Stars, Stripes, and Style: American Wall Art You'll Love!

July 03, 2019 3 min read

American wall art decor home office

Happy Fourth of July!

There's something about our Independence Day celebration that reminds us of what we love about our country. When everyone's decked in red, white, and blue, gathered at the barbecue or at the parade, you can't help but remember the essential camaraderie and optimism that brings us all together. The USA we love is hospitable and motivating -- a place where people embrace and lift each other up in their pursuit of happiness.

It's nice to be able to capture this American spirit even after the summer is over. At Gear Den, we have wall art pieces just for that! Take a look at these American-themed wall decor that you'll want to display in your home or office.

(Also, we're proud to say our Gear Den canvas prints are made in the USA by ethically employed professionals. Beautiful, guilt-free art for you!)


1. Stars & stripes skyline

In this canvas print, the classic USA flag becomes a modern work of art as it glows behind the NYC skyline. It artistically combines night stars and sunset colors to fill the sky with the American symbol. Quite dreamy, don't you think? Hang this piece to add some oomph to your living room or bedroom wall.


2. American welcome

Here's another take on the USA flag -- this time, with a vintage Americana feel. It's equal parts rustic, Western, and homey, reminiscent of our childhood farmhouses, cowboy dreams, and 1950s style all at once. Even better? This canvas print is in a unique vertical format, so you can hang it even in small entryways.


3. Love brings you home

The lovely quote, the graceful calligraphy, and the rustic wood-like backdrop -- what's not to love about this USA map-inspired art? It's perfect for rooms where the family gathers, like the living room, dining room, or family room. Our friends who love to travel particularly like seeing this quote the moment they come home.

PS. There's also a version of this that features the map of Florida (see below). Hello, Sunshine State!


4. Bigger in Texas

Of course, we can't highlight certain states without including one of the biggest (in size and in heart) -- Texas. The "Home" sign above is just a perfect symbol of a quintessential Texan household: warm, bold, and comfy.

Want to make it even more personal? That's what Southern hospitality is all about! You can order the customized Texas map art below, which elegantly features your family name and year:


5. Multicultural love story

One of the defining characteristics of the USA is being a melting pot of cultures, a venue for diversity. And that's a good thing for soulmates from around the globe! If you and your partner have embarked on a successful multicultural love story here, celebrate it! Gear Den has a Mexican-American flag decor (above) and an Irish-American family decor (below) that you can personalize with your own name.


6. Future of California

This wall quote is special not just because of California love, but more because it's a lovely tribute to our teachers. If you're an educator yourself, this would be a wonderful addition to your office -- it's an uplifting reminder of the importance of your vocation. Or if you're a parent or just someone who's very grateful for your mentor, this canvas print would make a great Teacher's Day present.

PS. Looking for more gifts? We've got loads more suggestions based on your recipient's career. Check them out here.


7. Old Glory

Really, when it comes to patriotic home decor, you can't go wrong with the classic Stars and Stripes. But rather than just hanging the good old banner in your living room or workplace, you can make it a little more artful with a few creative touches. The wall art above, for instance, takes on a rustic, 'distressed paint' style. It looks like the flag has been hand-painted on wood pallets, when it's actually printed on premium canvas -- which means it's cheaper but still high-quality!

Now, if you want to go for real wood but aren't quite ready for the higher price (nor committed to a full-blown woodworking craft), be inspired by this DIY flag art using only three blocks of wood. It looks so simple and classy!


So how are you decorating your home this July 4th? Share with us in the comments!

If you liked the ideas in this post, you'll love the many other decor options we have on Customers like you absolutely LOVE our wall art prints, so start browsing now!


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