Introducing NEW Personalized Wall Decor Range on Gear Den!

November 19, 2018 3 min read

Introducing NEW Personalized Wall Decor Range on Gear Den!

What's better than beautiful wall art? Beautiful wall art that has your name on it!

As you browse the Gear Den shop, you may have spotted an item or two that would be perfect for your home or as a gift to a loved one. Now, you can make it even more personal with our new collection of customized premium wall art!

You can now have your names and special dates added to your favorite Gear Den designs, or to our freshly-added customizable wall art designs.

Take a look at these fabulous examples. Click on each item to personalize it and preview how your name will appear on the art you love.


1. Front and center

This elegant wall decor has quickly become popular, and it's easy to see why! The simple but sophisticated monogram in the background complements the lovely calligraphy of the name.

And because it's highly customizable, this piece is so versatile! You can feature your family name here and put this up in your living room. Or, for a truly special gift, personalize this with a loved one's first name so they can hang it above their bed.


2. Mr. & Mrs.

Here's a wonderful piece for a couple! It's not just a generic "Mr. & Mrs." sign -- it features your own last name plus your wedding date on a rustic heart background.

This personalized piece would be so great as an anniversary gift. Imagine seeing a sign like "Established 07.10.1990" or "Established 11.05.1971." Now that's a fantastic feat to show off!


3. Unforgettable dates

For a couple, there are many, many days that are memorable aside from the wedding day. This customized canvas art is a stylish way to commemorate the most special dates of your relationship. It comes in sweet pastel hues so it's eye-candy anywhere in your home. Definitely a lovely piece to give to your partner -- and to make your guests swoon.


4. Your crazy, loving family

Here's a bestselling wall decor design that your family can now own -- literally! This piece celebrates the craziness, loudness, and love in your household, and now, you can put your family name on it so it's undeniably yours. Hang this in your own living room, or make one as a gift to your parents. They'll love it!


5. You and Me

We love the funky design on this one! The bold typography, the cool colors, and most of all, the customized year. If you're a couple who's less into sugar-sweet stuff and more into fun and playfulness, this would make a great gift. And did we mention this piece is super-affordable?


6. Tying the knot

Here's another romantic piece of wall art, and it's the absolute commemoration of a wedding. It features both husband and wife's names plus the wedding date enclosed in a heart knot. So sweet and meaningful, and very appropriate as a wedding gift or anniversary present. The wood-like background also lends this piece that rustic feel, making it a great addition to the bedroom.


7. Home is where the heart is

The rustic design of this personalized wall art adds a warm, cozy touch to your house. Add your family name and year on it, and this piece becomes a perfect symbol of your household -- unique, comfortable, and great to come home to. Display this in your living room, entryway, dining room, or any room where you gather as a family.


8. A personal blessing

This mealtime prayer is another Gear Den bestseller, with its soothing hues and graceful calligraphy. Now, you can make it truly personal by adding your family name and initial on it! You'll love seeing this decor in your own dining room.


9. A piece of heaven

This unique wall decor is also well-loved by customers at Gear Den, and we've made it better by providing you with customization options. It's only apt, because this design beautifully commemorates a loved one's passing. Now, you can add their name, birth date, and the date they passed on so you'll always remember the life they lived.


10. Unique love story

Here's another customer-favorite at Gear Den, now made one-of-a-kind with the addition of your own couple names! It's the perfect customization for wall art that highlights how special your relationship is. That makes this piece a meaningful gift to give your partner, and a pretty piece to hang in the bedroom.


What do you think of these personalized pieces? Did you find one that would be perfect for you, or are you looking for more options? Leave a comment and tell us what you'd like to see on your own wall art!

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