10 Foolproof and Delightful Housewarming Gift Ideas

September 06, 2022 4 min read

housewarming gift ideas for people who are moving house

Whether your friend has moved into a new home or you're welcoming a new transplant into your neighborhood, giving a housewarming gift is always a thoughtful gesture. However, choosing one can be nerve-racking! You want your gift to be pleasant or useful to the recipient, but also something that's affordable without being cheap.

Here, we've rounded up some excellent ideas for housewarming gifts that say "Welcome to  your new home" while also fitting your budget. Take your pick!


1. Local flavors

Every town has a homegrown delicacy or food item, and this makes a great welcome gift to new residents. Think about your city's top food product and provide your recipient with a sampler. For example, it can be a foodie basket from a local farm, a bag of coffee from the best café, or a box of pastries from artisanal bakers. If nothing else, a specialty food subscription will also do nicely.


2. Pillow and blanket set

You can't go wrong with linens and throws as a housewarming present. They're practical everyday items, yet there's plenty of room to hand-pick the designs and materials. Our top choices are custom-printed throw pillows and blankets featuring wholesome details about the person(s) moving in. See our personalized examples above and below.

Pillow pictured above: Personalized Pillow "Mr. & Mrs." With Name And Year


Blanket pictured above: Personalized Family Name Premium Teal Fleece Blanket


3. Custom cheese board

A cheese board is as pretty as it is useful. To make it more welcoming, take the time to personalize the board with your recipient's name (or family name). We found a tutorial from the craft-savvy gals at Something Turquoise. Now, just throw your board in a box with some fruits and cheeses, and you've got a lovely present.


4. New home artwork

A surefire way to celebrate your recipient's move is to gift them with a custom wall art commemorating their new dwelling. Choose an artwork that has a classic yet appealing design, one that they'd be proud to hang on their wall.

Above, our minimalist canvas print features the residents' family name in a graceful calligraphy design. And below, our rustic personalized wall sign is the perfect wall accent for first-time homeowners.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "New Home, New Beginning" Premium Canvas


Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Our First Home" Premium Canvas


5. Potted fortune tree

A pretty indoor plant is a common housewarming gift, but it's important to choose one that's easy to care for. You don't want it to demand so much of the new homeowners! As far as low-maintenance plants go, the Mexican fortune tree, a.k.a. money tree, is a good choice because it doesn't require a lot of special attention and it looks nicely tropical. Plus, it symbolically wishes your recipient good fortune in their new home.


6. Personalized home sign

What new house is complete without a "Home Sweet Home" sign? This quintessential wall decor makes a classic housewarming present, but to keep it from being boring, have the wall art personalized. Our example above is a lively calligraphy artwork featuring the new residents' family name.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family "Home Sweet Home" Rustic Premium Canvas


Bonus: We also have an elegant "Home Sweet Apartment" sign for apartment-dwellers! See below:

Wall art pictured above: "Home Sweet Apartment" Premium Canvas


7. Ceramic or glassware set

Now for something chic yet practical. A set of beautiful tableware or drinkware is always great to receive: it's crucial for home entertaining yet it's not always at the top of the shopping list when someone's moving house. Help your recipients get their parties started with a timeless set of wine glasses or ceramic bowls.


8. Custom towels

Towels are another one of those items that are important in daily life but don't get much attention. If you think this housewarming present is too 'safe,' think again with our personalized photo print towels! You can choose any photo to print on it, so pick one that's fun yet cool for your recipient. How about a picture of their pet or their favorite flowers?

Towel pictured above: Personalized Photo Beach Towel - Add Any Image


9. Quality gift card

A gift card or gift certificate is probably the most fail-safe present because your recipient can spend it on whatever they want and at a more convenient time. However, you still want to put some thought into choosing your GC. Choose a store that sells high-quality home products and make sure your gift card can buy a good item or two there.

Gear Den offers electronic gift cards that your recipient can use to purchase our top-rated home decor items. Check it out here!


10. Family monogram

Monogram art never goes out of style. One of the bestselling home items on Gear Den is this beautiful personalized wall art featuring the recipient's family name and initial. With a rustic yet elegant design, this will look great in their entry, living room, or dining room.

You can customize the name, initial, date, and even color to match the new homeowner. Plus, this is available in various sizes so you can get one that fits your budget.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Name Color Choice Premium Canvas


So what do you think of these housewarming gift suggestions? Which one are you getting for your recipient? Comment below!

If you need more ideas, read our blog post on realtors' gifts that delight clients!

Or, if you're ready to shop, start browsing the wall art and home item collections at GearDen.com!

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