16 Hidden Storage Spaces at Home (That You Might Not Be Using)

May 09, 2021 5 min read

hidden storage tips in the house

No matter the square footage of the house, it seems that clutter will always magically appear when there's not enough hidden storage. Sure, those open shelves and countertops can accommodate anything that lands on them, but when stuff keeps piling up for everyone to see, the house can feel messy and stressful.

Hence, our homes could always use concealed storage spots. But where?

Just when you think you've run out of storage spaces at home, here come organizing geniuses with clever tips for stashing your things. Check them out and try them yourself!


1. Pull-out skinny pantry


Got a narrow bit of space between your fridge and the wall? Take a cue from the savvy crafters at DIY Passion, and turn it into a skinny pull-out pantry! We love how this itty-bitty spot can now hold so many jars, boxes, and bottles. You can also make a mini version to go beside your oven, kitchen counter, or other smaller fixtures.


2. Under the table

The space under your console or coffee table can turn into a neat stash-away place with one little trick: cute baskets! They can corral those extra books, magazines, throws, and knickknacks that you want to keep within reach but out of sight. Look for stylish baskets or racks that slide snugly under those furniture, like the wire baskets above.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Family Tree - Whole Lot Of Love" Premium Canvas


3. Top shelf

Away from eye level, an overhead shelf can do wonders in putting away those garment cartons, shoe boxes, and memento cases that just can't stay in the basement. For households with an open wardrobe, here's an extra tip: add a floating shelf directly above your clothing rack to create a more cohesive 'closet corner' in your bedroom (see photo above).


4. Suitcase table

Got a lovely, sturdy, yet unused suitcase? Give it new life as a tabletop for a side table! It's great for safekeeping photos, documents, and other flat objects. The example above goes mod with vintage luggage, while below, a stack of mini suitcases goes well with the rustic living room furniture.


5. Head(board) space

Stuff always seems to pile up on our bedside tables: books, pictures, papers, and other random bits and pieces. Drawers are one option to conceal these items, but who has the energy to rummage through a drawer while they're already plopped on the bed? Stylist Pella Hedeby has another solution: this DIY that lets you 'hide' your personal items behind the headboard, literally within arm's reach.


6. Unused fireplace

If your house is graced with an old fireplace that doesn't work anymore, treat it as free real estate for your living room extras. You can put a pretty box or basket in there, or turn it into a tableau of decorative objects. Some bookworms also find that they can artfully pile their books in that nice little alcove. Same goes for music-lovers and their vinyls. So cozy!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family "Home Sweet Home" Premium Canvas


7. Bathtub built-in storage

There's typically an empty area around a bathtub, but most of us haven't really thought about how useful this area can be as storage. Be inspired by this bath panel design by GW International, which incorporates some hidden racks to hold toiletries and cleaning products. Really handy for when you want extra bubbles in your soak.


8. Bay window seat with storage

Does your house feature a lovely bay window? Make the most of this space by outfitting it with a storage bench! There are plenty of tutorials you can find online for this uncomplicated woodworking project. We like this one from Youtube user Greg Pugh, who added doors for the bottom storage so you won't have to lift the seat up when taking out a stored item. Now it's a lovely window nook and a useful storage space!


9. Stylish waste bin

Can you spot the trash bin in this photo? What used to be a plain-looking utilitarian item has been wrapped in pretty rope and is now a seamless part of the decor. If you've been wondering how to conceal that wastebasket in your bedroom or study -- well, you don't need to. It can stay in the corner as a decorative item.


10. Under the stairs

The space under the stairs is a classic spot for a closet, but it can also become a nice little office nook! You don't even have to do any carpentry to install a door -- just conceal it with a curtain. We have more tips here on creating your home office without remodeling or renovating.


11. Architectural nooks

Perhaps your home has a niche between the fireplace and the wall corner. Or maybe there's an awkward space between two built-ins or two heavy pieces of furniture. Any interior decorator would tell you that this is a good spot for storing things! For best results, contain your stuff first in a set of decorative baskets or boxes. Choose containers that go well with the room's design scheme.

Wall art pictured above: "Begin Each Day With A Grateful Heart" Premium Canvas


12. Double-duty coffee table

Plenty of coffee tables have shelving underneath for reading materials. Then there are those tables that are specifically designed to have concealed storage in them, like with a barrel-like base or a "lift top." These can be useful for holding extra throw pillows, blankets, and other less displayable objects.


13. Under the sink

Maximize that space underneath your bathroom sink! You can push up a small shelf in there, or even better, craft a built-in cabinet to stash away toiletries, cleaning materials, and even extra towels.

Wall art pictured above: "Wash Your Hands, Ya Filthy Animal" Premium Canvas


14. Ladder up!

This isn't exactly concealed storage, but a space-saving tip nevertheless. If you don't know where to put those beloved scarves, knits, linens, and towels that won't fit in your closet anymore, turn them into a decorative ladder display! Set up a pretty ladder by the wall, then hang your fabrics in a stylish way, layering them by color, texture, and size. Perfect for the bedroom or bathroom!

Wall art pictured above: Elegant Pink Flamingo Premium Canvas


15. Sneaky ottoman storage

Who doesn't love a good footstool that also functions as storage? Lots of ottomans in the market have a roomy storage space inside for your living room or bedroom knickknacks. Some stylish homes even use their storage ottoman as a coffee table, too -- just put an elegant tray on top for a nice flat surface.


16. Under the bed

Hiding things under the bed -- no brainer, right? But instead of kicking away things on the floor and turning that hidden space into a mess, some savvy homes actually put containers down there to keep their stuff organized and protected from dust. We've seen bed units built with modular shelves, but you can also just DIY a pull-out drawer or even a set of boxes for your under-bed stash.


Which of these hidden storage ideas are you using in your own house? Do you have other storage tips to add? Leave a comment below!

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