Real Homes With Fab Decor, Part 3 (Great Style Tricks To Copy!)

November 09, 2020 7 min read

real life homes with beautiful decor

Here at Gear Den, we live and breath decor, and out of all the home interiors we've seen, some of our favorites are those of our real-life customers! We mean it. We love going through our customer reviews with photos of how clients have incorporated our products into their space. And quite often, we see customer photos that charm us with their style and creativity, amid their homes' practicality and coziness. They're such a joy to see in this era of staged magazine photos and unrealistic interior styling.

We've compiled some earlier favorites in Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series. Recently, we've received many more great photos from our customers, and we wish we could feature them all. Here's a new batch of real-life homes with fabulous interior decor -- and loads of styling tips for you!


1. Romantic layered bedroom

Rochelle K. has done a beautiful job maximizing her spacious bedroom. Though her color scheme is neutral and light, it's far from boring because she knows how to layer decorations. Note the layered pillows and rugs, plus the dynamic arrangement of the wall accents. The result is a space that's calm, dreamy, and appealing.

Decor tip 1: Try pairing two neutrals for a safe yet dimensional color palette. See how Rochelle paired beige and light gray together? This room would look so much different if you took one of those colors away.

Decor tip 2: Don't be afraid to pile on prints and patterns, as long as they're within your palette! You can experiment with a bunch of pillows, for starters. See more tips on mixing and matching here.

Wall art above bed: Personalized "Soulmates" Premium Canvas


2. Accent wall from wood pallets

One classic way to spice up a wall is to arrange together wood pallets of various shades. Jennifer H. uses that trick to fill out the wall above her stairs -- a wall that would otherwise be difficult to decorate. Then she makes it even more eye-catching by adding a wall piece from Gear Den. It fits so well against the pallet backdrop!

Decor tip 3: Hunting for wooden pallets and installing them can be a fun project, but if you'd like a shortcut, you can just put up a realistic pallet wallpaper instead, or try peel-and-stick wood planks. Top it off with rustic wall art (like above) to add some dimension.

Wall art pictured above: "Welcome To Our Home" Premium Canvas


3. Tastefully blue dining room

We're in love with Renarda N.'s gorgeous dining space! The decor choices here are well-thought out, from the cool steel-blue shade of the walls, to the complementing wall decor, to the perfectly sized chandelier. It's proof that you don't need so many ornaments to create an elegant space.

Decor tip 4: We've all been taught to use only light colors for small rooms, but Renarda shows us how to break that rule with panache. The dramatic shade of her wall paint works for this modestly-sized area because of two things: One, she breaks up the opaqueness with white trim and bright furnishings. And two, she fills the room with light, maximized by the mirror. Go ahead, paint your room a rich color and copy her tricks!

Decor tip 5: That chandelier is an ingenious choice as the crown jewel of this room. It's just the right size for the space, and its design is sophisticated but not overwhelming. Sometimes, we shy away from statement lighting because we think it's too much for the room. But really, it's a matter of hunting for the right piece, and keeping all other ornaments in moderation.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Bless The Food, Family, Love" Premium Canvas


4. Propped up art

You don't always need hooks and nails to display artworks. Sometimes, wall art looks even classier when it's leaning against the wall as part of a tabletop display. Just ask Chrissy H., who masterfully put together this rustic vignette featuring a personalized vertical piece from Gear Den.

Decor tip 6: Foolproof formula for tabletop displays? Big + medium + small. Lean a large artwork against the wall, then place a medium-sized ornament in front to one side, and an even smaller decor to the other side. This creates a layered look without covering up the artwork. Chrissy got this combo down pat in the photo above.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Name "Home" Premium Panoramic Canvas


5. Monogram on mirror

We might have slow-clapped the moment we saw this photo from Nathaniel W. He placed his custom monogram at the center of a mirror! We're not sure how he pulled off this magic decor trick (double-sided tape?), but we love the result, as it puts that special monogram right in the spotlight. We're also fans of his wintry tablescape. Taking notes for the holiday season!

Decor tip 7: Play around with other wall decor to 'frame' your canvas piece. Nathaniel not only uses the mirror as border, he also adds a pair of lighting accents on both sides of the wall display. Get more ideas here on pairing wall art with other accents.

Decor tip 8: Nathaniel's centerpiece looks chic, and even better, they can easily be DIYed! Just spray-paint some small branches white, and arrange on votive glasses (don't light those candles though!). The color combo of white and silver is instant winter style! We found a blue-and-silver variety here, which is also holiday-ready.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Family Name" Color-Choice Premium Canvas


6. Whimsical yet cozy nook

Tina M.'s sitting corner shows us that you can fill a space with lots of objects and still keep it cozy. The main trick? Fill it only with things that you love. We can imagine a lot of reading and lounging at this plum-colored nook.

Decor tip 9: Can't choose among a variety of decor pieces? Experiment with arranging them together, like Tina did in the photo above. This corner of her home is a mish-mash of different styles -- classical, rustic, modern -- but the resulting vignette is fun, not messy.

Main canvas pictured above: Personalized "Family... Love" Premium Canvas


7. Cushy, earthy, color-coordinated bedroom

Rozlynn F.'s bedroom is one of the most put-together we've ever seen! She's a master at color coordination, and we love the earthy terracotta hues she chose. Plus, she knows the value of moderation -- with that many pillows, she didn't need a lot of wall decor, so she just displayed one well-fitting piece. What a pro!

Decor tip 10: Trying to choose a paint color? Here's something to consider. We all love neutral paint shades because they go with everything, but if you'd like a little more personality, take your time with the mixing. Move your main hue ever so slightly within the spectrum, and you'll get a whole new 'feel' to the color. For instance, brown or beige mixed with a little red can result in a lovely terracotta shade like above. It's more feminine and vibrant than common neutrals, don't you think?

Wall art pictured above: "Difficult Roads Lead To Beautiful Destinations" Premium Rustic Canvas


8. Small-space dining with big style

If your home is a bit on the small side, don't be discouraged from decorating it to your heart's content. Just look at this dining nook by Gloria H. It's tiny, but she completely personalized it with family pictures and other decor, and now it exudes a lot of character.

Decor tip 11: This area has some clever small-space tricks for us to learn. One, it forgoes the usual room dividers, which would only have tightened the space. Instead, the area is demarcated with a well-placed statement rug. It's a dominant visual element that says, "This area right here is a room in itself!"

Decor tip 12: Another trick to maximize a dining nook: swap your square table for a circular one, then arrange the chairs strategically so that one is right next to the wall corner. That extra corner seat is something you'd miss out on with a square or rectangular table.

Main canvas pictured above: Personalized "Family... Love" Premium Canvas


9. Wall niche turned instant exhibit

Do you have a recessed wall niche or an extra wall ledge? This is prime spot for decorating! Be inspired by what Stephanie L. did above. She turned her wall niche into a museum-like exhibit by displaying a sole artwork in it and purposefully installing lighting over the piece.

Decor tip 13: There are two approaches to decorating a wall ledge or recess. Stephanie chose to be minimalistic above, and the result is clean, calm, and elegant. On the other hand, you can layer several artworks on this ledge, varying them in size, color, and frame. You can even punctuate the display with other ornaments like figurines and small plants.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Family... Love" Premium Canvas


10. Rustic-industrial cabin feel

Ray J.'s dining room takes us to a blissful wood cabin, or to the rustic farmhouses of our childhood. We love that the few decor pieces here are thoughtfully selected: the wall art is perfectly matched with the wooden materials of the house, and the metal lighting over the table adds an industrial touch.

Decor tip 14: If you love the look of wood panels, or if you want to give your home a more countryside feel, an affordable option to consider are canvas prints with realistic wood design. Canvas art is budget-friendly, and with high-quality printing, they can look impressive. Ray chose well with his large-scale canvas art that looks as beautifully natural as the rest of his home.

Wall art pictured above: "Food, Family, Love" Premium Canvas


Bonus: Canvas print turned clock

We were wowed when we saw this creation of Nelson M.! He purchased one of our bestselling customized canvas prints (which comes in a wood frame), then reworked it into an attention-grabbing wall clock! He shares, "I built a large custom clock for my wife. I cut out the canvas and glued it to the front of the clock to give it an amazing custom look." Impressively creative!

Decor tip 15: If you want to try this project with a little more explanation of the steps, we found this tutorial on changing a clock's face. The tutorial uses paper for the new 'face', but here, Nelson uses a nice canvas print with their family name on it.

Canvas print pictured above: Personalized "Family Name" Color Choice Premium Canvas


Which one of these well-decorated homes is your favorite? And which decorating tips are you trying out in your home interiors? Let us know in the comments!

If you'd love to have your very own canvas print like our happy customers above, browse for these featured pieces and more!

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