7 Fantastic Wall Art Pairings to Inspire You

September 15, 2022 3 min read

how to display wall art in pairs - wall decor in two's

Ever notice that sometimes, one picture on the wall just seems so lonely and incomplete? Some walls deserve not one but two wall art pieces! Two is a magic number for displaying artwork, because two complementary pieces allow you to elevate your style so effortlessly without blowing your decor budget on a full multi-piece gallery.

Need more convincing? Here are fabulous examples of how to display a wall art duo on one wall. P.S. Most of these wall decor pieces are available on GearDen! Just click on the links below them. Enjoy!


1. Symmetric duo

Perhaps the easiest way to display a wall art pair is to choose pieces that are identical in shape, orientation, and color, then just hang them side by side. You can't go wrong with wall art 'twins'!

Above, our two wall decor pieces are sold separately, but they have a similar look that makes them go perfectly together. If you're not confident about picking separate artworks, opt instead for decor that already comes as a pair or set, like our example below.

Wall art pictured above: "Loved You Then, Love You Still" Premium Canvas and "Elegant Pink Flamingo" Premium Canvas


Wall art pictured above: "I Wish I Met You Sooner So I Could Love You Longer" Premium Canvas Set


2. Asymmetric duo

A pair of artworks doesn't have to be exactly balanced! For a more interesting pairing, display one wall art with another that doesn't match in size or orientation. The key to making them look cohesive is to have a similar element between them, such as identical colors, prints, or theme.

Another tip: find the mid-height of each art piece, and make sure those mid-heights align. The rest will magically work together!

Wall art pictured above: "Five More Minutes" Premium Canvas and "Gold Framed Art Deco Sky" Premium Canvas


3. Corner pair

Got a corner in your house you don't know how to decorate? A pair of complementing wall decor might be what you need. Above, two similarly colored wall prints are hung at an angle to each other, so they not only decorate but also 'enclose' the small dining nook. It's a clever trick you can use to demarcate corner spaces, especially if you have an open floor plan.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "We Aren't Step, Half -- We Are Family" Premium Canvas and Personalized "It's So Good To Be Home" Premium Canvas


4. Levels

Yes, it's absolutely fine to hang one artwork on top of another, particularly if they have a horizontal orientation. But to keep it from looking like a boring bulletin, try to avoid a perfect alignment of the two pieces. Instead, play around with a 'staircase' formation, which gives your display a dynamic look.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "A Father First Hero/First Love" Premium Panoramic Canvas


5. Layered on a ledge

Stacking or layering multiple artworks is an effortless way to add dimension and make the display more stylish. To do this, simply take two complementing art pieces in different sizes and lean them on a ledge on your wall, with the smaller piece slightly overlapped over the bigger one. If your wall doesn't have a display ledge, google "DIY picture ledge" for easy tutorials!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Names On Tree Premium Canvas and "Enjoy Today" Premium Canvas


6. Framed wallpaper panels

Got wallpaper scraps? They might just look fabulous as framed wall art! Instead of putting up just one piece, do a pair (or more) to spread out the pattern in a balanced way. The above example is a DIY by lifestyle crafter Erin of Elizabeth Joan Designs.


8. Ground up

Art on the floor? Yes please! Some of the most stylish homes have mastered the art of leaning an oversized wall piece on the ground. The trick is to choose an artwork that's large enough so its top still reaches eye level. You don't want a picture that's too small to notice, left on your floor like a misplaced shoe!

But if you can't get a piece that's huge, pick a mid-size one and elevate its visual reach by adding another piece that you lean on a table. Make sure to put the two artworks closely together to create a unified look that has added height, like the example above from Architectural Digest.


With these great examples, are you inspired to decorate in two's? We know we are!

Start browsing for your next wall art pieces -- click over to GearDen.com for canvas prints that are highly rated by customers like you!



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