite? We can't pick just one! In fact, many more homeowners have sent us their interior photos featuring Gear Den products, and we love them all. Inspired to decorate already? Browse GearDen.com for bestselling wall art, blankets, pillows, and more!


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