Personal and Beautiful: 10 Customized Home Items You'll Want to Own

July 03, 2019 4 min read

personalized custom wall art decor

Oh, how we love personalized home decor! Nothing beats having beautiful items that truly reflect your style and cannot be found anywhere else. With a personalized wall art here and some customized furniture there, your home stands out from all those cookie-cutter interiors that look generic, empty, and devoid of personality.

So if you're as excited as us about custom items, you'll love this fresh list of personalized home decor that you can buy at affordable prices -- or even make! These items make great gifts, too, though we can't blame you if you get one for yourself, too.


1. Floating florals

Pressed flowers have been a wonderful art project since we were kids, but their beauty can transcend into grownup decor, too! They're an elegant, meaningful way to preserve botanicals from special occasions like your wedding or birthday. There are tons of tutorials out there that you can easily follow. One craft we love is this 'floating 3d' display of pressed blossoms. So lovely and unique!


2. Panoramic art

Break out from perfect squares and traditional wall art dimensions. An extra-wide panoramic format captures the eye and can amazingly complement surrounding furniture. Use this eye-pleasing format to display your family name, just like the personalized family wall print above! It goes so well with that entryway bench, and it would look equally fabulous above the couch in the living room or next to the dining room table.


3. Stunningly stenciled

How gorgeous is that coffee table?! You can make it yourself with affordable materials, and even use a different design of your choice! The little secret here is stenciling, which allows you to easily paint a pattern (or some lettering) on the wooden surface. DIY-er Ashley Basnight shows us how.


4. Pretty pillow

If you don't feel like crafting your end tables just yet, an easier way to personalize your living room is with custom-printed throw pillows. The customized name pillow above is such a pretty example, with a floral design bordering the name calligraphy. It also lets you choose whether you want your design on a stuffed-and-sewn pillow or on a zip cover.

Bonus tip: This pillow is so affordable that you'll want to get more for your loved ones' birthday, anniversary, wedding, baby shower, graduation... the list goes on!


5. Making good time

Clocks are more than just time-telling devices -- they are now works of art as well. Who wants to settle for just plain plastic wall clocks? There are many ways to personalize these timepieces so they can be displayed front and center in your home. Here's one idea: make your own clock featuring your family name (or any favorite phrase). This do-it-yourself tutorial takes a little bit of woodworking, but the elegantly rustic result is worth it.


6. Picture-perfect pillow

Okay, we can't get enough of customized pillows! It's fantastic that they can now be personalized in so many ways -- even with your own printed photo on them! Check out the family photo pillow above, which would be a great addition to your couch or bed.


7. Handmade ceramics

The refined, timeless beauty of ceramics lends sophistication to any home. And when you learn to make or design them yourself, you can fill your home with your own brand of finesse. Thankfully, you don't have to be a pottery expert for this. You can just Google DIY tutorials on how to make beautiful clay planters, vases, jewelry dishes, and more. Many of them use accessible materials such as air-dry clay or homemade clay.

If you'd rather have your ceramics professionally made, look for a local artisan or pottery studio in your area that does personalized commission work.


8. Sweet dreams

We're in love with the idea of personalizing a blanket! Beddings are some of the most intimate items in the house, and they should be comfortable as well as personally appealing. The custom-printed fleece blanket above is just perfect for a couple's bedroom -- it's soft, warm, and designed with your own family name and year. Time to cuddle in!

Bonus tip: This couple blanket would also make a lovely wedding gift, anniversary present, or housewarming gift!


9. Baby blankie

Speaking of blankets, how adorable is this custom baby blanket for your little one? It's filled with all the precious details from their birth: their birth date and time, their size and weight, and of course, their carefully chosen name. You can choose from various design themes, too, from florals to mermaids to cute forest friends.

The fleece material of this blanket is baby-friendly as well -- super-soft and really durable. It's a lovely, practical item that your child can grow up with.


10. All these dogs!

If you're a dedicated pet parent, you'll love this wall decor! It's a personalized pet name print featuring the names of all your furry babies. Next time someone tries to discourage you from having one too many pups, point them to this cute sign and get a chuckle instead. (For more pet-friendly decorating ideas, see our tips here.)


What do you think of these personalized home decor items? Do you have your own ways of customizing your home decor? We'd love to read your comments!

You can also check out our earlier picks of personalized wall art -- see them here.

Or, start browsing for your very own custom wall art! Head on over to the Gear Den collection to find amazing pieces that homeowners love!

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