9 No-Fail, Affordable Christmas Gifts For Your Parents

October 17, 2018 3 min read

parent gift ideas for Christmas

Parents. We've known them our whole lives, but when it's time to find a present for them, we're often stumped! Mom and Dad may not be picky (or maybe they are), but it's understandably hard to find something material to express how much we value them -- without breaking the bank.

So as Christmas season starts, we've put our Gear Den elves to work to help you find the perfect, affordable holiday gift for every kind of parent.


1. For the mom who's also a friend

You're lucky to have a mother who not only has raised you right but also listens to you, gives you amazing advice, and has never failed to cheer you on during school recitals, job hunts, and even dates! Commemorate this wonderful bond with your mom through a pretty framed canvas print in a color she'll love.


2. For the DIY dad

No matter what their area of interest is, our fathers are often (aspiring) handymen. Perhaps your dad likes fixing stuff around the house, trying out new recipes, or modding his car. A perfect gift for the do-it-yourself dad is a matching DIY kit filled with materials he can use. You can even go DIY all the way and put together this kit yourself. For inspiration, check out these unique bacon-making kits.


3. For the mom who shares great style with her daughter

If you're a daughter who's acquired from your mom a knack for lovely things, why not give her something to jazz up her home? Wall art is a good idea, and here's one that has just the right color and details to complement a plain wall. Plus, it displays how proud you are to share a lasting love with your mother.


4. For the cool dad who's "bros" with you

Admit it, you actually think your dad is awesome. Growing up, the other kids were a bit jealous that he played video games with you. Or maybe he gives you old-school yet effective advice on the ladies. Or maybe he's just always been a good listener when it's time for real talk. Your dad is too cool for a high-five, so here's a bro-fist wall art to let him know you totally get him now.


5. For the mom who deserves R&R

After a long day (and a long year), your mother deserves pampering. While we all want to give our moms a month-long cruise in the Bahamas, for now, you can treat her to two of her favorite things: a nice bath and a good glass of wine. These days, you can even roll these things into one with creative wine-inspired soaps.


6. For the father of a daddy's girl

Not a lot of daughters can say they're best friends with their dad. If you're one of these lucky girls, get him this father-daughter wall art to show your dad how proud you are to be his daughter. Just ready the napkins for your dad's teary eyes when he unwraps this.


7. For the supermom with a super family

Mothers are just amazing, aren't they? You know this if you grew up in a family where your mom was the crucial cornerstone. From picking up after your childhood messes to helping you stand on your own two feet, she did it all. She means the world to you, so thank her with some specially-brewed coffee or tea in a nice message mug.


8. For the "dad jokes" master with a cheeky kid

If dad jokes tell us anything, it's that our fathers have the lamest-cutest sense of humor. Example:

"I'll call you later."
"Don't call me later, call me Dad."

If conversations like this are oh-so-familiar with your dad, repay him with a snicker-inducing gift mug with a cheeky message. Tell him you meant to give him some special coffee but then you got 'mugged.' (Groan.)


9. For the parents who are still so giddily in love

Remember when couple shirts were the ultimate signs of everlasting love? And could you picture your parents still rocking these cheesy-romantic clothes? If your mom and pop are going stronger than ever, let them wear their hearts on their sleeves, so to speak. We found these hilarious his-and-hers Christmas sweaters to complete their winter wonderland.


What do you think of these parent gift suggestions? If you have a great idea to add, we're all ears! Leave us a comment below.

For more holiday decorating ideas, see our other Christmas post here. And for more gift items, check out some customer favorites on Gear Den -- click here. Happy shopping!

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